SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Charged Amt to VISA and Fraud company

1 Toronto, ON, Canada

This company is located in the United States, and does fraud by charges small amounts to people's credit cards. On my own Visa Statement I saw two charges of 4.75 and 7.75 and it was done on the 8th of Dec and the 8th of Feb, exactly two months apart.

When one calls this number below, there is an automated Chinese accent voice, which tells you to email them if there are any concerns. I called all day long and even then the same thing kept on happening.

This is their Contacts:
E-mail: [protected]
Phone: [protected]

Beware of this company, because their main game is to charge 5000 people's card for 4-7 dollars each and just imagine, how much they can make in just one transaction.

It has effected us Canadians as well here.

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