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Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege) / fire danger, metaphysical catastrophe, karmic problems and santo daime retreats

1 Pedragao, Portugal Review updated:

Gravito was badly damaged in a wildfire in June 2017 and tragically 64 people were killed in the locality. The surrounding area was seriously burned, gutted, villages destroyed and large scars remain on the land at Gravito Retreat Centre and around.

The fire was foreseen and in my opinion, as an expert in metaphysics, had underlying causes related to abuse of the astral powers that happen in Ayahuasca and Santo Daime retreats. That opinion is substantiated because I foresaw the fires.

In January 2017 I was threatened with murder by an associate of the Santo Daime Church and mocked online by a group of Daime people wanting to be powerful in Portugal for Ayahuasca. They claimed I could expect to be murdered, the police got involved, police reports GCLSA 37/17.0/1/2/3/4 and then the entire group and family became subject to police investigations for importation of the Santo Daime and for trafficking crimes. Big sacks of marijuana were found at another centre.

Gravito's role was to support The SANTO DAIME CHURCH despite the leader and others being arrested in 2011 and investigated by the Serious Crimes Dept in the UK. Cascais Daime people were also arrested in 2011 importing the sacred tea for Ayahuasca ceremonies, yet Gravito encouraged the Daime people to come to their land to smoke marijuana and to do Daime works.

Back to the fires. When I, as a police witness and testifier (after being told I would be murdered, killed, crippled or sent to hospital) and the wider Daime community began mocking me I foresaw many visions of fires, of retreat centres burning down, and deaths.

I wrote down the prophecies and on June 16th 2017 I felt a big disturbance of fire, I saw a retreat centre burning, the next day a big blue bolt of lightening came out of the clear blue sky and made fires, that heavily damaged GRAVITO RETREAT CENTRE.

I told everyone that abuse of the Ayahuasca and Santo Daime can cause fires but no-one believed, but the abuse and death threats continued, then I knew there was a fire curse on the land. Because I foresaw the fires, warned the centres, the Directors of the Daime Church as well as friends of Gravito with other centres including Earth Connection Portugal, Monte Mariposa, Sanctuary 1860, Caminho da Luz KAMBO operated by Andi Intl and Olly Perry.

The prophecies were put in writing and they were told to stop the Ayahuasca and Santo Daime ceremonies.

The response of the Daime Community was to make mockery, said I would be killed before the police could help, was a loser, was a rapist and pedophile, was imagining visions of fires.

In October 2017 other centres involved in mockery and death threats to me were impacted by a freak wildfire, in one day four centres were damaged or destroyed, as prophecized, killing 41 more people. It is because people abuse Ayahuasca and think I am making it up, and that Ayahuasca abuse cannot cause fires, but they were wrong.

Because all the centres had common demoninators, they were all involved heavily in a movement that mocked a Spiritual Mentor for fun and lent support to those involved in making death threats, including supplying Daime, or providing moral support to them, despite some facing prison and police investigations.

Worse, I saw more fires for 2018 and 2019, I saw in total 11 centres burning, including CAMINHO DA LUZ KAMBO in Portugal and Monte Mariposa, before, I foresaw 4 centres burn down, and they burned down.

The Santo Daime Church Directors would not cease supplying the ceremonies with Santo Daime, then the prophecized fires came on the day Adrian Freedman came to Portugal.

The Qualified Privilege is a defence for a legal claim which allows statements to be made to warn others of a harm or danger, in this case, the danger of fire. No-one in Portugal should go to any retreat centre for Ayahuasca or Santo Daime, because there is a fire curse burning down centres, all attempts to avert the foreseen fires have been unsuccessful. ]

A fire can also make a second visit to any centre, the ONLY way to avoid fire and loss of life is to STOP all Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Gravito have been told to stop immediately. Because a metaphysical catastrophe has been invoked for reasons that people do not understand, this I know, because I saw the fires come before they came, always the karmic factor is Santo Daime involvement and involvement in mockery toward me.

Forgiveness does not cancel the curse, I tried. I tried 20 methods or more to stop more fires coming, every few days, I see fire coming again and again, destroying more centres, coming again to centres already burned, something went wrong with Ayahuasca, Higher Powers were offended, now the ceremonies have to stop.

The cause is a karmic catastrophe invoked by threatening to murder a Spiritual Guru grounded in the Upper Astral with strong astral grounding, the energy of bad toward me goes back, there is no way to stop the karmic reactions.

The fires are a teacher in humility and respect for medicine, it is Gods way of telling people not to abuse Santo Daime.

Anyone planning to attend Ayahuasca or Santo Daime ceremony at these places during fire season should cancel, Monte Mariposa Tavira, Gravito Retreat Centre, Caminho da Luz Kambo Retreat Centre in the Estrela, prophecies have been made of fire, I hoped I was wrong, but the prophecies came true, I went to some of the places to heal the Earth, I could not remove the fire curse.

The cure is to leave the land fallow in terms of Ayahuasca Ceremonies.



Often attendees (and hosts/leaders) believe there is no consequence of 50-100 people purging out karmic vomit into the energy of a land, but in truth, it causes big problems for nature spirits, devas and the purity of the land, if this cleansing is not handled properly, and overseen by skilled and trained shamans. It is because such energy pollution attracts lower astral energies that degrade the land, and sow the seeds for a purifying fire.

This is an example of where metaphysical effects of Ayahuasca use (and its abuse) can have very serious and unfortunate consequences. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is little understood, because astral awareness can only be effectively integrated into one's being, if one has a strong grounding in respect, grounding, moral integrity, truth and humility (to the Higher Power).

It has been suggested Gravito plan more events, they have been told to stop, immediately, such events.

Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)
Gravito Retreat Centre Fire Safety Warnings (Qualified Privilege)

May 22, 2018

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  • Co
      22nd of May, 2018
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    These foreseen deaths and disasters can be explained as the karmic and metaphysical consequence of a 'tea works of death' that happened in January 2017 at Earth Connection Portugal, one individual named Johannes Maasland threatened to kill a Spiritual Guru, and put him in a wheelchair, whilst drunk, on Ayahuasca / Santo Daime dieta, and then the family rallied round to support him, just days later.

    They did what can only be described as a 'tea works of death', because this karma of threatening to kill a Spiritual Guru was concentrated and consecrated in a tea work, and many many black stones were made, and then shared around with the family members and friends, some of whom claimed that such a behaviour was good work for humanity, was advancing light-work in Portugal, and these individuals claimed they were ayahuasca experts and knew what they were doing, desiring to be number 1 in Portugal, for Ayahuasca.

    The founding father of their operations was Adrian Freedman, with a history for an arrest for the Daime in the UK, he was brought before Court on customs evasion charges and was told not to import the Daime again. So he just did it in Portugal instead, using centres like Gravito, that were happy to take the risk, even though in 2011 the Portuguese police arrested several members of the Church, importing many litres of tea.

    All of those who attended these tea works of death, and their friends in the Santo Daime, have now experienced catastrophic life-ruin, as foreseen, and the karma of wishing the death of a Spiritual Guru are magnified in such tea works and the black stones of karma are then inherited by attendees, and explains why many of them, are now ruined, because those who affirm death, clearly invoke karma.

    From the Santo Daime Catastrophe E-Book

    I spent many days and nights of my life gob-smacked and pondering in total and utter astonishment at how inexperienced souls, blinded by their egos and hooked into the Ayahuasca craze could have been so blind - not to see that this was a karmic bomb primed to blow up.

    Because just three days before in the Ayahuasca dieta (no alcohol) the death threats had occurred, the intentions and karmic blueprints of them were also taken into the tea works. Not only that, when I saw the family in response to being told, moved the retreat to his house and made a big deal online about how they were going to host it at his house (the only time they ever had) then I knew it would be bad.

    They believed death threats could just be ignored, that it did not matter that an Ayahuasca facilitator was in serious trouble and had committed one of the most serious karmic transgressions possible – and then taken that into the works, to share that karmic energy with others.

    To add to the catastrophe, many of the attendees were family, so there were strong cords to each other, that made the karma of death generated – shared around. They did not have the awareness or experience to know what they were doing, otherwise the works would never have gone ahead.

    They did what can only be described as a 'tea works of death', because this karma of threatening to kill a Spiritual Guru was concentrated and consecrated in a tea work, many karmic black stones were made and then metaphysically shared around with the family members and friends who attended.

    Some of whom believed they were Ayahuasca experts and knew what they were doing.

    In my awareness, once this tea work was happening, in another part of the country, suddenly I perceived in the astral thousands and thousands of black stones being made and then one almighty big lower astral bang / disturbance.

    Then in the ethers of the land, a black liquid substance is spilling through the ley-lines, polluting everything, many smaller lower astral curses – I see burning temples, houses, Ayahuasca spaces, people running from the flames, I see demonic visions, skulls, skeletons, lower astral bardo realms, all of it - and one almighty disturbance.

    Something is invoked in the Upper Astral Worlds, some beings are extremely agitated, I see a thunderbolt striking the Lower Astral from the Upper – planting an amulet-looking device into the leys. It seems strangely metallic in the ethers of the land, some kind of a blocking device, sealing off the upper tendrils of the leys from the deeper core of the Earth, in essence severing the ‘Earth Connection’ that the facilitators had.

    Then straight away I know the land is cursed, the karma of threatening to kill the Spiritual Guru, has caused Higher Beings to intervene, to sow the seeds to stop the ceremonies and ultimately to make fires. Only later did I see this ‘device’ stuck in the leys as some irremovable ‘Fire Curse’ that would cause many retreat centres to be burned down and to force all the families involved off the land.

    But whatever they did that night, was bad, very bad.

    It took many months for the karma to play out, but that night, the die was cast, the energy of death was affirmed and concentrated into a work, seeing the energy of the tea work in the astral manifested as a group of people gathering round the altar and being splattered by very dark lower astral ‘dark mud’ riddled with astral entities, energies of sickness and death, riddled with curses.

    In that work, the death threats and those intentions were amplified thousands of times, invoking astral forces to intervene, and blasting out the karma of death into all the other attendees. If the karmic load is so great, the karmic reaction is shared with others in the community, explaining why centres not directly involved in the abuse, also were affected by fire, but it might be Gravito insulted the Guru also, that has yet to be established.

    Alexandra Akat went back to Hawaii after refusing to apologize for her role in helping out to abuse the Guru, claiming he was mentally ill. She was served with a Euro 100, 000 lawsuit notice, as was Earth Connection Portugal, both in August 2017. The response of the family was to threaten to kill the Plaintiff, the police got involved, and then weeks later, both parties, lost Euro 100, 000 or more because their houses burnt down and their Ayahuasca ceremonies were stopped. Neither were insured.

    The Guru had many visions of the houses burning down, and in October 2017, both houses were destroyed in a fire, losses of Euro 250, 000 were made, they claimed the Guru was a loser but then they invoked loss, life changing loss.

    Karma made a house call and burnt down Attila Akats house named The Sanctuary 1860 as prophecized. He did not insure the house, his people insulted a Guru in response to a Euro 100, 000 lawsuit, and then did more malicious defamation including death threats, and then, his house burnt down and he lost a six figure sum.

    They wanted to be famous for Ayahuasca in Portugal, but God intervened to stop them.

    A supporting party to the abuse was Olly Perry and Andi Intl, they lent support to The Sanctuary 1860, the fire came there as well, 40 miles from Earth Connection Portugal, which is 10 miles from The Sanctuary 1860, the fire took them all, the same day, sparing houses in between, in some places the day after children were playing in unburnt houses just down the road, untouched, as if Higher Forces had singled out the places for destruction.

    At this stage it is averred Gravito Retreat Centre burned down as the karmic reaction was so great, many centres had to be lost, to repay the karmic debt, so that the Guru's humanitarian endeavours for the Amazon would not be compromised, the work of Spiritual Guru's is sacrosanct.

    Those who are less ethical or have more karma, make sacrifices for the greater good, they serve humanity this way, and thus atone for karma.

    It is also because a wider community that offends the wiser ones have to forfeit their abundance and start again, that is the way of karma.

  • Up
      26th of May, 2018
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    As an update, as a police witness to a drug trafficking trial in Portugal, I have been invited to testify in Tribunal about serious death threats and threats of violence by individuals dealing in marijuana at Gravito with their blessing in 2014 and with the blessing of Santo Daime Church leader ADRIAN FREEDMAN, with a criminal history for importing the Santo Daime.

    It was explained because of the seriousness of the case, including threats to murder a police witness before the police could help, the prosecutors made special arrangements at the Court House to secure safety, including armed police.

    The individual named Johannes Maasland was caught with 14 kilos of marijuana, as in the picture.

    It shows that Gravito are happy to condone substance dealing on their land, the marijuana was destined for multiple retreats across Portugal, Gravito refused to confirm they have ceased such retreats with the Daime, and marijuana, ran by Adrian Freedman as well as Shobha and Miguel and have said nothing about the concerns.

    The suppliers of the marijuana pictured face up to 12 years in prison, a hefty damages bill, and perhaps extra time for threatening the police witness, they also lost everything in a fire, also prophecized.

    The response of the Daime community was to support the death threats, a matter that has caused the prosecutors to request an interview into Santo Daime importation in Portugal, with a view to banning the substance.

    GRAVITO knew of the illegality of Daime and cannabis cultivation and distribution, but were happy to be involved with such individuals, and there is evidende they were also involved in the movement after a forced data disclosure by the Data Commissioner, debunking the idea the witness was a liar.

    The response of the leader of the Daime, Adrian Freedman, showed no interest in ceasing his retreats, there is evidence also that suggests perhaps Miguel of Gravito was involved with another centre, that also burned down as prophecized, a centre involved also in the trafficking, they are under police investigation also.

    Police now know that Gravito is a place to raid for dealers in illicit substances.

    Here is a picture of the cannabis that police found at the house of the supplier of the cannabis to all the Daime retreats, an embarassing matter for all the retreat centres and the Santo Daime Church, who believed they were immune to law and could do what they liked here. But, prison is inevitable, especially when members of the group conspire to murder a witness and boldy claim the fact on the internet, poking fun and disgusting abuse at the witness.

    Karma taught them a lesson and the entire community in the Daime experienced serious misfortune, many prophecied fires destroying retreat centres, police raids, lawsuits, PR problems, business collapses and general shame and dishonour, as well as being exposed as a group riddled with abuse, criminal behaviour and contempt for the police, for the Courts, for law, for life and for spiritual awareness.

    The moral of the story for those who allow their centres to be used for such dealing activities eventually get raided, especially when those involved claim they never will, or the police have no right to come on their land.

    Gravito have not yet showed any interest in condemning the behaviour.

  • Mo
      10th of Jun, 2018
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    Dear Spiritual Master Free Spirit,

    We unconditionally and unreservedly apologize for implying that you started the fires in Portugal, that killed 64 people, in June 2017.

    We used the F word in an email to you, and as employees of a spiritual retreat centre, we accept that insulting a Spiritual Master in this way is tasteless and disrespectful, and for that, we apologize.

    We also said you had personal problems (implying it was for that reason, you had been threatened with violence or death) and we take back those words also.

    We then deleted the emails so that the owner would not see the insults.

    Our response and comments were unprofessional, and for that, we take full responsibility.

    Monte Mariposa Retreat Centre
    Tavira, Portugal

    Formal apology letter attached

  • Up
      13th of Jun, 2018
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    As an update to the matter, a member of the Santo Daime Church threatened to enter the house of a police witness and to dispose of him. The Directors of the Eternal Heart Centre, of which Nancy Swinnen, Clare Mulligan and Adrian Freedman are Directors of

    showed no interest in taking any responsibility for their roles, which include:-

    -Supporting organizers and retreat centres to criminally harass a police witness

    -Sharing private date about the witness with others and then supporting them to impersonate officials, and then helping the persons involved to lie about it, and then continuing to use those individuals to arrange Santo Daime Retreats in Portugal

    -Promoting a culture of moral, social and ethical irresponsibility, and lending support to those who import substances across international borders illegally, and then collecting donations to help them to avoid prison.

    -Ignoring fire safety warnings and warnings to stop their works, which resulted in a spate of fatal fires that killed 100 people and laid waste to several retreat centres, forcing many Santo Daime brothers and sisters off their land, leaving them with nothing.

    -Condoning criminal harassment and death threats against police witnesses, malicious and criminal defamation, and mockery.

    -Administering substances to children and babies and then labelling the police witness to such actions, a homosexual peodophile, sick, evil and twisted.

    -Giving Santo Daime to people to set up retreat centres, people with criminal records, alcohol and abuse problems, to those willing to produce large amounts of cannabis for Santo Daime retreats.

    -Promoting cannabis use against the wishes of the founding father.

    -Providing moral support and friendship to those involved in criminal activities, in essence, giving them the green light to threaten people with murder, violence, and other forms of serious harm, to life and body, in the interests of advancing the Santo Daime.

    -Avoiding payment for legal damages, and channelling money to friends in Brazil, to send more Daime to Portugal under the radar, in ways to avoid police and customs detection, with full knowledge the substance is prohibited to import into Portugal.

    -Involvement with individuals who thought it was a good idea to stick their fingers up at a Spiritual Guru, and make mockery, as a game, which then went badly wrong.

    -Many in Nancy and Adrian's extended Santo Daime family were involved in harassment of criminal trial witnesses, making threats to murder, and forcing a witness to move at his expense to ensure the safety of his family. The response of the Directors was to not apologize, and to find others to send messages to him, claiming he would be defamed as a person of an evil mind.

    Suffice to say, the offences to the Spiritual Guru who warned the Santo Daime Group not to abuse the Santo Daime and to clean up their act, are perhaps the most severe in the higher order of morality, those who offend such individuals for the sake of their egos or the interests of criminal behaviour, or their own immoral interests, attract karmic suffering. The Directors were told as such, and took no steps to clean up their act, instead, some of their documented associates started to abuse the Guru, labelling him evil, a peodophile, sick, and twisted, claiming he was imagining prophecies of fire.

    The apparent and somewhat self-evident acts of Divine Retribution for serious and wilful abuse of the Spiritual Guru was swift.

    Six centres involved in Santo Daime were destroyed in prophecized firestorms, laying waste to an intended power base of Ayahuasca in Portugal, set up by brothers and sisters in the Daime, and helped by the Directors. The prophecies are documented for the record here

    100 people died in the fires and brothers and sisters in the Daime lost many things, their homes, their legal standings, after being raided by the police, the collective loss was over a million euros. Police found Euro 100, 000 worth of cannabis at one of the centres founded by Mr Freedman in 2014, several other centres were burned in October 2017 simultaneously, as prophecized. Several extended families were wiped out by karmic reactions, after claiming to be wise in the Ayahuasca, but all there is left of their efforts, are blackened retreat centres, burnt to nothing, and Ayahuasca (and cannabis farms) destroyed. Many had no insurance, others entered he criminal justice system, some were booked for criminal harassement and threats to murder witnesses, others were raided for other substances and face long prison time.

    The general response from the Santo Daime group in the UK and Portugal was to turn on the Spiritual Guru, as if it was all his fault, threatening to murder him, an act that sparked off Acts of God, invoking further destructive fires. Those disclosures come under qualified privilege, as the Guru foresaw in June 2018 a lightning strike would destroy a temple and cause fatalities, his previous prophecies came true.

    A deeper explanation is provided in a freely available E-Book entitled The Santo Daime Catastrophe which can be found online.

    It explains what happened to a Santo Daime group that turned on the Guru, and how an action spoiled their practice and caused several fires and the deaths of 100 people, because of the abuse of the Holy Sacrament. It shares what happened when the group turned on the Guru, and explain why fires so often destroy spiritual sanctuaries involved in the Santo Daime.

    The group in 2011 discouraged people to share their revelations about the Santo Daime, but a video series can be found online called The Santo Daime Revelations, expanding upon various aspects of Daime practice, good and bad, pointing out the unknown but serious dangers that can occur when the intentions are wrong, uploaded by the one threatened with murder by the Daime group.

    The deeper problem is the fact the group believe they can violate trafficking laws, in the name of religion, and threaten to kill people, or other violent acts, to advance their practice. but several countries have banned the substance and forbid its importation, a judge told the Santo Daime in Ireland that they make their own laws, but that the law of the land, prevails. They lost the right to import there.

    It is forbidden in Portugal, but the group came here after several arrests in the UK, which resulted in prohibition. Many came to Portugal, with the blessing of several retreat centres and the Directors to start cannabis farms and new centres, using people who were willing to import substances across international borders and take chances.

    It is fair to say that threatening to kill the Spiritual Guru, an Ayahuasca expert, as well as an expert in metaphysics, astral forces, ethics and the dynamics of the human ego, was a serious mistake that has closed their works in Portugal.

    Several recommendations were ignored in 2014, 15 and 17, that could have averted the disaster, but they were in their egos and thought they knew better and that making fun of the Spiritual Guru was wise, but now 100 people are dead as he foresaw, several are in prison on trafficking charges, the police are investigating the Santo Daime throughout Portugal, families have been torn apart by karma, having lost everything and forced off the land by fires, now their works are CLOSED.

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