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I was excited in getting info about grants. They advertised receiving CD for $1.95 S/H and if I liked the program, I would be billed $54.00 within in the next 3 months. Needless to say, all of a sudden my bank started sending me NSF paper work where they had gone ahead and taken this out of my checking account 3 months early.

This has really upset me because not only am I trying to cover the NSF checks but I lost $54.00 also in the deal!!! Not too good of a deal, Huh??? I have tried calling and I keep getting a really weird recording which (I must admit) is kinda funny. When the recording answers, they say 'Hello, if you would like to hang up press 1.' That is all they say - I swear.

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  • La
      30th of Dec, 2008

    You can get the same info they are scamming you with from the Government for FREE!

    They count on people just like you who do not bother to research things first.

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  • La
      19th of Mar, 2009

    signed up for this not knowing that they'd charge me $94 and now i want my $ back.NOW!!!

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  • Ji
      20th of Mar, 2009
    Grants For You - site didn't work, cancelled and they still charged 94.89 to my credit card
    Jill Dahlquist
    United States

    I read the fine print of the terms and conditions and saw that if you do not cancel the "free" trial within 5 days, they will charge you 94.89 and not reimburse you. Very different from what is advertised on the site...But I signed up, went to the site, and there are many things wrong with the site, I couldn't use it, the links did not work. I immediately contacted them, did not get an answer so I canceled the program on the 5th day. They evidently processed this request after the 7th day, and still charged me the 94.89 on my credit card. When I demanded a refund, they refused, saying that I then had to try the site for 88 days per the terms and conditions..which means that I will still be charged for the 94.89. This system is set up to get 94.89 from as many unsuspecting people as possible. Do not try this product under any circumstances. Anyone planning a class action to shut these people down?? Anyone have a FTC contact ??

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  • Ma
      24th of Jun, 2009
    Grants For You - site didn't work, cancelled and they still charged 94.89 to my credit card
    New Mexico
    United States
    Phone: 575 779-3250

    Have been billed $58.61 twice to debit card w/o prior notice. Thought only one-time $1.95. Did not receive the CD.

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