Grocery Coupons / unauthorized charges made to my credit card

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I heard an advertisement on 94.1 the Fish in Nashville, TN advertising to give you $2000.00 in grocery coupons for free. I called the number and the rep told me that the only thing that i would have to do is pay for shipping fee. I asked more about what I was going to be getting and he explained that I would be receiving a set group of coupons in the mail that were worth $2k. At any point in time I could return the coupons that I do not use and exchange them for some that I would use. This was for a survey purpose to track grocery practices across the US. I agreed and the rep launched into a long detailed discussion on all the other things they offered. I said no to all of them and tried to finish the conversation. At the end of the conversation, I went back over what was to be charged to my credit card. I said, "Now, the only thing that will be charged to my credit card is a one time charge for $9.95 for shipping and I will not be charged again?" The rep said, "yes mam, 9.95, 1 time. I agreed and hung up the phone. The next day a charge of $1.95 was made on my credit card. I was confused by this because this is not what he said but I waited to see what would happen next. The next thing I know, my husband informs me that there are 2 more charges on my card for $19.95 a piece. I attempted to call the number that the rep left for me in case there were any issues. The number was an automated line and could not reach a live person through that phone number. I then called my credit card company and requested a chargeback. The credit card company attempted to call the company and we sat together on the phone for over 20 minutes waiting for a person to pick up. The credit card rep agreed to do a charge back for the charges made on my credit card. The credit card rep gave me an automated line to call and cancel the account so no further charges would occur. I called right away and went through the automated process and thought that it had been cancelled. At this point, I have still not received the coupons that they said they were sending. 2 days ago I received an email telling me that they were about to charge my card again. I again called and went through the automated process and cancelled the account. I stayed on the line and then spoke to a rep asking to be refunded for the charges that I did not authorizse. The rep hung up on me, twice! I called my credit card company again and requested that the charges be reversed because the company was disputing the chargebacks. My credit card company got the business on the phone and he told me that I had agreed to the offer> He also stated that there was no record of me ever trying to contact the company. Again, all lies! They have refused to refund me and my credit card company has refused to help me. I will take that up with my credit card company at another time.

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