Greenstone Rehab Facility / Rehabilitation counseling or lack thereof

1 Bala, ON, Canada
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Defrauded of a large sum of money for treatments that don't exist. This was the worst experience of my life. There was absolutely no support, structure, doctors or care whatsoever. There were several people that left angry the first few days I was there because of people having loud bedroom activity, not being provided food or water, no doctors on-site and nurses with no answers for medication you were given. After several days I had the same complaints. And then I was assaulted by a PTSD patient and became scared. After this not being addressed and yet another patient leaving for the same reason I left. I have to say I was worse leaving than arriving. There were also police there investigating another yet another assault as well. Horrifying experience.

I have spent a lot of money recovering from this experience. I was in an accident and not able to come.e off the painkillers I was prescribed so I thought this was my best option. I was wrong. I then had to deal with this experience. Please DO NOT use this facility. A cheap run down motel with a counselor would be 100% better than here.

Jan 14, 2017

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