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Like all the other Great American Readers posts on here, I was an idiot and fell for this, They just took the money out yesterday, I like many of you, told them after I found out all details, not to run card thru 4 times, she still did, then when I complained she hung up
Then someone else called me like 20 min later and asked how I liked my customer service, I told him that I had told her 4 times not t o make it go thru, I just didnt have the money, I told him 3 times that I wanted this charge reversed, but he hung up on me as well, said I was being recorded. I hope I was cause I told them a total of 7 times to stop this, anyway, my bank gave me the 1800 cust service # for them and I called it and IT IS A PHONE SEX RECORDING!!!
I was so mad, well, I have canceled my debit card and I will be soon switching banks because mine refuses to let me stop payment or even file a report


  • Z
      Dec 09, 2009

    Last week they were making calls claiming a person won a $1000 gift card from purchases made using their Visa or Mastercard on Black Friday.

    They deduct that money right away. No sooner had my friend called me about that uneasy feeling we were online checking the bank account and it was already a pending transaction...

    Christmas time is always a difficult period to understand someone may be evil, but during this recession is especially daunting.

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  • M
      Dec 11, 2009

    Yeah, I fell for this too. I got the magazines, but what they don't tell you is that the so called "Gift Certificate" is a joke. They send you to a certain website where you can choose certain items for free... what they don't tell you is that you have to pay $5 for each transaction plus shipping and handling, which you cannot use the gift certificate for. The s+h charges are rediculous, they range from $15-25 or more per item!!! Also, the items you can choose from suck!

    They called me today at work and said that there was a problem getting the money from my card (I canceled it) and wanted to know if I had a new card. I told them that I had chosen not to pay for it and reminded them that I had requested they cancel this 'subscription' last month. I was told that this is a financial obligation and I cannot just choose not to pay for it.

    Oh well! good luck getting any money from me.

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