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great wall dental clinic / billing for services

1 Kent, WA, United States Review updated:

I went to this clinic for a filling which required an exam and xrays. After unsucessfully numbing my tooth they proceeded to grind away. I informed them that the tooth was not numb. I directed them to continue drilling after they tried yet again to numb my tooth and waited so long to come back that it was allready wearing off. They blamed me and said it was because I had drank one coffee before I came. They finished drilling put the filling in and told me I would have to come back to get a permenant filling. WHAAATTT ? They had decided on their own that it would be better to put in a temp. without my permission so they could make me come back and they could charge me again. Additionally I had mentioned that I did not want a crown on that tooth because another dentist had put a crown on the other side and it still hurt. Further I stated that the crown did not fit correctly when they put it in so they ground it down until it looked like a stub and had metal showing. While waiting for xrays to develop the dentist decided he would adjust the tooth. He asked me to open my mouth put in the bit strip to detect bite. Then proceeded to drill. Never once did I ask for him to do this. Never once did he say I would have to pay for this. Never once did he ask if it was ok to do additional service. Never once did he ask if it was ok for him to grind further on my crown.The crown that allready had metal showing through and hurt everytime I ate or drank and was not very carefull. I paid for the service I requested. I made an appointment to have the permanent filling put in. After discussing with my husband everything that happened we decided I should not go back. I called and left a message canceling my appointment. Some time later I received a bill for a missed appointment and for the adjustment on my crown. I immediatly called the dentist. They did not call me back. I called again and talked to someone who told me that I needed to call another number in billing. I called that number and left a message. Then I called again and got someone. I was told that I needed to send them payment for part of it and fax them my discount dental plan info (they charged me full price for the original service, when I had the discount dental plan, which is what refered me to them in the first place and was the only reason I went there) Additionally, I needed to fax them my statement of why I shouldn't be charged for service not requested etc. I immediatly wrote the letter and faxed it to them. I did not hear anything from them again. However, over a year later I received a call from Nancy at NCS. Who proceeded to lie to get more personal information from me. To verify that I was the right person. When the address I gave her was not the one she had she said nothing. Of course I knew it had to be a bill collector but I couldn't think of anything that I owed. I had not been contacted by anyone via mail. I left a forwarding address when I moved. Anyhow I was told after she got all my info that it was a call to collect a debt and I owed Great wall dental clinic 230.21 I told Nacy I wanted coppies of proof etc. faxed to me. She said under no uncertian terms that they would not provide me with that information and I just better pay or she'll ruin my credit and take further action. Further that I needed to call the clinic and straighten it out with them or pay immediatly. I asked for the number. upon calling the number I discovered that it was not a vaild number. I called Nancy back and was given another number. I proceeded to call that number and left a message. I called the number and left a message the following day. Todate I have not received a call back. Except from Nancy, I told her I called Great Wall and left a message and noone called me back. I just got the bill from NCS and would be sending in my written dispute in the next day or two. Nacy said well you only called once and informed me that she was just going to proceed then with their end. Both of these companies are crooks

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      29th of Apr, 2010
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    The complainant paid her balance through the collection agency. A proof is available at the clinic.

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