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It's was August 2008 my family went to Cancun Mexico. We used our USA timeshare to exchange a week there. We were offered a timeshare presentation from the local travel agency in the hotel and we accepted because of discount tour tickets for our time. We went to Groupo Mayan where was 45 minutes away from our hotel and it was located in mid of highway. We were there since 9:30am until 6pm. The guy who gave us the presentation spoke very good English and said he was a lawyer and completed his high education in USA. he also told us he was from a rich family and he makes over $10, 000 per month from Group Mayan. Wow what a salary for a Mexican!!! We were convinced by him that our current timeshare was nothing to compare to Groupo Mayan. He also promised us to sell our timeshare although I doubt it. But we were so tired and finally purchased their 4-week vacation for over $25, 000, with the mind that our own timeshares (2 of them in USA) would be sold by them within 30 to 60 days. We paid the entire amount by using th credit card. After we went back to the hotel, I read the entire package. More I read more I felt very uncomfortable with the terms. I then went on the internet to search both Group Mayan and HSI reputation and no surprise I found very bad comments and complaints against them. I called the guy on Friday. He still said he would take care of my USA timeshare selling and shouldn't worry about it at all. We had to leave Mexico to USA on Saturday afternoon. I called a taxi on Saturday morning and asked to send us back to Group Mayan before we leave Mexico. I must confront them to cancel the contract in mexico. I really could not trust what the guy promise us for. After we arrived in Group Mayan, there were 4 employees individually interviewed us. They just wouldn't let us go. We were hungry and they did not care. We were in hurry to catch the international flight and the did not care. They still tried to convince me to stay in the contract. They even offered me $7500 package for the 4-week package. It's so rediculous!!! A $25, 000 package now can be sold to me for $7, 500? What a rip off!!! At that time I was so upset and said even it was free I did not want it. Finally after we were there for almost 3 hours, the last interviewer credited our money back to the credit card and let us go. By the way, they were so rude, rough, unpleasant to deal wih and to talk with. I remember the black guy was the worst person. He is definitely an evil person!!! I also need to mention that these 4 people were corperate personnel/high ranking staff for Group Mayan! I could not say what words they use trying to insult us and brain wash on us!!! After come back to USA, I contacted the company that was offered by Group Mayan and found it was not a real estate/timeshare broker. The company is in Taxas and just a advertising agency asking fees upfront. All you people please be careful not to buy any timeshare in Mexico (other vacation clubs in mexico were also crooks) and other countries!!! You don't have enough power to fight these bad people at all. So stay from them and be firm not let them to rip off your hard working money. Otherwise Cancun Mexico is a fun place for vacation.

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      Feb 20, 2009

    You are correct!! They are a bunch of crooks. I was told they had condos to sell then they tried to convert the sale. It had to be done RIGHT THEN or the deal was off. I finally found out that they were selling time shares which have no real value and not property. The sales guy Greg Borsi ought to be in jail. The pitch was they move you to the next person each time and they say the last guy is going to be fired because he/she is a cheat. Then the hit you with a new price. I was offered 75 weeks for 8 Grand. Meanwhile I went there prepared to buy a condo for hundreds of thousands. No Sale for them!!! They couldn't show any documents or except pictures of the place and sales BS. I spoke the three of these crooks and they didn't even have a business card!!! They gave the Bank of America and Wyndham Hotels as a reference. I called when I got back to the states. No one heard of them. So my friends... to all who read this STAY AWAY from the Group Myan and don't give them a cent. If you do you might as well burn your money to cook dinned tonight.

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  • Jo
      Oct 23, 2009

    I have been a member, with Mayan Wyndam time share since 1993, i have had the wost wonderful time i have had Exchanges to England, Wales, Spain and Maui i got on all Four exchanges, i received Two weeks for one, i turned one into a Three bedrooms.
    I have Upgraded to The REG COLLECTION, now as its Time At last to Travel more as myself and my wife are now both retired.
    Yes i agree you have to watch out for some sneeky sales staff, but on the whole i find the Managers and Senoir staff very nice and full of Knowledge.

    My Choice Up grade with, Senoir Rep Drew Forshaw, his Professtionalism was second to none, along with Cini his Manager, we decided to go with the LUXXE LINE PRODUCT, which will /and has Maximised are Exchange, for Europe and my Brother Birhday gift to Austrailia in 2010, we have not renting any of your propety because we have always made good use of it, alltrought friends of ours have Rented there weeks, and recieved profits due to this fact ..
    I guess releted comments are, fewer than far between, i believe Owners in the Company have reached hunders of thousands. I would highly recommend my memership, to anyone .
    We have Since Registered are Contracts as a Family Trust, to help with Tax benifits .
    We agree we made the Right Move .

    Again thanks for the Years of Memories and Joy
    Dr . Ja. Person & Joan Person .

    (Grand Mayan /Luxxe)

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  • Vi
      Jun 07, 2013

    Mayan Palace sales tactics are hardcore and they will tell you anything you want to hear to get you into the contract and keep you in contract with them, and dealing with Mayan Palace after the purchase of your timeshare can be a little frustrated. Especially because customer service won’t get you the answers you expect to get when it comes on how to use your timeshare or trying to Book your next vacations, lucky if you are able to do book anything. I recommend you to read this article on how to get out of a Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam:

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