Greentree Funding Services / Refuses to take care of house.

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In 2007, my Daughter took over payments via Land Contract from a man that was in danger of losing his double wide by Greentree. Greentree decided to stop foreclosure proceedings and put the account in the care of my Daughter. The house was moved to my 38 acre property in January of 2009. The payments were made on time and she never had a problem with Greentree.

In November of 2013, the loser that originally owned the house got released from prison and decided to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Greentree decided to start refusing my Daughter's payments and cancelled her insurance on the house. They refused to talk with any of us about it because it was "confidential bankruptcy information." My Daughter panicked and found a rental home. They just left the double wide right where it was. I was left with this P.O.S house that I couldn't do anything with.

Greentree finally did acknowledge the situation but said they couldn't do anything until the Discharge Date of December 31 2013. Decmeber 31 2013 came and went without a word from Greentree, I called them EVERYDAY and they kept telling me to call back. On January 12 2014 they paid somebody to come winterize, change the locks, and clean the house. I was told by the people that cleaned the house that Greentree would be calling me to confirm when they were repossessing the house. Greentree never called, I kept calling them everyday and getting the runaround by tons of people. Finally on February 15 2014 I was informed that after viewing all reports that they didn't want the house.

Greentree said it simply wasn't worth repossessing. They also said that the house will still belong to them. I told them I wanted the house OFF MY PROPERTY. Greentree curtly responded that if I paid them $21500 I could do whatever I wanted with the house. This house is not my problem, I sold my property but can't finalize anything because this worthless house is still sitting on the property. Greentree now refuses to talk to me because the house "isn't a concern of mine." It most certainly is, their house is on MY property. If they would just come and get the house, I would be happy. As of today 03/04/2014 they still refuse to do anything with the house. I have contacted two lawyers, neither one of them want anything to do with Greentree.

Mar 4, 2014

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