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Greenway Vanlines / Scam and cheating

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Greenway ripped us off on our move from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando. We were quoted a price of $650, and they charge hourly.

First we requested several times they be there between 8 and 9am we had to be out of our apartment and needed to be on the way to Orlando early. Every time they verified and said it would be no problem. However the driver didn't show up until 10:50 am.

When they did arrive we asked why someone elses items were in the truck and they commented those items were going to Texas at some point. They then took forever to load our 2 bedroom apartment. Finally at 2:15 they left and my husband and I finished cleaning and then left 40 minutes after them in our separate cars.

The drive is at most 40 minutes...The delivery truck didnt show up until 9:45pm; hours after we did. THey complained of traffic, well we took the same route went through the same traffic and I even stopped in Port St Lucie to drop my daughter off with friends (an additional 45 minutes for my trip). At 10pm they go over the details and say we have to pay first and we have to pay for gas. Gas was included and we explained this but they insisted and it was so late we couldn't call the office, and if we didn't pay they wouldn't unload our things.

Finally 11pm or so my husband goes to look at the truck to make sure before they leave ALL of our things are actually out of the truck, well low and behold; not only are our things gone but the things for 'Texas' have mysteriously come off the truck as well. The drivers quickly left.

All in all $1100 later we paid for them to drop off other peoples things while paying by the hour, the whole day took about 6 hours longer than it was supposed to AND we paid for gas.

I called Greenway today to complain and they listened and sounded concernced and said they would call me back...they have not yet...that was 8 hours ago.

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  • Mi
      8th of Apr, 2009
    +3 Votes

    They ripped me off also, they quoted me a low figure like say 1200 to move from NC to Ohio. Then when the stuff was all loaded they upped the price to 4000. I hope whoever sees this will never use this company!!

  • Rd
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    Greenway Vanlines - Ripped us off/Scam artists
    United States

    This is the worst moving company in the US and a real fraud.
    They gave us an estimate over the phone for a move from Florida to Texas with all inclusive of $1102.50. They came past midnight to pick up the stuff, we had to wait from evening to midnight, no one would answer phone calls because it was after hours. They then charged an additional $1076.00 for a treadmill and a mattress which was not part of the estimate before. Then they charged an additional $400.00 because they falsely claimed that they could not come in to the apartment complex, which is a total lie.

    They held us at "ransom" with additional costs with delivery pending. It was a real nightmare. My suggestion, they need to be shut down. I have reported them to the BBB...Please watch out from these scam artists..

  • Pt
      10th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    They saw you coming alright, anyone that would move from Florida to Texas intentionally dose not show good judgment, read complaint of PAris Texas you will understand

  • Er
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I have personally used them to deliver (2) separate shipments from Florida to California and each of my moves were a Flat Price of $7000. These guys do great services and provided me delivery as promised. A true rule to follow, is to be upfront with the movers and tell them what you really have, and what you expect for your move. The problem with most people is that they only look at the price, and not at the service. If you believe that you are going to get your whole house moved for nothing, then you should not use a professional mover. I would suggest that all of those, that complain, should have used Uhaul, so that they could complain about themselves.

    Any mover should not be responsible for the customer who wants everything, but does not want to pay for the service. Be upfront, work out a fair price, and get your home moved. Don't try to outsmart the movers, or try to force them to work for less than agreed. There are as many people that try to rip off the movers, as their are complaints against the movers. Most of the complaints are people trying to force the mover to give them money back for services they requested or agreed to.

    Most complaints are nothing more than tall tales, the start off small, and the more the story is told, the bigger it gets.

  • Pt
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    Good to hear, I am not against the mover just the bad judgment moving to Tex as.

  • Ho
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    Wow Eric, well good for you that you had a good experience with this company, but the rest of us haven't... and there's no proving that a.) you're an actual customer and b.) that you don't represent the company yourself... so you go ahead and you use Greenway to move all of your stuff, but for a company who the AMSA says has gads of complaints against them, and who recommends to movers who have been ripped off by them to only move by weight, NEVER cubic feet, which this company transport by, you can talk all the goodness you need to about them, but the rest of us will still see the pile of human crap that they really are.

    Now Eric, after noticing that you have made it a point to find any complaints against Greenway and put your positive spin on the company and try to make the "complainer" look like the bad guy... I'm going to go so far as to assume that you work for the company... Is that you Dave? Anywho, that doesn't change the fact of the matter... Greenway is not a legitimate mover... Greenway is skilled only in "scam"...

    Once again please go and lecture somewhere else... thanks...

    Greenway is not a legitimate company... anyone who is thinking about using this company to move needs to call the AMSA and ask them about the company. If you do, you will find out that this company has a long list of complaints against them and that they have also been on probation with the AMSA, and may still be on probation with the AMSA at this time.

    Not only the AMSA though, go ahead and contact the FMCSA as well... when we did they told us that we picked a "baaaaaaaaaaaaad company" to move us.

    Besides, just take a look at their reputation so far... this company is known for scare tactics, targeting women for their scams, and misrepresenting themselves to their consumers... ehhhh emm I mean potential victims.

    STAY AWAY FROM GREENWAY!!! Oh, look at that, I made a rhyme... all jokes aside, this company is NO GOOD.

  • Cy
      11th of Jul, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Reports filed with COMPLAINTSBOARD.COM come straight from consumers so there is no guarantee that each report is accurate despite the web site’s encouragement to its authors that all claims be truthful.

  • Cy
      11th of Jul, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Our mission is to supply the highest quality of moving and storage services at affordable prices. No job is too big or too small. Everyone at GreenWay Van Lines understands that listening to our clients' needs is essential for the success of the company. We are proud to own our fleet of vehicles - dealing with us is dealing directly with the source - No Middle Man (BROKERS) or Franchise fees, and it is completely Hassle Free.

    Our personnel are highly trained - movers and foremen go through extensive training before getting on the job. Everyone at GreenWay Van Lines, Inc understands that with every job our reputation is on the line. It starts with office staff who directs your move, continues with the foremen who are in charge of the job on-site and ends with movers who pack and move your belongings.

  • St
      20th of Jul, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Hey folks. I wanted to report an experience that I had with Greenway Van Lines earlier this year. I’m reporting it now late because I had been waiting to see if Greenway pursued my bank to steal the unauthorized cancellation fee they charged my account back in February. Let me tell you, once you give this company your credit card, you can kiss customer service good bye. Read how Greenway Van Lines managed to take $650 from me without showing up at my house or ever lifting a box. Below please find a report I filed to my bank to dispute an unauthorized charge from Greenway Van Lines.

    Initially, I received a phone call from an individual named Shawn at Greenway Van Lines. For every question I asked, he gave me exactly the answer I wanted to hear. The phone call was on or about 2/11/09.
    I was told all of the following, all of which turned out NOT to be true:
    1) Greenway would allow a two day range of when I’d like my things picked up AND that I could change the date later on.
    2) I was told that the same company that moves my stuff will pick up my car. Not true. I was also told that the auto transport would happen the same day as the traditional moving of my stuff. Didn’t happen.
    3) I was told the move would take 3-7 days. When I actually received the contract it said 7-21 days to the Midwest. I figured I couldn’t fight this so I just accepted.
    4) I was told that I would receive a phone call the day before the move from Greenway to confirm that they were coming and we’re on schedule.
    5) I was told that I could schedule an have an early A.M. pick up.

    The very next day after the initial call, I called Greenway and spoke to Shawn again and asked to change the move date to Friday, 2/20 so I don’t have to take an additional vacation day and since I was starting a new job on that Monday. The roadtrip would take about twenty five hours of driving and I would be driving my own car after Greenway picked up my stuff. Without hesitation, Shawn obliged and changed the date. Unfortunately, I never received that change in writing, which would turn out later to be a killer later on. Now, on the day before the move, Thursday 2/19, I called in to confirm that all is ready for the Friday pickup because I never received that confirmation call. Again, Shawn tells me all is good. He’s got me for a Friday morning pickup. I accepted Shawn’s word and was confident based on our conversation that the movers were coming the next day.
    But, Friday is where the nonsense begins. Now, the day before when I spoke to Shawn, he explained that I have an 8:00 Friday morning picked which means, in his words, the movers would likely get there around 9:30. When 9:30 Friday morning rolled around on Friday and no one had showed at that time, I called in to Greenway and spoke with Shawn again. But when he heard my voice, his first response was to ask me a question, “Did you have a question?”. I said yes, we’ve got a Friday pickup and I’m waiting for the truck. He put me on hold and looked in his records. “Nope, you’re scheduled for tomorrow, 2-5.” I said “I called to change the date last week, you know that already”. Shawn apologized and said that he sent me the e-mail, but the e-mail that he sent to the dispatcher never went through. I never received that e-mail either.
    I asked to speak to the manager, David, who is also the “dispatcher”, to complain. He confirmed that I was scheduled for Saturday, 2-5. I complained about the lying from Shawn. I also complained about the auto transport not happening on the same day as the move. At that moment, Greenway contacted the actual auto transporter, and they in turn called me to give me a pickup date.
    After Friday morning, Greenway deemed me as a hostile customer because every time I called in, I needed to be transferred to David, the manager/supervisor/dispatcher. On Saturday, Greenway’s new move date for me, I called in around noon to confirm that Greenway was coming and spoke with Shawn again, but this time he introduced himself with a different name and changed his voice so I wouldn’t recognize him. I asked him to confirm that Greenway was coming out to pick up my stuff today. He told me that he doesn’t have access to my file and that I would have to call back in 20-30 when the manager (Dave) comes back from lunch. So I ended that call. Angry at this point, I called back one minute later. The manager Dave picks up this time, obviously back from lunch earlier than expected ;-). I wanted to know what time I should expect a pickup, I asked. He had no idea, but that I was still scheduled for 2-5 but said he would know more by around two pm. I asked him to please call me before or at two to give me an update. Keep in mind that it’s Saturday afternoon and I start a new job on Monday with 25 hours of diving ahead of me. I’ve been sitting in my house with all my stuff packed with nothing to do since Friday morning, just waiting. Two o’clock rolls by with no phone call, as promised. By three o’clock and still no phone call, I needed to have a plan and couldn’t stand the indecision. I called Greenway to cancel. I was immediately transferred to David the supervisor and told him I wanted to cancel. He asked me why. I told him it was the poor customer service and lying. He told me there would be a $450 cancellation fee (That was on top of the $200 security deposit they had already taken). I told David that I do not authorize Greenway Van Lines to charge my credit card. He said that he will send me a bill and if I don’t pay, then they will send me to collections. I told him that if he did that, then I will report his company to the Better Business Bureau.
    On Monday 2/23, Greenway Van Lines just took the lazy route and ran an unauthorized charge of $450 to my credit card.
    Now fast forward a little bit. I disputed the charge with my bank and initially won the appeal. However, just last week I learned that Greenway Van Lines had been vigorously appealing my bank’s decision. They won the case on the basis that I signed a document stating that if I cancelled on move day that I may be charged a cancellation fee. As far as I’m concerned, move day was Friday and it had been on Friday since the day after I place the order. I don’t have that in writing, but I had their word. Don’t words count for anything?? No where on that document does it state how much the cancellation fee will be. I would just like people to know that Greenway’s same day cancellation fee is $450.

  • Jo
      9th of Sep, 2009
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  • Co
      4th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Who is John Micheals? Why would you recommend a company that obviously STEALS, LIES, CHEATS and is just BAD. Why doesn't the govenment close ALL of these fraudulent companies down. Contact your state Governer and demand an investigation of Greenway Van Lines and every other fraudulent moving company in Florida. Demand it, if he wants to be reelected.

  • Mi
      4th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Man whoever says this company is great is out of their minds!!! They broke a lot of my stuff, charged me more, and was like a month or more late to drop my stuff off. So this so called good company kept my stuff for over a month while I had nothing but some clothes in a suitcase. This is the biggest rip off company out there, I feel bad for anyone who would ever use them. Then will I call and keep asking where my stuff was its a month late they tell me the guy who handles that went home, or puts me on hold for over 30 mins then comes back on the phone and says that guy went home. If reported them to the bbb just so other people wouldnt get screwed over. If I could drive all the way to fl. I would go slap the hell out of whoever is the manager that is how pissed I am about all this.

  • Dr
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    Please stay away from GreenWay Van lines. I used them to move back in 09 and they quoted me $1200 at most to move from Charlotte to Dallas TX. The driver showed up 2 days late and they only needed an hour to load my things. Once they finished placing my things on the truck the driver wanted me to tip them for doing this job. I spoke to the guy who initially sold me to use there services and he stated it would take 3-7 business days before arrival, it took 19 business days before they finally showed up. Once they showed up the driver wanted additional money for the move and said he would not unload unless all the money was paid in full. After he unloaded all my things he was 10 boxes short and then began to act nice. In the process he broke my windscreen on my bike. I have sent in a letter to request reimbursement for my things and that was 45 days ago and no response since then. Again, do not use this company they are a fraud and will scam you.

  • Pa
      25th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    this is the worst moving company i have ever experianced. they were 2 days late of the promised date. they loaded the truck then revised the quote by double. then asked for cash to make it cheaper. WHAT A SCAM. terrible company they should go out of business!!!

  • Dr
      12th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I used GreenWay in a move from NC to Texas, i am not complaining about the charges but they showed up 2 days late and then the driver tried to hustle me out of more money. They stated it would take 2 - 7 days for delivery, it took 22 days. Then once the driver arrived he stated he needed the entire amount before unloading. He broke my windscreen on my motorcycle and then there was 10 boxes missing and all he said was.."oh, well i don't know where your things are file a complaint"..Its been 4 months and nothing from GreenWay..they are a Scam..PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU VALUE YOUR THINGS..

  • Dr
      18th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    GreenWay is no longer in business they have 60 days to comply with DOT requirements or they can no longer be in this business of transportation. I filed a complaint with AMSA and they forwarded my complaint to DOT and before GreenWay canbe reinstated they need to pay my claim as well as another pending claim. Its about time someone stood up to these company's for ripping off hard working people. If you filed a complaint with GreenWay and they never responded or resolved your issue i encourage you to contact AMSA.

  • De
      1st of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    My daughter had a similar experience with this company and has been trying to get a settlement for over a year. I think that all of you should plan a get together and hire a lawyer and file a class action suite against this outfit. That will be less expensive than everyone going after them individually. Also I believe it will be more effective.
    Der Fox

  • Ki
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have pending claim with them as well. I filed a claim within two months after I found out that my things that got broken.

    I filed every paper there was and I'm pretty sure that they have all of that.

    Therefore, I have pending claim with them and I need my check because they said that they would compensate for broken things.

    What are you guys suggestion?

  • Us
      28th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I used Greenway several month ago and I still get really upset when I think of them. They are a scam, give you low quotes on the phone "guaranteed!" and double their quote on the moving day. They insisted on taking the cash before delivering my stuff. I still look at my scratched furniture and broken lamps with regret (which were very expensive but not worth much when their insurance is paying 60 cents a pound). They are the worst company and I really hope they do go out of business.

  • Ar
      31st of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I used this company about two years ago and they still money from me, they show up on my old place in Tampa Florida with a box truck and the way they load the truck took about 950 cubic feet and I paid about 2800.00 total and when they delivery my stuff to Los Angeles they show up with a regular smi truck not even a moving truck and my stuff took only 650 cubic feet so when they go for pick they not load everything good and they can charge you more $.

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