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Great Vacation Marketing aka Great Vacation Associates / REAL OWNER

1 Boynton Beach, FL, United States

Ok SO does everyone want to know who the REAL owner of Great Vacation Marketing (aka Great Vacation Associates) was????? Well I'll help you see for yourself. Follow these instructions carefully in order to see the truth.

1st step - Go to the following address:

2nd step - enter the domain name in the appropriate box (the website name)...just in case you aren't keeping up, enter in the following:

3rd step - enter the security code in the appropriate box (the 5 digit code in the's different for everyone)

Then click on the search tab and the next screen that comes up will show the domain's registration information. You can see that the site domain was purchased at (They sell 75% of the web domains today). Then below that you will see the MOST IMPORTANT piece of information. The registrant name and that is RALPH JOHNSON. After doing a little digging of my own, I found out that the FULL name is Ralph Edward Johnson aka Edward R Johnson to many of HIS company's victims (This guy just shifted around his initials to make a new name, what an IDIOT!). Anyhow, I will not reveal my identity due to the fear that I have for these ###. You have NO IDEA what they are capable of. I'll just say that Ralph just decided to suddenly check into rehab coincidentally just before his SENTENCING for his MAJOR drug dealing KINGPIN trial. Yes, this guy has sold LOTS and LOTS of drugs!! Long story short...Ralph went into rehab...people stayed working there like accounts got frozen after RALPH JOHNSON made a VERY LARGE withdrawl and now HE'S A GHOST and NO ONE GOT PAID FOR WEEKS. NO ONE KNOWS WHO TO BELIEVE BUT I SAY IT'S ALL HIS FAULT. IT'S THE ONLY LOGICAL ANSWER!! NOW THE WORD IS THAT HE IS SAYING IT WASN'T HIM. OH C'MON DO YOU THINK WE ARE DUMB AS YOU???? YOU IDIOT!!! Hmmmm...I wonder whose name is on the company(s) bank accounts and the only signature on file that was held at Wachovia???? Whistle BLOWN!!

Isn't it funny how both websites aren't working anymore?? Coinsidence???? I think NOT. I hope this helps someone. Good luck!!

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