Grantsfor Citizenscredit card fraud


This is a total fraud. I went to their website and looked at it, did not sign up for their service, and then received a charge of $39.95 for something I NEVER used. I also started calling at 8a.m. and did not actually get to speak to a real person until 3p.m. - after hours of Indian music and being hung up on numerous times. I certainly hope there will be no more charges on my bank account from this crazy website...also, I have noticed some international fees being charged to my account, which I have never been charged before. I also had to go through cancelling my credit card with my bank to ensure no additional charges are added to my card. These people are NOT ethical.

I am pretty sure they are located in a foreign country as I was unable to speak to a live person until 3p.m. my time. The music sounded foreign, and the two people I spoke to did not speak very fluent English. It is very interested that whenever you purchase something online, this sort of thing happens.

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