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I returned an unopened grant package within the trial period of thirty days.I havent received a refund yet.When I call, I get put on hold until I finally hang up.Scam... Scam...Scam...I dont know how these people sleep at night.

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  • La
      20th of Feb, 2009

    I canceled my order before my packet arrived. I canceled on 1-12-09. I still have not received my refund as of 2-20-09. Every time I call they say another date.

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  • Da
      23rd of Mar, 2009
    Grant Services - Inadequate Customer Service
    United States
    Phone: 18668748909

    Faxed a refund form on the 17th of march .
    They said it went thought have not seen it yet in my bank account Refund 47.44 thank you [protected]

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  • De
      26th of Mar, 2009

    The better business bureau gives an "F" rating so lets try and stay away from them.

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  • De
      26th of Mar, 2009

    The Better Business bureau gave an "F" rating, so let's try and stay away from them.
    That site is a SCAM that rips you off for $349.

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  • Ab
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    Grant Services - Inadequate Customer Service
    A Baked Creation & Supplies
    14465 Main St., Suite 1
    United States
    Phone: 760 298-2225

    Ordered this service that cost almost $400.00. Did most of the work ourselves. We agree that when you call the Customer Service Department you are always put on hold, most of the time in excess of 20 minutes. When you finally get somebody they have an urgency to get you off the phone. After 6 months of trying to figure out the program for a grant we need desperately, we finally sent 5 grants and have had 2 denials and three no responses. When we called to ask when we might be hearing from the other submissions, we were again asked to do the work again ourselves and make the calls.

    We asked ourselves what service do they actually provide: a packed with a DVD where you have to look up everything yourself. It is a lot of complicated and misguided information. They also sent us a template to write our business plan with no instruction on how to write the plan. When we sent e-mails and tried to call to find out if it was alright, we did not get a response. We took the initiative to figure it out ourselves as best we could. After many hours of going over some of the information sent, we are submitting 7 more packets, in hopes of receiving some funds instead of denials. We were given very little information on and submission of our packets.

    Can anyone out there give us honest information on how to receive grants without spending more money? We are trying to receive funding not spend more money to help our business continue to run so that we can provide the needed services of our business to the community. Everybody advertises that it's easy to get a grant but we have found that not true so far.

    HELP, need re-direction in obtaining grants or funding.

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  • Mi
      17th of Nov, 2009

    your right stay away from them. They scam people for 349.00 Now they go under the name of and are not located in tennessee like they claim. They are located in canada. bunch of scammers.

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  • Ja
      19th of Jul, 2010

    Exactly what experiences did you have with ""? We were in the process of getting a prepaid credit card, so we could pay them the $349 they were asking for, so they could do our business plan, and (hopefully) get us approved for a grant (of $100, 000), so we could start our own business. I just had this feeling, like maybe we should check them out first. Please let us know what your experiences were with them. This would help us make our decision as to whether or not we sign up with them, to get the grant. My wife & I are just trying to keep from being ripped off.

    We can be contacted at: brown.[protected]

    Thanks much!

    --John & Carmen Brown--

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  • Ts
      6th of Apr, 2011

    Hello, I went out on a limb and trusted this company. So far, I have had a very good experience. I paid the $349.00, Sent my questionnare in, I got a draft of my business plan back in two weeks! Then I needed to make changes to it, I emailed my changes and got it back in three days.

    I was very skeptical because of all the complaints. THey are working for me so far, I'll let you know what happens next!

    Ms. T

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  • Mi
      2nd of May, 2011

    I agree that this company is a SCAM!!! They provided me with a fake phone number and address so that I could not even contact them when I wanted to. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to give them my credit card number before thoroughly checking them out. Even though I did not send in my signature and confirmation, they charged my credit card anyway.

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