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I ordered this so call free book. I was never stated that they were gonna charge me 30 dollars for some internet subscription. They claimed that it was stated on my invioce and in my comformation email. neither of which did i recieve. While dealing with the company over the phone was like pulling teeth. When i could get through to the company the phone line was terminated several times. When i did get through they talked to me like i was some kind of idiot. After about 45 min of arguing with these people they finally terminated my subscription and im still waiting on my comformation email stating that it was cancelled.

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  • Pa
      12th of May, 2010

    These scammers should get a real job.

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  • Ti
      2nd of Jun, 2010

    I did call in and cancel my subscription in the alotted time and they still charged my account, so I called in to complain and they went ahead and canceld it, I then asked them about my account being refunded and he said there was nothgin he could do, so I said bologna I want to talk to a manager and he asked me if I knew what day I called on so I told him and he said unfortunateyly my account was not documented that I wanted it canceld or that I even called in. So I asked again to talkt to a manager because I want my account refunded and he was quiet for a minute and then said well...pause...ok I will refund your charges. WTH, first he said he can't do anything about it and then I aks for a manager and my account is refunded, WHAT A SCAM

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  • Ma
      28th of Jul, 2010

    I got a full refund. They caused me to bounce my electric bill. After two different managers I got the refund. Just remember when dealing with any customer service "I want to talk to someone that can FIRE you" goes a long way with getting what you want. The BBB doesn't scare them anymore so don't waste your breath.

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  • Ya
      11th of Aug, 2010

    Bein that I'm no noob to the typical internet scam I saw through it right away. However to all those that got burned... make it freesource. Take the power of the scam out of it. You all said it was a pdf... beauty of all that is you can download and upload those allll over the net. I suggest you start with lol dare I say it >.< torrent sites, p2p sites etc... spread it like wild fire. It's kinda like cyber poppin the guys tires.

    Sorry to read of all the misfortune folks Good Luck nippin it in the butt.

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