Great American Readerstried to get my credit card info

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I was offered $1000.00 giftcard and (5) magazine subscriptions for 5 years for the low cost of shipping $3.83 for 60 months. They neglected to say $3.83 a week. They stated this was a gift form visa, mastercard, discover etc. (That they worked for them) for being a good paying customer. As others on the great american readers website I said "it sounds too good to be true" then a supervisor came on the line to get my feedback on london who was the person offering the gift. Shameka was the supervisor. They used the same phone number as others complained about [protected].See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ontario, CAWhen I asked for the name of the company I was told great american readers aka blue whale publications. They are a scam. I called my cellphone provider and had their number blocked. They have called my home using an 866 number. All of this comes from an offer from walmart for a free giveway shopping spree wherein they get your cell. I went on the internet while on the phone and asked them to call me back - to get my credit card info. If they work for visa, mastercard, discover, etc. Wouldn't they have it? No-they needed a debit card. Buyers beware!! This is really a scam!

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  • Rj
      Apr 07, 2010

    A contract for more than 1 year would not be valid unless in writing

    See California Civil Code 1624(a)(1)

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