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grantline pro cd / unauthorized withdrawal of my debit card

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i paid 1.97 for a grant cd now they are trying to charge my debit card 59.95 without my authorization i expect all my money back it has already affected my account with insufficient funds my bank is filing a fraud charge against them

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  • Fl
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    Grant Line Pro is a scam. I paid 1.97 to start out the program and get the CD. I was never able to access the website. My Cd came today and the disk was unreadable by my computer and I still could not log in. Thank god I used a pre-paid card with no money on it, because when I called for Tech support they said my 7-day trial was up, and they are due 59.99! When I asked for a reset, so I could start over and actually get my 7-day free trial, they just up and cancelled the account, and said, "You will be unable to access the site, and I have cancelled the account, you will not be due any additional funds."

    So I'm out the $2 and lesson learned. Use a pre-pay card for anything online that seems skeezy, and only load it up with the amount you EXPECT to pay ($2.00 in this instance) and then there's no way anyone can overcharge you. They quick way they snapped to and cancelled the account instead of trying to work out my issue says they do this sort of thing as due course for everyday business and therefore, quite a scam. If they get a guaranteed $2 and maybe $60 from everyone they involve in the scam (and simply deny access to the website) then no wonder they cancelled me so quick. Take my broke-### $2 and run!

  • Ka
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    Grant Line Pro is misleading and very dishonest. I requested a 'free' CD that they would ship in a day or two for $1.97. I was charged the 1.97 and another charge for abt $4 so I called them to inquire about it. I found out about the $59 per month charge so I promptly cancelled my 'so-called' Grant Line Pro membership and told them I wasn't interested in them for the way they conducted their business.

    Going through my bank statements since Jan 2009, when I requested my CD, I've found eroneous charges on my bank account from Residual Savings for $14 per month. I called them directly and was informed they received my info from Grant Line Pro. I advised them I never requested their service, I never used it and that I wanted them to cancel whatever they had on me. I was refunded the two payments within the week.

    Today, 3/20 I saw another charge for $29.95 from Domain Processing. I couldn't get through to them so I called Grant Line Pro while holding (20 min) on another phone. Grant Line Pro said they do not do business with Domain Processing and they "would never give out my personal information, that is illegal!!" So I made sure everything had been cancelled with them on my credit card as Domain Processing anwered on the other line. Here's the scoop: Domain Pro is another website where my personal info was given by Grant Line Pro!!! I explained my situation with them and they have agreed to cancel a 'so-called' account that I never even knew I had!

    Lesson learned: never ever, ever open email provided in junk mail filters!! Never ever do business with a company you haven't done business with in the past without first completely checking the company out perhaps through Google. Through these soft economic times companies are out to scam you and take advantage of you! That's a fact in this case since they weren't up front by disclosing their practices. Along with the fact that the two referenced companies didn't even send a welcome package or email detailing the services they provide or the costs associated with the 'so-called' membership. I wonder how many people are paying for a service they don't know they have!!!

  • Ct
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I recieved an email from this company after visiting various help wanted ads. I had been laid off from work and the idea of getting a grant was appealing to me. This web sight said if you had been laid off you could possibly get a gov grant for anything from saving your home from forclosure, going back to school or even getting your car fixed. So I looked into it, figured it couldn't hurt. After giving my info, name address phone # and birth date they said I qualified for a FREE CD, just pay shipping. I submitted my account info to pay the shipping and was automattically transferred to another page which told me I didn't qualify for the cd, but they wanted to automatically draft my account 50 plus a month.
    I called the number provided at the bottom of the page. They didn't have any info on me. That's funny. I just gave you everything and you don't have any information on me. You have my checking account info. It was obvious I was being lied to so I called the Police, the Better Business Burea and my bank. I began monitoring my account very closley and I called them back and dared them to take anything from my account. They haven't yet, but that's because I became too loud too quickly. I still have an ongoing complaint with the BBB concerning these people for what is called a 'Bait and Switch Operation and false advertisement." I don't intend to stop until the problem is appropreatly addressed. They still claim they don't have any info on me and maybe they don't, but this type of operation should not be tolerated by we the consumers and I invite all who have had any misdealings with these people to come on board and register you complaint with the BBB and lets put them out of business so other scam artist will know they cannot get away with this type of garbage.
    During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina some low life ### was on the street trying to sell water for 10 bucks a bottle. It's obvious this ### went to Utah after they were run out of town by the Cajuns. Now they're taking advantage of the economic crisis by trying to scam people like me who have been laid off by offering deals that are too good to be true. It's up to us to put a stop to this low life and their disgraceful ways.

  • Ti
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    i used a prepaid card to get the cd i paid $1.97, and today i got an email from my prepaid account and it shows that grant line pro took out another $8.00. I couldnt log into the website either it doesnt do anything. Im so glad I used a prepaid card because there is no money on it. theres gotta be a real wedsite to get a gov. grants.

  • Ji
      30th of May, 2009
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    Their add does not plainly state that they will be charging $63.70 per month. They did promptly refund one of the two monthly charges that were made before I canceled. I called and talked to Tyson today who refused to refund the other $63.70. Expensive lesson learned. I am reporting them to the BBB as well as attempting to get a refund through my bank. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. Tyson was rude and placed the blame on me because "People who can read know that there is a monthly charge."

  • So
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    grantline pro cd - fraudulant thieves
    grant line pro / grant pro
    United States

    I payed 2.09 in shipping and handeling for what was supposed to be a free cd to help show you how to get grants and loans to help with your school expenses. What a scam this was. This company has since charged my account 59.95, then they put in a charge for 12.95, then they put in a charge for 19.95, and to top it all off they then charged me a .60 foreing transaction fee. They even used several diferent company names to process these charges but they all link back together. Subsequently I have shut down my account, reported this fraud, and my bank is investigating this situation.

  • Am
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    I also Purchased a grant line pro "free" cd. for 1.97 and just realized i had 59.95 took from my account. And then when i called the number it gave me a auction work from home person... I was told i would not have any monthly charges thats all i would be charges was the 1.95.

  • In
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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  • Ma
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    Once they get your credit card number they can do whatever they want until you cancel. That's why they want you to pay a very small price to get more people to give away. When you close the website they tell you to pay only 99 cents. Just another trick to entice you to get your cc number. It is supposedly for government assistance but at the very bottom of the website it says, "The Federal Government do not sponsor, endorse, and are in no way affiliated with Grant Line Pro™ or this promotion." That is a red flag. Stay away from this scam.

  • Li
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    I had a $39.95 charge on my credit card and I called my company and they are giving me the money back. They said that unelss these idiots show proof that they'll give me my money back. I actually canceled the account the same day I ordered the cd and now this is happening. I also canceled my cc and my bank tells me that this takes 60 days to take affect so I told my bank that if this happens again I'm going to completely cancel my account with the bank b/c I can't take this anymore. They have made 3 different charges on my account in the past 20 days. Idiots!

  • Da
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    Grantline Pro and Direct Business News were cleverly bundled into a 'work from home' program on a web add using the Google logo. The terms and conditions were neatly placed out of sight on a scroll to section of same page. They got me! Luckily my credit card company notified me about possible unauthorized use of my card and I was able to recover all charges.
    Terms and Conditions should of course be throughly read but I was never exposed to them until I fnally got a printable Order Confirmation, 5 days later, which contained them. By then they had already hit my card for over $200.
    The people that posted the add are contracted by the above mentioned companies that know full well of these scams. Rotten con artists any way you slice it!
    May your business fail and your milk always be sour! Kiss my wallet you bottom feeders!

  • Li
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    My pocketbook was also picked by these bottom feeders... an inocent looking informational site using the Google logo work from home program indeed! I decided to pay the $1.97 to see what information I could gather for a niece of mine with two small kids at home and the Terms and Conditions were not exposed on the first page, you had to "submit" before moving onto the second page and then and only then were the Terms and Conditions, at that point after reading them, I did not click on the box saying I agreed to allow them to take the money out of my account... and "X" out of web site chalking up the $2.97 loss to a stupid moment... I tried to go back and delete out my CC info but could not...and before I could figure out what in the world happened they took upwards of $230 from my account. I have notified my bank of these unauthorized charges, changed my card number so they can no longer suck me dry and am in the process of filing fraud charges. I am also going to report them to BBB and any other government protection site possible! As far as a CD Disk that they said was sent out on Dec 1st, it is now Dec 22nd and still no CD! Whe I called these people, they were rude and "Molly" told me that once I hit the submit button that I agreed for them to take the money out of my account... that is NOT how the web site presented itself... I would have NEVER agreed to do that... this is PURE FRAUD!

  • Je
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    My credit card was charged $39.95, I never signed up for a cd or any free thing from these people. I have called 3 times since this has happened in NOVEMBER, i was told the first 2 times that it was processed and I would see my refund within 14 days...low and be hold I am on the phone holding as I type (I have been on hold for 67 minutes and counting) I just spoke with Tyson the supervisor and he told me they cannot process my refund they can however offer me a free $100.00 gas gift card...the that They will send me a form that I have to fill out, then I send that back and then I buy gas, save my receipts then send them to them and they will remburse me with a gift card. SCAM-- this Tyson was very rude and told me I should call my bank and have them charge it off. I never ordered anything from them and they took my money and won't give it back----sounds like theft to me...

  • We
      9th of Apr, 2010
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    They did me the same way by charging me 109.95 on my card that I don't even use anymore because its a prepaid debit card luckily. I called them twice and both times they had very nasty attitudes like I am supposed to pay them or else, they told me they would go to a higher collection agency to get their money and then tried to reason with me to take my payment down to 89.95, and I told them I wasn't paying any of it because thats a rip off, the CD was supposed to be free and it didn't help me do anything, the only thing on the CD was a long list, I paid 1.97 to get the CD. The first time I called the lady told me they were charging me for sending me emails, but I haven't received any e-mails from them, the second guy told me that I was being charged for having the CD, that by the way I don't have anymore because this was last year sometime, and they are just now sending a bill for this year. Bottom line is "GRANTLINE PRO IS A RIP OFF".

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