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An Jun 16, 2015 Review updated:
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This office is really a rip off. After two consultation with the dentist and periodontist, a plan of action was agreed upon. I was to have a crown replaced .I had refused implant or bridge. I had to make a deposit of $200. to hold the appointment date. However on the day of the procedure, while in the chair under local anesthesia, they referred back to what they thought would be a better plan. The dentist thinks the tooth was definitely no worth saving. I again told him to just remove the tooth and forget about it. He suggested a bone graft. That, he said would enable me if in the future I wanted to do the Implant. I asked for an estimate and was presented with a figure that was tolerable. $221.40 to So I agreed. I had already paid $200. Two weeks later I was made aware that I owed a balance because the procedure that I didn't want in the first place wasn't covered by my insurance! The whole Procedure cost $476 plus $34.40 for the tooth removal.

My Insurance Co recommends that I don't pay, because although it was my responsibility to make sure that the procedure was covered, I had entrusted the dental representative to make a genuine enquiry into the cost, due to the fact I was still in their chair numbed up. If their request for estimate was true, they would have known right then and there that the procedure was not covered.

An estimate is a variation in cost, not the difference between a non-covered item and a guestimate! I am tired of being ripped off by dentists. I have paid $321.20 ($200 deposit, $53 for 1st visit and $68.20 for 2nd consultation) to have a tooth surgically removed when the actual cost is $34.40 (with Ins). Now I will be sent to collection agency for $310!

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  • Ca
      22nd of Mar, 2016

    I experienced the exact same thing. I was bullied into having a bone graft. Paid $984 and 3 months later was sent a bill for another $603.25. you my friend came off lightly. I would never recommend Great Expressions to anyone. The only expression on my face was shock and horror.

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  • An
      23rd of Mar, 2016

    I am so sorry to hear about your plight. I wish I knew a lawyer in need of pro bono hours that would be willing to represent us.

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