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To Whom It My Concern

I requested a coolar for a new Laundromat in November 2017. The building was not ready until this month. I called to cancel the order in June 2018 and was told by Victoria Washier [protected] and Victoria Hans [protected] to call when the building was ready. I reach out to Victoria Hans July 10/2018 who said Victoria Washier was going to call back. I call back several times with no response from both party. Finally I call the customer service who reach out to Victoria Washier. She call back and said my order has been called because they could not deliver in June. I responded, She said when the building was ready I should call back and I did and hang up the phone. I believe if Victoria Washier has Coca-Cola interest and its customers she will do everything possible to assist and not hang up the phone on a customer. I will appreciate someone helping Sunray Laundromat getting started. Thank you.

Remi Iselewa


Jul 31, 2018

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