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In May of this year, I landed on Grants for Citizens website and ordered their "Free" Grants for Citizens information. I was asked for my credit card number because they were going to charge a fee for shipping. In June I received my MasterCard statement and saw that I was charged three amounts: $1.95, $39.95 and $39.95. Needless to say, I called my bank immediately to let them know that these charges were incorrect.

My bank instructed me to contact the merchant directly and so I did. First, their 800 telephone lines are awful, with outrageous wait time. There is no customer service at [protected].

It took me several days, calling at different times, to get through. On June 2, I succeeded in getting through a speaking with "Jason". I explained that the charges were incorrect. After 40 minutes on the line, he admitted that I was charged twice - $39.95 incorrectly. Meanwhile, I asked why the charge if I was to have been provided a "FREE" item, etc. and he explained that as soon as I received the DVD I was given access to a website hence, the monthly $39.95 charge.

I then explained that I had not received my kit and that technically, I should not have been charged for anything. He told me that there were "Terms and Conditions" when I signed on for the kit and that was that. I asked for a supervisor's name and number and even requested an address. I wanted to formally complain about it.

Today, I received an upsetting email from my bank (three in fact) pertaining to the three charges indicating that I was responsible for paying the three charges. I responded to them and decided to contact again Grants for Citizens. I was unable to reach them by phone and supposedly had a conversation (on line) with "BARBARA". Dialogue follows:
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Barbara'
Barbara: I hope you have had an excellent day. How can I assist you?
you: Hi, Barbara. I would like to write to someone (a real letter) where can I mail it? need an actual address.
Barbara: Can you kindly let me know the name and email address you used when ordering our program?
you: Sonia Green, [protected]
Barbara: Please allow me few moments, while I locate your transaction.
Barbara: To whom you want to write a letter?
Barbara: Could you please explain in detail?
you: I would like to write to you President, Robert Miller
Barbara: Please contact our phone support ion order to get address.
Barbara: You can always call customer support, 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling toll-free # [protected]
Barbara: In**
you: I've already done that and it was useless. I believe the best thing for me to do at this stage is to write things down and communicate via that avenue.
Barbara: Sorry, we are not authorized to provide mailing address due to security reason.
Barbara: I would like to inform you that your all subscription has already been cancelled and monthly subscriptions charged are refunded.
you: that's the point, the bank is still charging me $1.95, $39.95, $39.95. I told the rep that I could not believe the later charges, because I never received the DVD. That's why I cancelled and requested my account to be closed. Meanwhile these charges are still pending with my bank.
Barbara: Please hold for a moment
you: As I said to "Jason" on 6/2, surely you have a way of knowing if someone validated their product. You will see that I never did. It's been so upseting dealing with your firm.
Barbara: Yes, you are right.
Barbara: You were charged $39.95 twice.
Barbara: And we have already refunded $39.95 from that which was charged mistakenly.
you: That is not the point. I never received the initial, so called DVD.
Barbara: May I have your full mailing address please?
you: 12735 NW 18th Court, Coral Springs, FL
Barbara: Thanks.
Barbara: Please hold for a moment
you: Please, all I want is to rectify this. I want my account to be credited appropriately. I don't want to hear again, that you mailed it to that address. I did not get it. I don't know what it looks like, but I suspect I would recognize it.
Barbara: Ok, we are again sending your kit to your mailing address.
Barbara: Would that be ok?
you: This will not be the first time that something gets lost in the mail.
you: No, I do not want it. You will charge me a ridiculous amount again. I want nothing to do with your firm.
Barbara: No, your all subscriptions has already been cancelled.
Barbara: So, you will not be charged any further from us.
you: Forgive me, but I have not had a good experience with your organization. Please, do not send me anything. And, please have my account credited. That is all I ask.
Barbara: We have already refunded your $39.95 back to your account.
you: No, you need to refund the other $39.95, you charged me twice, in addition to the $1.95.
Barbara: As per the Terms and Conditions that you indicated that you had read and agreed to at the time of purchase, the past charges are non-refundable since there’s no way for us to tell whether or not the service has been accessed.
Barbara: You could access the information online just after you did subscribed for our service.
you: This is unacceptable, I'm telling you that I did not get the kit. Don't tell me that you cannot tell if someone access information.
Barbara: You could access the information online from your member's area just after you did subscribe for our service.
you: I don't want to subscribe. I repeat - I have not received the kit, hence should not pay for shipping for any of the two $39.95 charges.
Barbara: Whatever the kit contain, all the information is available online.
Barbara: We are providing you with the online member's area so that you can easily access and review the product within the trial period.
you: Again, I'm spending way to much time trying to fix this situation. I will report your organization and post my experience in various websites.


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      Oct 14, 2009

    I have had the exact same problem only it took much longer for me to actually get someone on the phone. As with you, I never received the "kit" and was not only charged for that but three other services that I 'could have cancelled within 3 days'. Of course hard to cancel when you don't receive the information. Symphathize completely

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