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Be very careful! I had to dig into their "Terms and Conditions" to find any information at all on the location of this one - they are in Nicosia, Cyprus - not in U.S. at all. This is just like all the other Government Grant-type scams. Just pay $1.95 shipping for "free kit"... right...

AND, they are linked to a "Rent-to-Own Real Estate Broker" - Real Freedom For You LLC, whose advertising and website force you to this "Grant" site.

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  • Jd
      Jul 09, 2009

    I think all you sad pathetic people who dont have the ability to look at what you did are sick.
    This is what is wrong with America today. You sign up for something and dont have the ability to read what you are agreeing too, then you blame the company for your bank account going into the negative.
    It is your own stupid fault... I hope you all know how to read. YOU CRAZY PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES OF YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!

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  • Pe
      Jul 20, 2009
    Grants For Citizens - unauthorized debit/credit
    50 million waiting
    45 O Conner Street
    Phone: [protected]

    Here is all the information you need to report this to the better business bureau, do it the more complaints they get they better of a chance of getting some of our money returned to us!!! This all can be done on line, took me all of 10 minutes. Everyone who has been ripped off should get involved.

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  • Re
      Jul 23, 2009
    United States


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  • Me
      Jul 24, 2009
    Grants For Citizens - did not order or complete and they called me
    United States

    I went to the web site and I started to fill out the information but then I went to the bottom of all web site on the first page, and it has the little things the bottom like this one does Privacy Policy and other different items; it gives the fine detail about reacurring billing and the amount and I was thinking about how many people don't read the fine print and because I was have learn to do this cause of a Criminal Justice Degree PLEASE EVERYONE START AWAYS CHECK those little boxes and read the fine print if not just open it up and scan down and start looking for a money amount so we can put a stop to there scrams; and also call each credit card company and see if you can make it that no reacurring charge can be put on your card without your approvement and a password you set up. Just today Michelle Miller from Grants for Citizens called and wanted to know if I had gone to the site several weeks ago and I said yes but when I open the bottom link I saw there would be a reacurring fee on a credit card; If I would I had given it I wouldn't and she said it is only a couple of dollers I said I know but I don't want you all to have my credit card number, I am on social sercuity diability and I do not need no more expenses. If I want to get information on grants I will (then go to home) cause I have this marked in favorites menu

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  • Dl
      Aug 12, 2009
    Grants For Citizens - stealing money out off bank accounts
    david w. long
    United States

    grants for citizens refuse to close my account after I call and told them I didn't want it because they didn't follow their own promise, and I couldn't even log on their website.Then they charged me for a second month and told me there was nothing They could do about it and I was not getting my money they took back.I finally got a conformation number that they closed the account after they got 81.00dollars for my trouble.They are one of the biggest frauds going on taking peoples money who are trying to get help in this troubled times.They are no better than the big corps. that are spending our tax dollars to have a good time.

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