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Ok, so you have to read the fine print. Hopefully, after you sign up for this, and if you decide to cancel within the 3 day time-period, you read the fine print. YOU MUST SEND A WRITTEN LETTER OF CANCELLATION AND SEND IT CERTIFIED, POSTMARKED BEFORE THE 3 DAYS ARE OVER.

Otherwise, you did not follow the cancellation policy. I signed up 3 days ago, and came into the office today to cancel, not trusting a phone call to work. The boss was not there (hmmm, does the boss take every third day off for a reason?) and they said I could come back next week. I tried to get them to sign something, anything, that I had canceled. They got pissy, mad, and suddenly too busy to help me. So anyway, I left a handwritten note saying I had canceled, managing to squeak out a name and signature. (They did not want to do that, at all. )

Here is the funny part. I waited in the foyer and listened. They were speaking to the boss and said, "She sure will be upset when she comes back next week." BECAUSE, AT THAT MOMENT, I HAD NOT ACTUALLY CANCELED MY MEMBERSHIP. I reread the contract and realized that I had not sent it CERTIFIED MAIL!!! The handwritten cancellation meant nothing!!!

So I went and typed out something, and incredibly made it to the post office before they closed, and got it sent CERTIFIED, WITH A POSTMARK OF WITHIN THE 3 DAY TIME PERIOD.

I then went back to the office, leaving a duplicate envelope, and the reciepts from the post office, and told them my letter of cancellation would be there the next day or so.


You know, I have been thinking. They cover themselves with this contract. They ask if you have been arrested. The only people that get sucked in are lonely people who have NEVER BEEN ARRESTED, hoping you won't cause a scene.

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  • Li
      15th of Jan, 2011

    YES GE IS A huge scam...its a high pressure sales tactic used to get unsuspecting people to hand over exorbitant amts of cash in lieu of false promises or hopes of finding a match or mate through a shoddy and overly expensive system they use, which probably doesn't work. In essence you end up paying 3500 for a match making service. Years ago I went to them, and the high pressure sales idiot got me to pay 25.00--whatever money you give--you will not get far as cancellation I wouldnt even consider signing up with those people- they are a huge scam and ripoff and you will lose your hard earned money. I even applied to work there several times--- its a terrible place...don't trust them at all and dont ever give your money to them

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  • Di
      3rd of Sep, 2013

    The jerks are now tryng to sue me for $3600 collection agency on my rear for $900 now. Originally they
    charged me $1800 plus they got $450 for pics I never got cause I did not like them and did not want them,
    a man I chose was not available even though it distinctly showed that he was...definitely a scam
    and now the Midcontenal Credit and Collection agency out of Schaumburg Il is claiming to sue me and the
    money will automatically be seized from my bank account...

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  • An
      9th of May, 2014

    I am looking into this for a client and want to direct your attention to Florida Statute 817.06   Misleading advertising prohibited.— Best of Luck.

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  • Ra
      11th of Nov, 2014

    Two years after my divorce, I decided to get back in the dating world. I had moved to Florida from Colorado to be closer to family. One day, on-line I saw the ad from Great Expectations. I told them I was interested in learning more about their service. I was contacted, by phone, a few days later, by a pre-screener who asked the usual questions. Towards the end of the interview the screener asked me if I had any run ins with the Law. I told her I had recently been convicted of a violent felony ( for defending my home and property from vandals), and was still serving a probation . I was told that GE screened their member but not to mention the conviction when I went in to sign up.

    The woman I met with at their office asked the same usual questions but omited the question about criminal past. I brought it up and was again told to never mention it. A few months later I became aware that GE tells their female members that they screen for criminal pasts. I decided it was not fair to the female members to deceive them this was, so I told GE the contract I signed was fraudulent and I was cancelling my membership (2006). Now eight years later a bottom feeding debt collector shows up wanting $4500 or they will sue me and run the bill up another $2000.

    Ladies, stay far away from this scam.

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