Green Light Auto Warranty / Difficulty/interrogation getting returned deposit

1 Cleveland Oh, United States

I was heckled/interrogated for information when trying to get my deposit back.
I bought an extended warranty then refinanced my car a week later. The refinance allowed me to lump in a better deal for an extended warranty (3 years or 60, 000 bumper to bumper on top of the 51, 000 I already had for $20 a month for 2 years – no deposit) and naturally I wanted to cancel with Green Light (which offered 5 years or 100, 000 bumper to bumper for 100/month for 2 years – including the deposit) and receive my $195 deposit as it was my right being within 30 days of purchasing. When I called to ask for Amber (who I bought the warranty from), I was not allowed – when I was assured previously I could call “anytime”.
Kevin gave me a hard time right away. He asked why I wanted to cancel, why I refinanced, what my new warranty included (price, policy details) and with whom. I explained politely (getting nervous) that it wasn’t his business and to give me my money back. He explained “it takes time to set up/purchase the warranty, and therefore it takes time to cancel it. It’s my job as customer service to make sure all your needs are met.”
I then told him it would be proper customer service to help the customer, which in my particular case, needs a refund on her deposit… not whatever you think the customer needs. I told him I didn’t have a lot of time, I was at work.
His reply: I’m at work too ma’am. I need to feed my children. I asked a 4th time for my refund, and was given pushback. I said I would call back and hung up.
When I called back a few minutes later – I asked for Amber and was refused again. I then asked to cancel, he put me on hold and came back sounding sad and defeated. He said it was all taken care of. – He said I would receive a check for the amount of my down payment - $195 – in the mail in 30 business days.
I had read horror story reviews about people being given a hard time by Green Light and so was prepared. Luckily it’s not as bad as some of those, but I also didn’t want to believe that I would be treated so horribly. Kevin (and Amber) had horrible attitudes and I didn’t even treat them like that in return. I don’t understand that ethic/approach to business but it’s horrible and should be stopped. Don’t buy from Green Light – go refinance your car. The warranties are renewable if you get to the 3 years and want to keep the car. FYI.

Jul 7, 2015

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