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June 18 (Wed.) I was trying to help my son find possible government grants. I read a couple of recommendations on this website ( and thinking I was reading from a trusted source paid the $1.95 internet access fee and a FREE CD of information. Monday I'm doing my home banking and find a $49.50 charge from this same company taken from my checking account. Thinking I was getting a FREE CD with info I tried contacting the company to see why I was charged - to no avail. On my printed receipt for the $1.95 it has nothing about any other charges or canceling within a certain amount of time. I checked with the credit union and was given a form to fill out and also told to contact the police dept. and fill out a report since the amount taken was over $20.

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  • Te
      18th of Jul, 2008

    I also was taken in by this bogust company I sent $1.95 for the free CD and have not recieved the CD and also my account was charged $49.50 going on two (2) months now I will more and likely have to close my account to stop these charges being taken out.

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  • Wa
      29th of Jul, 2008

    I paid the same low fee and got the internet version of the CD. I have tried to go back to print the information and can't access the site at all. I get a timer showing 10 minutes to open the site every time I go there. Can't determine if this is a scam or not at this point. If they charge my card I will dispute it.

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  • St
      28th of Aug, 2008

    I just bought into this scam, but I did see the note at the bottom that said if you do not cancel in 7 days there will be a 49.95 charge to credit card! Here are the two numbers provided to cancel 1-800-235-1364 and 1-888-276-8105

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  • La
      23rd of Sep, 2008

    I ordered the Grant Research Guide also on 09/11/08 and paid the $1.95 fee for the instant online transaction. At the bottom of the website where you enter in your personal information and credit card information it states:

    To be honest with you all... I didn't read all of the terms and conditions either. I didn't see the small writing at the bottom of the page either. But I called the number that showed up on my credit card statement 1(866) 546-0922 and the customer service repesentative that I spoke with was very nice. I told her that I was a single mom and I had just been laid off from my job the day before I purchased this program for $1.95. and she told me to hang on. She spoke with her supervisor and she told me that the charges will be reversed to my credit card within 2 to 3 business days. Also she told me that I should be more careful to read the terms and conditions on anything online before I pay for it using a credit card because they did not have to reimburse me the monthly fee for this month.

    I would suggest calling up the 1(866) 546-092 number and pressing 3 for a cutomer service representative. They are available from 9a.m. until 9p.m. Mountain Standard Time. I think I was on hold waiting for someone to pick up for about 20 minutes, so I wouldn't call from a cell phone or from work on your break time. Don't be hostile with the person on the other side of the phone, but be persistant. Tell them that you didn't recall seeing the disclaimer for the 7 day trial and ask if you could please have the fees reimbursed for this month and to have it canceled from this day forward. See what they say. It's worth a shot...

    "By submitting this form I am ordering the Grant Resource Information and trial membership. After the seven day trial I will be charged $58.61 a month thereafter if I do not cancel. I have read and agree to the PRIVACY POLICY and Terms & Conditions. Cancel any time by calling 1-800-235-1364 or 1-888-276-8105.

    Here is the web URL:

    Here is the web URL for the terms and conditions:

    Terms and Termination
    By purchasing this product, you agree to adhere to the termination agreement as outlined on the order page, confirmation of order page, and confirmation email, which is that you, the buyer, are not entitled to a refund of the upfront cost of any shipping and handling that may or may not have been charged to you for delivery of said product. Furthermore, any free trials that may or may not be offered with this product are only free during the said allotted time of the free trial period as outlined within the product sales page, confirmation of order page, and confirmation email. If you have not cancelled the free bonus within the 7 calendar day trial period (if offered on product purchasing) from the purchase date, you are agreeing to purchase the bonus material and/or service at a monthly reoccurring cost. The resource center is billed at $58.61 monthly. This can be cancelled at anytime simply by calling the customer service number stating your desire to cancel said bonus material. However, in order to not be charged any future reoccurring cost, please give ample time (2 business days) to be cancelled out of any reoccurring billing system before the next scheduled charge to your account (this does not apply during any trial period). Not cancelling trial programs constitutes authorization, by you, the buyer, for any charges (as outlined) for the associated bonus service until your request to cancel has been received by our customer service staff. By not cancelling the bonus program during the trial period or prior to two days before a scheduled billing cycle, you agree that any reoccurring charges billed to you will be non-refundable. All products are shipped via USPS.

    Customer Remedy
    Our company's entire liability, and the purchaser's exclusive remedy, shall be a refund of the price paid or replacement of our products, at our option. We limit replacement to thirty days.

    Upon submitting a request for membership to the Grant Instructor program you are also becoming a customer of My Club Rewards LLC. Your contact and payment information is shared with My Club Rewards LLC. A representative from My Club Rewards LLC will attempt to contact you via telephone concerning additional services available to you as a My Club Rewards LLC customer and by submitting this request you agree to receive such communication. My Club Rewards LLC membership accounts are only activated through telephone verification. My Club Rewards LLC offers a 21 day trial period to its members, after which membership fees apply, fees are billed monthly at the rate of $33.87 per month. To activate your membership account you must accept a telephone call from a My Club Rewards LLC representative and acknowledge your participation in the program and verify the last 4 digits of the credit card or other payment method My Club Rewards LLC has on file for your account. All telephone verifications are recorded, your acceptance to these terms and conditions along with the recorded verification of your membership enrollment serve as authorization to My Club Rewards LLC to activate a membership account and charge your payment method for the monthly membership fees. You can cancel your membership account at anytime during or after the trial period by calling My Club Rewards LLC's customer service toll free telephone number 888-535-5354.

    For questions concerning My Club Rewards LLC, you may contact My Club Rewards LLC in any of the following ways:
    By Phone: Customer Service: 888-535-5354 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
    By Email: [protected]
    By US Mail: 7251 West Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 300, Las Vegas NV 89128

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  • Di
      29th of Sep, 2008
    Grant Research Guide - Refused to cancel Grant Kit
    Government Grant
    United States
    Phone: 888 276-8105

    Today 9-20-08. Grant Research phoned to let me know
    I could get a grant from the government for free. Stated I
    could use this for whatever reason I needed it for. stated would
    only have to pay for the S&H of the kit which would be only
    $2.95. It was not until I gave her my visa card # for S&H
    then she informed me I would be billed monthly for the
    service that would be placed on my email/computer. I told
    her many times to cancel the kit and she was to rude she was
    talking over me and not listening at all. She continued to
    talk loudly over me with a confirmation # 1000464192 and
    hung up. Jessica Lopez called back and said she was the manager
    and I told her to cancel the kit and she said it was too late that
    I would have to go on the site and cancel it myself. However
    I do not see anything on the site to cancel Please advise
    Thanks Diona Flora 136 Bridgewater Circle Brunswick, Ga.

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  • Ly
      24th of Oct, 2008
    Grant Research Guide - No notice of added fee
    New York
    United States

    On 9/14/08 I applied for what I was told was a "free" CD with a charge to my credit card of $2.99 (for shipping and handling). I have never received the CD. When I received my credit card bill this month, there was a charge for $59.20 to Business Source. When I called the company phone number listed (866-509-5275), I was told by Shayla to contact Janet Johnson at [protected] to have this charge taken off. Shayla told me she would cancel the account (cancellation number #73885). Shayla also told me that there was an added fee for the month of October as well (in the amount of $59.20). Since I feel I was scammed by this company, please reimburse my credit card account $118.40. Thank you for your help in this matter.
    Lynn Greco

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  • Ga
      5th of Nov, 2008

    OMG please HElp They dont pick up the phone and I dont kNOw how to cancel. Please HELP!!!

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  • Su
      11th of Nov, 2008

    Attn Jarvis,
    When i signed up for this, I was signing up for $1.92 to recieve information about grants. It said no where that i would be charged a 49.50 charge per month. I was in the hosp. for an extended stay and by the time i saw this charge the only information was this phone #866 509 5295 which was busy the 600 times i tried to call it, i didnt even know who i was calling. The next month a new charge of 49.50 reveiled another #, which i called and it kept referring me to a web site. i wrote on that web site in the support program of my complaint and no one payed attention. This is a total scam company and i want a full refund of #100.92

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  • St
      11th of Nov, 2008

    Attention: Janet Johnson: I am highly pissed off that your company charged me 49.50 when i was told that i would be charged 2.95 for shipping . I specifically told them on the phone that I did not want to be a member and to not charge me anything other than the one time 2.95. email me please, the lady i talked to that gave me the website told me that you are a valid company and that you have ###s working for you. Stephanie Sheldon

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  • St
      11th of Nov, 2008

    Janet Johnson I am told you have ###s working for your company, via customer service, I want my 49.50 reimbursed. I was suppose to pay 2.95 a one time fee for shipping and handling. I am really mad and this needs to be addressed immediately!!!I already contacted my credit card company!!!

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  • Ka
      12th of Nov, 2008

    This is a total scam. I ordered the disc... which I never even recieved. They called me several times trying to get me to buy all of this stuff. I told them to quit calling me and cancel this membership they were talking about that I didn't even know about. Then they kept calling and calling and calling... then they stopped. They then charged my account $58.61. I called my bank and they said that it was a fraudulant site and that I should change my account information asap... get a new account number and card numbers. Then fill out a police report since the funds taken were over $20.00.

    Ps. They say they are in Vegas, but I called the company and they said all that company does is forward their mail from that address... they are actually in Great Britain. Imagine that. Total Scam!

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  • Jo
      15th of Nov, 2008

    I was told by your support person that I had 7 days to review the CD and if I wish to pay the 49.50. I recieved it on Wednsday Nov 12 and was charged on my credit card Friday Nove 14 that to me is not 7 days.. I was told to go to this website and leave an email for Janet. So janet is this how we are to reach you. I want my money back. This is such a scam and I want to be able to talk to you so this can be resolved. Your workers need to learn to tell the truth and you need to find a job that doesn't scam the american people.

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  • Yu
      18th of Nov, 2008

    I agree and i see where this is a scam. I went back to check out the registration for the free CD to join with a$2.95 for shipping and handling. There is no information for a 7 day free trial and then a charge of $49.50 +$o.50 ($50.00). This information was given to me after i did not recieve the CD and i called to complain and cancel my fee for shipping and handling. When i requested a cancellation, i was informed that i was too late and that the 7 days had already passed and that a charge was already posted to my credit card and that there was no refund. Well now i am sending you this complaint because you really are some scam artist and i would like for my money to be returned to my account immediately. You have stolen my money, it said free; i want my money back now!

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  • Am
      21st of Nov, 2008

    I recently applied for this service which said it was free. I was not informed that I would be charged an annual fee for applying to get money. This really is a complete scam. I have already cancelled my membership and have been refunded $29.30. However, that is only half of what I was charged. The difference is $29.31 and with the holidays approaching very fast, I really need this money. I have already spoken with a floor manager about this and I will again if I have to. The manager's name was George Leka. I work at a bank and have a very close watch on my own account. I would appreciate a quick response so that this nightmare can end. You already have too much of my information, so please contact me as soon as possible.

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  • Kr
      25th of Nov, 2008

    I to fell for this before I found your warnings here. I never received the CD they supposedly send you and I was never able to open their website and i was charged $49.95 after only six days. I called the number they gave me to no avail, dozens of times in a row trying to cancel. When I finally found this site, I called the number provided above by Lynn(thank you) and Finally got through. I put up a big enough fight that I will supposedly receive a partial refund of $25 in 7-10 business days...we'll see if that happens. At least I have learned my lesson and have been assured they will not charge me $50 a month from now on. Isn't there a way to put them out of business?!

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  • Ge
      28th of Jan, 2009

    I had $2.95 taken out of my bank account on 1/22/09 to pay for a CD from Grants Are Easy. On 1/26/09 a charge of $58.61 showed up on my bank statement. I did not authorized this payment and want it credited back to my accout within the next 5 business days. I have not received the CD as of today ( 1/28/09) either. I will take strong measures against your company if this is not done.
    This is to the attention of Ms. Janet Johnson. Thank you...and don't forget the 5 days deadline!!

    Gerald Davis

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  • Ga
      1st of Feb, 2009

    Attention: Janet Johnson

    I applied for what I was told by associates, employees, or whomever works for this company that I would receive a free CD which I never received. I later went to my bank only to find out that I was charged for something I never authorized. I am requesting that all monies that your company has taken from my account (past and present) be reimbursed back to my account within 5 working days. I will follow up on my request to seek further assistant if needed if this matter is not resolved within a timely manner. The amount I should be receiving from your company is $118.40.
    P.S. Please respond soon.
    Thank you,

    GE Edwards

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  • Tt
      17th of Feb, 2009


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  • Cy
      23rd of Feb, 2009

    At least most of you had the right amount taken from your account.. They say that there will be a charge of $58.61 if you don't cancel within 7 days... Well they took $68.13 and overdrew my account.. Then they took $13.42 out for some membership that I signed up for and I DID NOT!!! They were supposed to send a confirmation with all the info after you submitted for the CD, never got one!! And the Terms & Conditions wouldn't pop up for me to read, and when one of the Customer Service Reps sent me a link to view the Terms & Conditions, it wouldn't come up!!! NOT FOUND... If you come to this site and see this, email me your name and State you live in, and if we can get enough people together we can do a class action suit.. At least get our money back...

    Email me at [protected]

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  • Ha
      5th of Mar, 2009

    I have the phone number to their company. 1-888-276-8105

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  • Ir
      7th of May, 2009

    Very, vague and misleading, especially since I just submitted a FASFA for school that I'm currently enrolled in. I asked if they worked for the government and he said he was a reprasentitive and I never got any confirmation, or accessibility to the site!

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  • Al
      8th of May, 2009

    I'm so glad I decided to google this company before I actually gave them my credit card info. Thanks for the heads up... and even though a lot of the readers I encountered lost a lot of money.. whether it b a $1.00 or 70.oo it belonged to you and it was wasted... I hope all of u prevail in your class action suit.

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