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GrantMoney4You / It is a scam

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Found the website, it is designed just like gglprofit, easysearch, and several other unauthorized charges that have appeared on my statements the past few weeks. When you look at the terms they say you have to call the number that was emailed to you when you signed up for a service. Problem is, NEVER GOT ANY SUCH EMAIL! There is no contact info to reach this company that I can find yet. WHAT A SCAM!

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  • Ma
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    GrantMoney4You - SCAM
    United States

    I bought a $2.99 CD and now this is the 4th company to charge my account with out my authorization. What a scam.

  • Tr
      16th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yea well how about you stop trying to scam people by hiding ### like this in Terms and conditions this is bad business. Where is your office located? I would like to come in and have a visit..

  • Sm
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    This company is a complete scam. It made unauthorized charges on my debit card and when I called the accompanying 800 number (1-800-454-4965), a rep and her "supervisor" refused to even provide the name of the company. They claimed I had purchased a series of "get rich" CDs from "Google" or "Google Finance" or "Google Marketing" (it kept changing), which of course I hadn't. They also said they were going to charge me monthly for the program. But aside from my debit-card number, they could provide no information on me: not my address, my email, my phone number, nothing.

    When I asked specifically where I had supposedly placed this order, the representative gave me a bogus web address with "Google's" in the name. I told her it was bogus and so she offered a second bogus address, this time unrelated to Google. This is obviously a scam, surely illegal, using credit and debit-card numbers acquired from who knows where. And it obviously has nothing to do with Google.

    The "helpful agents" of whom the guy above speaks are scam artists. They won't even provide their company's name or address.

  • We
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I called the number above and after speaking with a customer service rep who could not find my account by my name, zip code or partial credit card number (hoping that one doesn't come back to bite me), I was put through to a supervisor who said since my charge was still pending, they would refund it after it went through. We'll see how that goes.

  • Ia
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    I called and canceled everything with the company and then i still got a charge from the grant program thing. I have all the confirmation numbers that they gave me that i did cancel it and it shows in there system and they say they didn't make any other charges on my account. So we will see tomorrow.

  • Je
      5th of Sep, 2009
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    You can call and cancel... I just did. If you don't have your confirmation #, tell them your e-mail address and/or your home address, or whatever info they may need to find your account.

    Here is their contact info, from their "Condition of Terms" section.

    Grants4you: 1-888-216-8692.
    Contact Us
    If you have any questions regarding this statement, or would like more information on our terms and conditions, please contact us by by writing to Xcel Processing, Inc., 2633 Lincoln Blvd, #1900, Santa Monica, CA 90405, Attn: Customer Service Manager or by phone M-F 9 AM - 9 PM EST at 1-888-216-8692.

  • Mz
      5th of Sep, 2009
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    Yes call the number from the posting above and i recommend asking to speak to a supervisor. the person i spoke to was trying to send me in circles trying to explain the terms and trying to "sell" me the rest of the programs - yes most likely your "account" will have at least 1 more program that will be charged to your account next month. I asked to immediately speak to a supervisor and was actually surprised to speak to someone who helped me out. BE SURE TO CANCEL ALL FUTURE TRANSACTIONS WITH THIS COMPANY OR EXPECT TO HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN NEXT MONTH. this is the second time i have had to do this - finally this time i got a confirmation number that would ensure the cancelation of my account. i did ask them to remove all information from their system and they say they could not actually delete anything. suspicious to me - i think they keep all info for spam purposes, but he ensured me there will be no more "activity" on my account

  • Je
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    I also was a victim of this scam and I had to cancel my credit card. But also I called and cancelled with "Grantmoney4you". I had unauthorized charges on my credit card under grantmoney4you, moneyhelp and fedgrantusa of $7.95 and also office agendacom and networkaendacom of $9.95. They both are ###ing scam businesses. It started when I purchased the google profit of $2.29 on June and since then they have been charging my credit card. Be aware and alert and cancel all of it.

    Grantmoney4you, moneyhelp and fedgrantusa are all under same company and their customer service number is 1 888-216-8692. If you call and cancel with grantmoney4you also moneyhelp and fedgrantusa are cancelled according to them but be sure to ask them.
    Networkaendacom and Officeagendacom they both are same company and their customer service number is 800-418-9320 or 877-673-8173.
    Go ahead and cancel the service even if you didn't purchase any product through them just to avoid any future charges. I curse the people whoever is behind these that they rot in hell and that never find happiness in their messing with people's hardearned money. You will all pay for it sooner or later. I curse whoever is behind these hideous scams. May you rot in hell.

  • On
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    If you have received a charge from GrantMoney4You, it is most likely associated with the order of one of our promotional Grant or Google CD's or a CD download and I apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the services you've been receiving from our company. There are no commitments with the free product however, there are bonus free trial periods to membership websites that accompany the free CD and we do our best to disclose this as it is stated several times throughout the ordering process - on the sales page, the order page, the confirmation page and in the thank you email. It is then also explained in the first paragraph of the Terms and Conditions of the offer. We offer the trial periods to give our clients a chance to use the services and see the value of them for themselves before they are billed. The trial periods are free for 7-30 days from the order date depending on which bonuses apply and we would not have charged you had you called customer service and canceled during the trial period as it is not our desire to bill clients who do not want the membership after the free trial offer ends.

    The following is the first paragraph of the Terms and Conditions of the offer (the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy links can be found on every page of the sales ad):

    Bonus Material Terms and Termination.
    By purchasing this product, you agree to adhere to the termination agreement as outlined on the order page, confirmation of order page, and confirmation email, which is that you, the buyer, are not entitled to a refund of the upfront cost of any shipping and handling that may or may not have been charged to you for delivery of said product. Furthermore, any free trials that may or may not be offered with this product are only free during the said allotted time of the free trial period as outlined within the product sales page, confirmation of order page, and confirmation email. If you have not cancelled the free bonus within the free trial period (if offered on product purchasing), you are agreeing to purchase the bonus material and/or service at a monthly reoccurring cost. This can be cancelled by calling the customer service number provided in the confirmation email between the hours of 9AM and 9PM EST M-F and stating your desire to cancel said bonus material. However, in order to not be charged any future reoccurring cost, please give ample time (2 business days) to be cancelled out of any reoccurring billing system before the next scheduled charge to your account (this does not apply during any trial period). Not canceling trial programs constitutes authorization, by you, the buyer, for any charges (as outlined) for the associated bonus service until your request to cancel has been received by our customer service staff. By not canceling the bonus program during the trial period or prior to two days before a scheduled billing cycle, you agree that any reoccurring charges billed to you will be non-refundable.

    As you can see the Terms direct the customer to the sales page, confirmation of order page and the confirmation email where all pertinent information is provided to the customer before, during and after placing their order.

    To address the concerns posted by smsfca10 that a rep and her supervisor "refused to even provide the name of the company" - the reason for this is we are a private company who provides customer service for a variety of online programs, and because we are a private company, we do not disclose our company's name. It is also our policy to verify information submitted with an order, but not to reveal it... this is to verify we are addressing the correct account and to ensure we are not disclosing information to the wrong person(s). Also, the only way we are able to process charges is by having the complete credit card #, expiration date and security verification # submitted with an order - we are not randomly "using credit and debit-card numbers acquired from who knows where". If you are not the person who placed the order for the CD, we take Fraud very seriously - when Fraud is perpetrated against any customer, it is also perpetrated against us and we are very willing to help whom ever has had any difficulties in this manner associated with our company. If you did not place this order, whatever information is captured at the time the order was placed can be provided to law enforcement should you choose to pursue legal action.

    For customer service you may call 1 888-216-8692 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and they will be happy to assist you.

    If you are another customer that is reading this and you have already tried customer service, but feel that we have failed you in some way or you feel you weren't treated fairly please call me directly at 435-773-1795, or email me at, I will be happy to address your concerns ASAP.

    Online Customer Support

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