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On April 9, 2017 I ordered "free samples" of Nuvella skin care products - "just pay shipping". I received order confirmation that a charge for $7.69 and $5.79 would be processed on my master card. Subsequently I received only one very small sample tube of the cream. While reviewing my bank statement today I see that I was charged $131.01 from a company called and $140.16 on April 27 from a company called After some research I discovered that both these companies names are associated with Nuvella. I called the company to complain and ask for my money back and the man said that I had only paid for the shipping and the charges were now for the two creams (I only received one) that both fit into the palm of my hand. I said that I had not even tried the creams and that I was returning them and that I wanted a full refund on all charges. The customer service agent said that a refund was not possible because to much time had elapsed even though their web site says that product can be returned up to 30 days.

May 17, 2017

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