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I was called and was told I was on the internet and clicked on something that put me in a group of names and I was picked to recieve a $1, 000 gift card which I could use at any stores to purchase whatever I wanted.

Then in a bit of a confused message I was told that I would receive 5 bonus magazines and they would be billed at $3.83 for all five weekly. I was told this was a 60 month payment! Then I was told that rather than bill weekly they would bill me monthly and "bundle up" payments so I would only have to pay $49.90 for 20 months and then I would'nt have to worry about the rest.

After I gave them my credit card reluctantly, and hung up the phone I started to do the math. There's no free anything. I will be paying $998.00 for those magazines - which I really don't want!

I am contacting my bank immediately to make sure no more money is removed from my account.

Please arrest these people!

Annette Diebold

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  • Ka
      Nov 19, 2009

    Right there with you. I had my credit card company change the numbers and send me a new card so that they would no longer have access. These people have been calling me non-stop for weeks and have been extremely nasty to me. I have recently found out that they also go by the name of "iprofitkit". I wish you luck in getting them to stop. I have found that I must be nasty right back otherwise they will not listen to a word I have to say. They are nothing but a scam, I was promised the same thing as you. They will not get another penny out of me even if I have to go to court to get this settled.

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  • Co
      Dec 07, 2009

    Going thru the same thing here!! there's a nasty man named chris who claims there is no one above him to speak to. now they are threatening me that its going thru their legal department and that will be ruining my credit. I've canceled my card and they just keep bugging me. I tried repeatedly to cancel with in the first week and they would trick me with deals and then i called to for sure cancel not make deals and they said it was past cancellation date. He kept saying i was lying. and then he made me listen to a recording of me accepting the offer in the beginning but did not have ANY of the recordings of me trying to cancel the account. Has anyone gone far enough with this to see if they are real and will really ruin your credit and take you to court. i'm only 21 years old and i have worked so hard to establish good credit i'm so worried about this anyone help.

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  • Ze
      Dec 09, 2009

    Last week they were making calls claiming a person won a $1000 gift card from purchases made using their Visa or Mastercard on Black Friday.

    They deduct that money right away. No sooner had my friend called me about that uneasy feeling we were online checking the bank account and it was already a pending transaction...

    Christmas time is always a difficult period to understand someone may be evil, but during this recession is especially daunting.

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  • Li
      Jan 14, 2010

    hey colonel wind i faced the same problem as yours..whats your status now??

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  • Vi
      Aug 03, 2010

    The same thing happened to my daughter who is 24 years old. She cancelled her debit card after a couple of payments were deducted. Now she has received an invoice through the mail asking for the balance. They said they are going to go through a third party collections. Here is a number they gave [protected].

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