Gray Line in Florence / Fraud! They sell tours for the closed museums!

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I have purchased the Gray line tour called Florence Guided City Tour Full Day with Accademia and Uffizi Galleries: 4 Adult and it costed my family 600 CAN or so, but arriving to Florence our guide said this tour will be replaced with another 2 museums since Both Uffizzi and Accademia are closed on Mondays (our booking was for Monday)!!!.Gray Line knows very well that on Mondays the museums are closed and they put a mini fine print on their website in Read more.. section about the replacement. How can you replace an Eiffel Tower by a boat ride, Big Ben by the visit to a market? It is Fraud!! They take your money for a Ferrari and sell you a Fiat! Shame on them! These dishonest people did not want to block Mondays from booking to take your money. Fraud!!! They must be stopped!!

Mar 30, 2017

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