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I have ordered a graphic for my daughters computer to play a certain the sims 3. When I called Hp up to assist me, which they are the one who took my order. They told me what
card I needed to get and charged my N.J. debit card. I received the product from rite2u
and called hp to assist me to install the card. I am not a technician and I tried. So then I found out it was not suitable for my computer. I called hp back and they gave me a phone to call Rite2u. I tried for three days all I get is a recording telling me that they are opened between 8:30 and 5P.m. Also telling me that they are on the phone and will call me back.
I have emailed I have called them and left both my home phone and cell phone number.
No one has contacted me. All I want is my money back. Which is $159.00
I am a single parent and this money is a lot for me to loose. I want satisfaction Would you
please help me with this matter. I don't know what else to do. For further assistance feel
free to call me at Home phone [protected] cell [protected] name Angela Selby


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      Oct 10, 2009

    you can call the attorney general in your state and make an offical mail fraud complaint..this is a federal offense since your purchase was mailed to you...that makes it federal!you may even have more rights since you live in a different state then the company who ripped you off.don't give up; ask the attorney general when you should call back..take down names, time you called; tape record if you shouldn't be against the law to prove to the attorney general that A FRAUD has happened.DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!the other name of this company is digital imaging store... same phone # and i am sure that they will keep running, but they can be traced by ph#, past company's name, post office..there are many ways to find them...skip tracing.they SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS..see if you can gather other peoples information who has also been ripped off by these people. you can contact me at [protected] i am more than happy to help.brian [protected]

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