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GreenTea Extreme / Unauthorized charges

UnknownUnknown, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-6928352
On November 14, 2008 I ordered a trial size of this product and one of Pomclear from the same company. I only wanted the trial size and canceled on line two days after recieving the product and returned it by mail. I'm still being charged for the product. Greentea $44.90 on 12/30/08, Pomclear $39.95 on 12/26/08, Greentea $38.96 on 12/15/08. Pomclear $44.85 on 11/14/08 and Greentea $45.85 on 11/14/08 for a total of $214.50 with on other products other than the first shipment being (which I returned) sent. I called a number of times with no luck getting through until today 12/31/08. I waited 25 minutes only to be put on hold for another 5 minutes then had to deal with a less than pleasent person who informed me that she was a supervisor and there was no one there higher than herself to speak with. Her name was Heather Lennon who proceeded to tell me that she would not give me any information on the company's ower that I would have to google them if I wanted that information. I did tell her I was contacting the Better Business Bureau and I also will send this to Az AG office. I want a full refund and am hoping that you can help me.

Thank You
Lee M. Bradshaw
15 West St
Warwick, RI 02886


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  25th of Sep, 2008
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I signed up for a sample of ExtremeGreenTea for $5.95. I was billed $45.85 and was sent 2 months supply and a bottle of Hoodia water. I just checked my account today and I am billed another $38plus. I did not sign up for this. Please refund my last billed amount and take me off your mailing list.

I tried calling the number on my bank statement, but can not get through.

Denise Rogers
6796 Hearns Pond Road
Seaford, DE 19973
(302) 628-3986
  6th of Nov, 2008
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i ordered the greentea extreme and i made a copy of the order. it was for $3.95 with a discount of $1.00. i gave my credit card number but was charged $42.85 and i havent even gotten the first trial order yet. was ordered 11/05 08. my account was charged on 11/06/08. i would like to be cancelled and the charges reversed. by the way i tried to call and was told it would be 36 minute 1 sec wait. i called at 11:52 and as i write it is 1:10. i have not been answered yet. my phone is 1 886 2856.
  14th of Nov, 2008
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i ordered only greentea extreme for $1.00 and was sent hoodiburst gum for $9.95 and hoodiburstwater 1 unit@ $29.95. i only ask for the trial offer but instead i was charged $48.85. i need to get my money back because this is faule advertisment on this company part . what ever it takes please let me know. i need the (rma) number from customer care
  10th of Dec, 2008
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i tried to cancel future orders, online, and b y mail, but have another charge on my card, and havent ordered, or recieved another shipment, trying to call and cancel is ridiculous, you are on hold for over an hour.
  20th of Dec, 2008
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signed up for free trail of green tea, instead i received greentea, gum and hoodie and was billed 44.90, kept product, a month later i received another bottle of greentea and billed again 44.90. tried to contact them with no response, am going to call credit card company. someone needs to do something with this company.
  9th of Jan, 2009
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It was suppose to be free. Was charged $44.90. They took my credit card and used it without asking me if they can. I was only supposed to be charged $ 4.95, and I agreed to it. I just lost my job and need my money for bills now I have to call my bank and have them not too allowed them too use it and they do not have my permission to use it. Be careful FREE MY BUTT. I f u have a commuity mail boxes beware wrong box gets it you are still charged for it
  15th of Jan, 2009
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I have been sick, and in the hospital, and have discovered that Green Tea has been taking money out of my checking account with out my permission, which is fraud.
you`r product has been sent to my address with out my permission, and I am sending it back, and also want postage returned to me.
01-14-09 carol stacey, 21766 rainbow lks. blvd., Dunnellon, Fla. 34431
  15th of Jan, 2009
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that is a very dishonest way of making a sale. I did not agree to your terms by trying a sample, and I want my money back . carol stacey
  27th of Jan, 2009
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purchased product for S&H, was sent membership bottle for additional 44.90. called to cancel membership and received RMA # to return peoduct. got a delivery reciept confirmation for unused product but company still has not reinbursed credit card less the S&H Plus restocking fee. This company is a scam!!! The return comment was product needs 2-3 months to work with proper excersize and diet. If I was doing that I wouldnt need the product. They are making a killing just on restocking fees for a unused product that I didn't sign up for!
  19th of Feb, 2009
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This company is a SCAM. Be very careful! They have hidden charges and return policies that you can easily overlooked. Also, when you cancel your order and get a conformation number, they still bill your credit card. The only way out is to canel your credit card and order a new card with a new number.

I also complained to my credit card company and they helped me credit my charges, but I had to fill out endless paperwork.

  26th of Mar, 2009
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I ordered a risk free order from this greentea extreme for onedollar and shipping. They charged me for one bottle 4.95 in shipping, what I thought was very high and when I got thhe bottle the envelop was open and I received only one bottle without any explanation. Since I didn't sy anywhere on the order form that you had to return it in order not to be charged for the bottle, I think their offer is a scam. For the refund they harge you another 4, 95 for shipping. I would say that is billing fraud

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