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Greulich's Automotive #5 / Fraudulent auto repairs

1 United States

I am writing to you today to report fraudulent business practices by an automotive repair shop in Arizona, specifically in Mesa, Arizona. The business name and location are: Greulich’s Automotive #5 445 N Greenfield Rd Mesa, AZ 85205

In March 2008, we took our 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe to this location for repairs. We complained of a leak in the front end of the vehicle, air conditioning that was not working properly, brakes that needed to be checked and an overall inspection for other necessary repairs, including a door handle that had not been properly repaired previously. We were charged $2, 321.27.

Almost immediately, we noticed the leak had not been repaired; the vehicle was returned for additional work.

The brakes also failed while driving back from the White Mountains in northern Arizona in May, and we were forced to take them to a AAA approved shop for repairs at a cost of $ 514.17. This could have been fatal.

The door handle was returned for work a third time, and we were charged an additional $41.67 in April 2008.

The air conditioning failed in 100 degree plus heat in June. Upon returning the vehicle a second time for air conditioning work, the mechanic guessed the condenser was the problem; we were charged $730.28 for a new part and labor. We have since been told by another auto repairer that condensers rarely fail in vehicles.

Within two weeks, the vehicle again for the third time had air conditioning failure. Again, we were 3 hours away from home and had to drive in extreme heat to return home. This time, we contacted the Greulich company President who never responded to us but instead asked the same shop’s service manager to call us.

We were asked to take our vehicle to a more distant shop on Alma School Road (shop #8) on July 8, 2008 where their company “experts” would check and repair the air conditioning. When appearing to pick up our vehicle, we were told that a hose installed by Greulich’s in March had been defective. A scope diagnosed where the leaking Freon was escaping at shop #8; it was found to be through this hose connection. A new better hose was installed. Since the #5 shop guessed in June that a new condenser was in order and didn’t bother to actually scope out where the leak was coming from (or they would have discovered it was a faulty hose), we were wrongly charged $730.28 for a condenser.

The service manager from shop #5 called me the next day, July 9. I asked what his company would do for us for all the return trips for repair, for the heat exhaustion suffered on a 3 hour trip home in 110 degree heat, and the additional expense to us due to their incompetent “repairs”. He replied all he could do was offer us $100 toward future repairs. Now, since we are AAA members, we already receive a $100 discount; this was nothing more than any AAA member would normally receive; we were given nothing to compensate us for all the trouble and expense we had suffered.


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