SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Did not give me a full refund

I went online searching for grant money to help me to continue my education. I came across On their website they stated that for $1.95 that they would send me a publication that would help me get a government grant to help with my schooling. so I entered my banking information to pay the $1.95. Next morning I discovered that they had taken out $57.61 from my account. I called them immediately and told them that this was wrong. All I authorized for them to take out was $1.95. The Lady I spoke gave me an email address to write to about my complaint, so I did. They informed me that the fine print on their site states that $57.61 is the final cost for the publication and that they could not refund the whole amount. Today, 5 days later, they refunded $40.00 back into my account. So this $1.95 publication, which I haven't seen yet, has cost me $17.61. I just want everyone who reads this complaint to be aware of what the true charges for this publication are and not to fall into the same trap that I did.

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