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Great Florida Insurance / Scam

1 United States

When I first moved to Florida in 2002, I chose Great Florida Insurance to provide me with insurance coverage on my vehicle. I was put with a company, Permant General Assurance and it seemed like my premiums were being raised quite often and yes because I had an accident that just came off in November 2006 and I added a second vehicle I was paying around $350-month. For some reason, when I added the 2006 Ford F150 there was always a question about the VIN number. Then I thought it had been resolved because I never heard about it again. Until one day when Roger called from GFL and requested it, again. I faxed the iformation and the next time I know, I received another increase. I called the company direct and they said my "agent", Roger caled and provided them with the VIN number. I had to fax it AGAIN to the company, which I'd done previously also, and had no idea who Roger was, where he came up with the VIN number and didn't appreciate him submitting information on my behalf especially when it was incorrect and costing me money. I called their office to speaker to the owner-manager and was put in contact with Marty. I explained why I was upset, he said Roger was the best agent he had and he would look into it. So then I started to get phone calls stating they had rewritten everyone that was with PGAC to other companies because they raised their premiums three times in six months but I happened to be the only one the didn't get the phone call. Marty found another company for me and I had told him earlier I didn't want Roger having anything to do with my business, so a day later, Roger calls me to verify my information and the VIN number again. I had, had it. I got my new insurance, did an change of agent form and I am now with a differnt agency. My complaint is Marty told me not to make my last payment. There may be something owed once they cancel me but it shouldn't be that much money and he'd take care of it for me. Well I have now received the bill in the amount of $341.50. Marty does not return my e-mails or my phone calls. I contacted Ike who is the head of GFL, I guess in Stuart, Florida. I spoke to him on Thursday, January 4th and he said Marty was the best he had out of hundreds of agents and that Marty was having some personal problems, but Ike assured me he would contact Marty, we would get this resolved and either he or Marty would call me within two days. Today is January 11, 2007 and I still have not heard back from anyone. Ike commented on how I was saying the right things, I was being professional and because I was acting that way, they would be more than happy to work with me. Now I need to figure out how I'm going to come up with an additional $342 to get this paid off. I asked Marty numerous times, are you sure I shouldn't pay it? Are you sure? He kept sayig yes, I wouldn't give you any bad advice. Well I did get bad advice.


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