grd paper industries (P) Ltd / Payment of promised discount failed

We bought one Tata Sumo EX Model, commercial Vehicle from your reputed dealer M/s. Lexus Motors.

We booked the vehicle with them on 22/01/2009 and after the full payment and normal procedures we got the vehicle from them on 29/02/2009.

Before the booking we had a discussion with their Sr. Sales Executive regarding the discount and during the discussion he agreed & promised us that we will be getting us a discount of Rs. 30, 000/-, but part by part i.e. Rs.15, 000/- he will show in the invoice, witch he showed as promised in the Invoice and other half which was Rs. 15, 000/-, he said will be given at the end of the deal, after the delivery.

We had some excess amount paid during the payment procedure, witch was later on return to us after the delivery.

But to our utter surprise, we found that while returning the Cheque to us, the promised balance discount of Rs. 15, 000/- was missing instead we got only Rs.3000/-.

We tried to explain the matter their higher authorities, but in vain. We felt cheated by them.

After this incident, we doubt a customer believing any Executive who represents Lexus Motors, because we believe that when an executive is promising anything that means the company (Lexus Motors ) in which he is working is promising.

thanking you,

jay menon

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