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Online I was pre-approved. The salesperson who called said they offer no credit checks or money down. Pitterman texted me 2 hours before arriving to verify I was coming. When I arrived he had no clue who I was. He had me fill out a complete credit application. I asked about the no social security credit checks and he said they are required to use banks. He said they needed to send it to 10 banks. He sat there at the desk across from me playing on his phone. As I looked around, all of the salespeople were playing on their phones. I asked again again about the greenlight financing and Pitterman said he doesnt bother with that because they will want at least $3-4, 000 down. After about 45 minutes he went to the parking lot and got in a SUV and drove off the lot. He did not say anything to me. For all I know he went for a snack. After 20 additional minutes of him gone, I asked another salesperson to check on my loan. He went into the finance manager's office and minutes later the finance manager sat down across from me. I asked what happened to Timmerman and he said that he has other customers and went for a test drive. BS! Because he was the only person in the vehicle. I asked about the loan having found a vehicle I liked and he said I was denied by all banks. He recommended bankruptcy or cosigner which I dont have. I said all of this to the person who called me from Greenlight the day before my arrival. The salesman said I was misinformed because they require credit checks even though the website says not required. After I left and having to drive about 20 miles each way, I called Greenlight to complain and at the end of the conversation the guy said to have a good day and then said thanks for calling the name of the dealership I was at. WTF happened with Greenlight Financing?

May 1, 2017

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