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grossinger cheverlot / never again or will i recommend this dealer

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i saw a add online about people with bad credit that can still get a car loan so i went online and filled out an inquiry. that very same night recieved an email from a salesmen from grossinger cheverlot. he stated that they would be able to work with me since they had my credit information since i provided all my private information on the application before., all i have to do is contact him and bring in my check stubs, 8 refrences and a decent down payment and pick out a used car of my choice. i actually contacted him by phone the following day since i knew i wasnt able to make it out to thier location since i live almost an hour away the salesman (tony) stated that it would be fine that i can come in the following day.well the following day appraoches and he calls me to confirm i was comming in and i stated that i was on my way and i should be there shortly and when i got there he was decent. after him having me fill out another application and running my credit again and for me thankgod im smart i actually printed out the email he sent me he told me to pick out certains cars with low milage and that were 04 and above. so i took a paper and a pen and walked around with my husband and picked out 5 04 used models that had low milage. first 3 vehichles he told me wouldnt work since they were out of my budget the 4th car i picked out he said had too many miles the last car was perfect when he was looking at my credit report in front of me is when he started to get really nasty with me. it was a chevy impala and had 52k miles it was a nice looking car. he asked me how much i was putting down i told him 5k down and payments no more than 400 a month so i can get it paid off fast. after he went in the office with the used car manager he came back with the papaer and the payments were like over 600 a month for like 4 yrs
i asked him how much was the car and he argued with me that it was 178995 i said i can get a brand new car for that price and so i called my sister up and had her look on and the car was bb value at 9995.00 i said i thought it was crap that he tried to rip me off thinking i was stupid i mean im a female but not all are that dumb. that was an upcharge of 8 k more than bb value i said if thats the case i can buy a new car. so i told him forget it i was about to leave he came running out after me and he dropped the price another 500 dollars and i laughed and asked him what he was smoking or if he thought i was smoking sothing that i would be dumb enough to buy it for 500 less so i said no he said fine u can buy it for 10k but it has to be cash. i was like what than he started bad mouthing me and discriminating against me because of my credit . first off they shouldnt advertise that they can help people with bad credit if they cant and second not only did they run my credit once but twice which lowered my score even more which btw it was 625 the score at the beginning . not only i would never consider buying a car from them again but i would never allow any of my friends or family members to purchase a car from that dealership they are ripp offs and discriminate

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      31st of Jul, 2009
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    First of all no bank is going to be willing to lend you money because your credit shows that you can't be trusted with any amount of money. You should have been happy that you were approved at all. I hate it when people with bad credit say they need help and then when they are helped they want to get picky. Your credit hasn't earned you the right to be picky, it has earned you a higher interest rate and bank fees which will take the price of a vehicle up. Why should the salesman have to pay your bank fees? And I am sorry, is your sister a dealer? Does she know how to properly book out a car? Was the bank you were financing through using KBB? Probably not. And please don't rant about how you can get a new car for the same price-YOU CAN'T GET A NEW CAR. Your credit doesn't allow it so please please please stop thinking that your poor credit entitles you to a new car and prime rates. These car dealers are doing everything they can to help people get into a new car, but notice they are DEALERS, not banks. If you don't like the financing they arranged for you then get your own financing through your bank or credit union and buy the car from the DEALER.

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