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I went there for braces for myself spent 6000. Not even 6 month later and my bottom teeth are moving, I wear my retainer at night like I was told. My son has it by them also they are over charging the insurance companys then wants more money from me claiming they never got when they did.
My step daughter had braces on for 3 years because they didn't bill the insurance and wanted us to pay upfront because they claimed they don't pay. I fought with them to bill they finaly did. Guess what they paid. My step daughter went for july till feb not being seen even though my insurance paid because they wanted the rest paid up front before they would see her again.
Then they would bill in my name not her moms. Then they started sending bills to her mom in my name, eventhough I am not the one who took her. I said ok put in my bankruptcy please, they claimed they can't because I didn't sign the contract her mom did. But continued to bill me!!! They are awful, change's dentist every month they do not know what they are doing or how to bill it is like a chop shop and only want the money.,

Feb 14, 2015

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