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Great American Roofs / False Information Posted on Site

1 Kennesaw, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (404) 223-7600

I would like to address the numerous complaints being provided by individuals on this site regarding my company, which are false;

(1) NH1980, signed a contract with our company and forwarded a cancellation letter. We sent them a certified letter stating we would like to proceed with the work and informed them if they cancel the agreement under the terms and conditions they would waive any and all deposits. We gave them the oppportunity to have there roof installed and heard nothing more from them regarding this matter;

(2) Bobby, received his roof but has failed to pay us over $3, 500 or return our numerous emails, letters, and phone calls. Bobby defrauded our company not our company defrauding him. If you would like the address of this individual to see that he has a new roof installed please contact me;

(3) Concern Parent 2, this individual is trying to utilize tactics that have nothing to do with anything other than making an attempt to strong arm us into releasing them from thier agreement. Mr. Sloan has done nothing wrong to this individual or family, and

(4) Leaky Roofman, has a dumpster sitting in thier driveway and has not returned my email in order to allow us to drop of material and schedule installation date after we already scheduled a date that they cancelled. There remarks of Mr. Duffy is inaccurate as he has been a loyal and hardworking individual. Leaky Roofman has made remarks about who owns the company and other matters which again are inaccurate and can all be verified by searching the Secretary of State's office. Leaky Roofman needs to get his facts accurate before making false statements against a company or individuals that are intentional.

Great American Roofs has installed hundreds of roofs in the Atlanta metropolitan area and will continue. We can provide hhundreds of references to potential customers. I would highly encourage if you have posted something that is not true or documented on this site you remove it immediately. If anyone would like to talk to me personally I can be reached at the number provided on this site

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  • Ro
      30th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Rob, you are a liar and I am being really nice to call you only that! There is nothing professional about you or your company… all of you are a bunch of crooks and scam artists. I have no doubt that the people who work for you are loyal and hardworking in your eyes because they are getting their cuts (profits) from scamming others from you. Rob, you ask for a deposit before ever beginning the work for one reason and one reason only: to tie people's hands behind their back so they have no other choice but to wait on you to complete the job after you scrape up money to pay off the vendors and workers you owe. It is true that you want the homeowner to cancel the contract because then you can justify keeping the deposit. Either way, you win. I usually don't like to pass judgment on anyone, but Rob MacPherson...there is a place for people like you who lie, cheat, steal, hurt, and defraud money from innocent people who simply want their house completed...and that is HELL!

    So, you can change your company name from Great American Roofs to U.S. Homecrafters of use them interchangeably as you do now. Whether you change your name or use T. Sloan like William Sloan does to hide the fact that he is a registered sex offender who was convicted of Sexual Exploitation of a Child in September of 1996 God knows your heart, your mind, and your motives…And I can tell you- He is not pleased.

    Regardless of the fact (which you mentioned) of the money coming from the insurance company, I pay a hefty cost every year to renew my homeowners insurance as I’m sure many homeowners do. So, in other words, it is our hard earned money that you have taken and continue to take from unsuspecting victims. Then, when you finally do the job, it is poor craftsmanship because you hire cheap labor as you don't even come out to oversee the job until after it is completed and you want a check. You don't even take the time to climb your big behind on top of the roof to do your own inspection as many contractors do to make sure your customers are satisfied and there are no potential problems done the road. Then you have the nerve to become offended when a homeowner requests an inspection before final payment is rendered. Hell, I did too after I found out that a homeowner in The Estates in Tyrone, Georgia home sustained quite a bit of water damage after a new roof had been installed by your company and there are others. You are pathetic and I hope that everyone who reads this email will have the courage to take some sort of legal action against you.

  • Sa
      26th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes


    Robert (Rob) D. Macpherson and William T. Sloan were both booked in the Walton County Jail on September 18, 2009 on Theft by Conversion charges. “Rob” Macpherson is unable to make bail as he has 5 warrants of Theft by Deception that have been issued for him in Tyrone, GA (so a detainer's hold has been placed on him). In other words, he will not be going anywhere any time soon other than to visit different jailhouses as pending warrants are being sought by residents in both Cobb and Paulding County as well. And just in case you think that this could not get any worse, a warrant has been issued for Rob MacPherson’s arrest in Tennessee.

    This company is a fraud!!! I would like to personally encourage anyone who has given Great American Roofs/U.S. Homecrafters any money and has not received services and/or materials to please contact your local police department immediately. If he has written you a bad check (especially on a closed account), contact your local police department immediately. If you have received poor roofing services/installation, contact your attorney as soon as possible as he will not be honoring any warranties.

  • Hu
      4th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Don't walk away from this company...RUN!!! They are a scam. They have defrauded many people. He also is part of He has seen the inside of jail cell and soon will see more. Again..Run from this jerk.

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