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Green Bay Animal control / My neighbors cat=disorderly conduct fine

1 West Green BayGreen Bay, WI, United States Review updated:

Yesterday I was given a disorderly conduct fine for proecting my property as well as my neighbors. Having just returned from dinner with my two kids I noticed an animal control vechicle two houses down I thought nothing of it. Getting out of my vechicle my neighbors cat approached me so I picked it up and proceeded to my neighbors. The animal control officer approached me and told me to hand over the cat so she could take it away. I simply replied "no". As I have a long standing relationship with my neighbors and there cat. She then told me to hand the cat over or I would be given a citation in a very accost manner. So I gave her the cat and told her to get off my property as her business there was done. She then told me to be more respectful and continued on about something. I was not listening as I was enraged about this unwelcome person standing on my lawn and feeling like she had some right to be there. At this time I became accost and told her again to get off my property. Once again she did not listen, and continued on. she was now asking me if I had a problem with women??? The only problem I had was this irrtating person standing on my lawn. So walked to the edge of my property pointed to the curve and said if she was going to continue she needed to do it from the road. Once again no compliance. She was know theartening to call the police. I told her to go ahead. as hopefully they would remove this trespasser. The police arrived and would not even hear my side of the story and issued me a disorderly conduct fine. I would also like to thank the green bay police deptment for there totally disregard for my two and four year who were running around in the street. As they instructed me to shut-up and stay were I was. When trying to attended to my children!

I know nothing about the law and won't prettend to. But I'm pretty sure that if someone is on your property and has no business there, regardless of thier position. You can tell them to get off. I work in a job entering homes and if i'm done with what I need to do, I'm going to leave. Not stay there and lecture them on why they should respect me and the importance of my job. So I basically recieved a ticket for trying to get this creepy person off my lawn. I plan on fighting it. I feel my rights have been trampled and voice extinguished. Well in a free land (God Bless America, No matter who your god is!) I just don't feel what happened was right. Anyone comes on my property saying there are there to take one of my family members is going to be meet with resistance( with-in reason of the law). So I plan on fighting this. Hopefully one voice will be heard. Leading to others fighting for what they feel is right.

Green Bay Animal control

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  • Dl
      30th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Animal control didnt just show up. Someone called them. And people normally dont call unless they feel that the animal is neglected.

  • Ju
      1st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Still gives no right for the cops to have treated them that way.

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