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Green Millionaire / Scam

1 Vestal, NY, United States Review updated:

This company is a scam!!! Just like other complaints, I heard the ad on the radio and went to the website. It looked very legit, so I entered my credit card number. I was still skeptical, but I checked my statement and sure enough, they only took 1 dollar out of my account. I thought I got a great deal, but a few weeks later, I check my statement again and there is a charge for $29.95. I called them and all they can say is that it is for a newsletter that was e-mailed. I said that I never authorized that and I never even received a newsletter for that matter. She said it might have gone to my spam e-mail folder. Who actually looks in their spam folder? They have a good scam going on here and they got me for that $29.95. Bravo to the Green Millionaire fraud company. Any upstanding company would apologize and credit back the money, but they wouldn't. This is how they are green millionaires. They'll get 30 bucks from a million people and wah Too bad I didn't think of it first.

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  • Tn
      22nd of Nov, 2009
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    My husband was in the hospital and saw the infomercial on getting this
    "book" on how to save money and be "green" doing it. Well, I wanted something for him to do when he came home from the hospital so I downloaded the book and paid the $1.00 processing fee. And to my shocking amazement, this "company" took $29.95 out of my account @ 2AM today. As soon as I found this out I tried to call and got a recording saying that all service reps were busy with other customers, and I would have to leave a msg. I left a msg and no one ever called me back. Every time I call I get the same msg. If there is any way to get the scam artist I would be very interested in finding out how. This has got to stop, I can't afford to have any money taken out of my account. We live on my income only, my husband has just recently become disabled and his SSD will not kick in for at least 6 months...or more.

  • Jo
      22nd of Nov, 2009
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    LESLIE CHARLES GILROY (corrupt cop)
    in company with
    and others, robbed my wife and I
    See the whole story here

  • Be
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    I too got scamed. I orderd the 1.98 pamplet on tv, gave them my card #(BIG MISTAKE) and sure enough they charged me 29.95 without my permission. Not only that, I heard through the reviews they will charge me this amount every 2 months. On top of that they will charge you $1.95 for e-mail book every month that I did not ask for and they didn't tell me any of this.I will never order anything on t.v. before checking them out first.I reported them to the B.B.B. After so much research, I finally found a number to them. If you need it, it is 877-213-8238. Their a bunch of thiefs.

  • Ze
      3rd of May, 2010
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    well i got the book and at the same day I called them and warrned them of what they were planning to do and sure enough they addmite to their intention to chareg me for a news letter etc I made sure they stop and I am watching my account closely and what is in the book nothing but an ideas to save money no more no less so its worthless in short statement

  • Th
      24th of May, 2010
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    Call your bank immediately and tell them you did not allow this charge, and you want to stop payment on any future attempts. This will cancel any subscription you may have been signed up for. They have no choice because they can't get your money. Document any letters or emails with time and date of all your attemps to teach them. Leaving phone messages will get you nowhere. But contacting your bank is the first step to keeping your money. Most credit cards only have 90 days to allow charge backs so companies will stall until it's too late.

  • Dm
      13th of Jun, 2010
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    I am so angry at the greenmillionaire, they chaged me first $1 and then $29.95 for some cheep information.I called to cancel but, the woman that answer the phone told me that she couldn't do that because my trial had expired.I asked to speak to a supervisor but she said, the supervisor wasn't there because he had gone out some where.So, in the end she never cancel my account.Now I don't know what to do!How do I get my moneyback?

  • Cl
      23rd of Jun, 2010
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    They charged my account with out authorization for $89.95 for a newsletter I did not ask for. They refused to refund my money and claimed they sent me information on their terms days before I had even heard about, or bought the book.

  • Al
      2nd of Jul, 2010
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    Same as above.

  • Gr
      10th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have just had the same thing happen to me. I went for the free book with the cost only for shipping and handling. Then a week later I have an unauthorized withdrawal from my account for $89.95.When I called the number a lady told me that when I requested the book, I had signed up for some emagazines! I never saw anything about any emagazines.

    You can't email them or anything. If you call the number they defend wha they have done.

    This is thoroughly disgusting!

  • Ra
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    "BUYER BEWARE" A very important tho old saying. It is very important that no matter what one sees in an infomercial, they always have the upper hand if you deal with them over the phone or internet. the fine print is usually available in "terms and policies" . One should click on this before paying for anything. It is the same as going to the old time carnivals and playing those cheap games like shooting baskets or knocking off those cans or bottles from a two-tiered pyramid or some such. It is rigged against the player. If one gets stuck with a bad purchase, you might jsut have to close the account and reopen a new one. I had to do that with a legitimate contract that was constantly being debited "by mistake". Good luck!

  • Jo
      27th of Jul, 2010
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    Has anyone had any luck trying to dispute these charges with your credit card company?

  • Jo
      27th of Jul, 2010
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    Has anyone had any luck disputing these charges with your credit card company?

  • Ge
      9th of Aug, 2010
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    From GermanAce 8/9/2010
    I recently ordered the (free) book from the Green Millionaire and was charged $1.00 for shipping which I thought was reasonable even though the book wasn't nearly as informative as advertised.
    This jerk is now trying to charge me $90.00 which I will not allow. My bank and I are in the process of filing fraud charges against the Green Millionaire.

  • Xa
      12th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Saw the commercial on TV and ordered the FREE book, cost $1.95. I am unemployed and I am not able to afford the items in the book so I called the Green Millionaire and cancelled, but they still charged my credit card $29.95 on 2 separate occasions. I put a block on any further payments to the Green Millionaire. The Phone Number to The Green Millionaire is 1-877-213-8238

  • Re
      14th of Aug, 2010
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    I was taken too. I ordered the book I didn't order the newsletter, and was charged 89.95 supposedly after a fourteen day trial period. Luckily I saw it the charge before I was charged again. I called the customer service, and they are very impersonable. yet they did cancel they would not refund my cash. This is something i will look into on Monday morning. ZART85 is right one million people at 30 to 90 dollars a pop they are truly green millionaires.

  • Re
      15th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I saw the commercial at 5:10 AM and fell for it only that i stopped right before submitting my info. Then i read the fine print only to catch there scam. Be careful about submitting your E-mail cause once you do it will block you from any complaint pages on the web. You can also cancel the subscription at their customer care page, and i hope the get enough people to complaint that they send their sorry [censor] to court and be charged a million dollars. Look at it this way if you got scammed get a good lawyer and finally get your million dollars.

  • Ad
      17th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am a disabled vet looking for a way to supplement my income. I saw the commercial on tv and thought, finally something i can get into without costing an arm & leg to get into. So much for wishful thinking. I was later charged $89.95 for some magazine i had no idea about. The customer service explained that this was a free trial of 14 days and if i did not cancel in that time frame, i would be charged $89.95. I discovered the transaction when my bank charged me $220 of over draft charges. it was a few days after the so called trial period, but was told, "all sales are final, no refunds." I live on a fixed income and cannot afford $89.95 much less the $220 overdraft charges from my bank.

  • Re
      19th of Aug, 2010
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    DO NOT ORDER THIS FREE BOOK. This is a scam. I ordered the free book. My credit card was charged the $1.95 for shipping the book, and another $89.95. Since I had not ordered anything else, I called them to see what was being charged and to cancel it. They told me it was a magazine subscription. By accepting the terms, I had inadvertently ordered it. They give you 14 days to cancel the subscription. Since my credit card bill did not come during that period of time, I was unaware of the order until after the 14 day period. They only agreed to refund $45.00, still charging me $45.00. Jerry (company rep) told me to consider it an expensive lesson! I never even received a magazine. The book itself is old information. Nothing you don't already know.

  • Jc
      26th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I understand that you feel deceived about this green millionaire book. The book does have some useful things in it to save money but does not dive fully into each bit of advice. That's where you have do the research on your own. If you read all the fine print on the web site before you ordered the book and gave them your credit card you would have been informed of these charges and what they are for. It clearly states it on there. Everyone's complaint on here is basically that they were unaware of the charges and the magazine subscription and what not. There are many infomercials out there that are just after your money and don't really offer anything worth the money you gave them but you have to read everything before you give anyone your personal info. If they did not have this info on the web site and just starting taking money from your account claiming the money is for some approved agreement by you then I could see people flipping out over it but it does tell you what your will be charged and what you are getting. I agree that the book sucks and is not worth the aggravation and the money you paid but ignorance is the only thing that robbed you.

  • Co
      8th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had the exact same experience. This is an UNSCRUPULOUS VENDOR, but I got 100% of my money back by contacting my bank to let them know about the fraudulent transaction that had been processed without my consent. They canceled my card and I received 100% reimbursement within one (1) business day.

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