Great American Pellets / Inferior product

1 Palmerton, PA, United States

I recently bought and moved 3 tons of Great American pellets from your marketer. I bought them after having been told that you had had some problems last winter and corrected them.

I have been using Hamers for several years but have found that their high density makes it difficult to burn them in warmer weather since they put out too much heat on the lowest setting of my Whitfield stove. I am of the opinion that a lower density product would be more user friendly in spring and fall temperatures. I had used Stove Chow and Barefoot in years past and remember having burned them successfully in warmer temperatures.

I still have 5 tons of Hamers and had planned to buy 3 tons of Barefoot, but I opted to try yours as an alternative for warmer weather use.

What a mistake! I have burned Great American for several days so far and have encountered the following conditions:

With temperatures in the 40’s Hamers produced an inside temperature of high 70’s at a stove setting of 1. Great American produced an inside temperature in the low 70’s at a setting of 3.

I can’t run my stove at a setting above 3 because I can’t provide enough air to make the pellets burn. It appears to me than the moisture content is so high that the pellets won’t burn well.

The pellets are so long that they fall into the fire pot on end and in different positions instead of falling into the embers making it more difficult for them to ignite and causing them to start building up in the fire pot. The first morning I tended the stove I found the pot overflowing with simmering pellets and the stove pan filled with unburned pellets. Currently I am breaking the longer pellets in half as I dump them into the hopper from my ash bucket.

After a lot of experimenting with pellet flow and air settings I found that I could run the stove on a setting of 3 with maximum air and only build up a minimum amount of pellets in the fire pot. This means that I can only use Great American with outdoor temperatures above the mid 30’s.

Great American pellets also produce a HUGE quantity of ash. After running through the night unattended the inside of the stove looks like there had been a blizzard of ash. With other brands of pellets I have to scoop out the stove pan and empty the ash tray in 2 to 4 days depending on the weather. With Great American I must do this every day in mild temperatures.

I brought a sample of my pellets to ... explaining my plight and was told that I could return them. I have known ... for many years and expected him to suggest that. It is easier said than done. I will be 70 years old this Saturday and cannot face moving 3 tons again no less replacing them with a alternative product and moving them as well. Moving them means loading and unloading them 40 lbs at a time.

I am very unhappy with your product. Please offer a suitable solution.


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