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Allez business process services inc. / clicksellgo
Posted: 2009-12-02 by mg pangan

Scam company
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Company information:
Allez business process inc.
Maimi, florida
United states

It is not only grant instructor that they are handling. There are lots of other camapaigns or products that they are selling. The most recent is the my funding opportunity and credit security services as well as the freedom financial guide. They are also with the grant research guide, blazing keywords, grants r us, grant approval network, google money tree, grantmasters online, eldercare link, dotcom secrets and etc. There are many products that they are selling which never existed. This is a scam company so you have to sue and punish them.

They are affiliated with bloosky also. The previous name of the company is e4e bpo but they changed it to allez bpo.

The list of the names of the people are working in this company:

Mon sabado (Owner in the philippines)
Angel bennet (Outbound in-charge)
Joanna blas (Supervisor)
Anna liezel barcelona (Oic)
Mark pangan (Oic)

In the us there is the name of the persons josh brady, clint (Dont know the last name).

They charging this person so much for service or product that dont exist.
This is the name of the agent.. Mark gerard pangan.. Thier office is located at 35th flr. Antel global corporate center, 3 julia vargas ave.
Ortigas center pasig city philippines.
Pls. Report this company to the f. B. I, to make sure it wont happen again.

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  • Sh
      16th of Jun, 2008
    Grant Instructor - charges
    Grant instructor
    las vegas
    United States

    I had the same thing, I paid the S&H $2.95 on 5/27 and still have not received the product. They charged my account before the 7 days, never received an email from them confirming my order and giving me customer service info as they said they would. They charged me twice, one for the downloaded version, which didn't work, and for the mail ordered cd, which i still haven't received. They surprisingly refunded me one charge of $49.50, but I had to contact my bank to inform these charges were not authorized and they are fraud, and they are temporarily giving me credit back, plus any overdraft fees. I found the registered agent for this company as Eastbizcom, Michael Nielsen listed as of the the owners, 3155 east patrick lane #1 las vegas, nv 89120. I've filed a complaint with the NV BBB who shows this as not a valid business.

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  • Jo
      15th of Jul, 2008

    same happened to me, and I'm trying to stop that transaction right now.
    sad thing is, there are ads on this website right now for that same website. does the person who runs this website have any control over who advertises on it?

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  • Cv
      29th of Aug, 2008
    Grant Instructor - Nonreceipt of govt. grant information
    Grant Instructor
    United States

    On June 25th, I spoke with a Grant Instructor telemarketer who was returning my request for a phone call to talk about the program a little further. This telemarketing call came from New Jersey and was on an outbound line. When I decided to participate in the program they told me the materials were free and all I would have to pay would be the S&H fee of $2.95. This was deducted from my debit card upon receipt of my mailing address information. I waited for the materials for 2 weeks and they never came.

    I contacted my debit card company and they did a google search for Grant Instructor to get the phone number and found some disturbing information about the company. Hopefully, I can stop any further activity on my account as they give you a certain amount of time to review the material before deducting monthly membership fees.

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  • Ka
      12th of Nov, 2008

    This is such a farce I cannot believe these people can sleep at night, I would like to know how much money they have taken from bank accounts or credit cards. When you try to dispute the credit card charge it has been difficult to do so, they are asking for phone #'s, they are either disconnected or you are put on preferbial hold and cannot get through.When you do get on the web page and put in yoour user name and password it will not accept it and you can not go any further.

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  • Ra
      21st of Nov, 2008
    Grant Instructor - Bogus grant
    Grant Instructor
    5348 Vegas Drive
    Las Vegas
    United States
    Phone: 8002351364

    This company told my me that they can get me a small business loan but first i would have to send them 2.95 for the cd. Then they proceeded with out my consent after i cancelled this to take out 49.95 twice. I called them to discuss this matter and they proceeded to tell me that they would deposit the money back and they did on one withdrawal. Now its been months and the other deposit was never made and they also owe me two overdraft charges,

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  • Ta
      30th of Dec, 2008
    Grant Instructor - is this a scam
    grant instructor
    South Carolina
    United States

    I received a phone call from this lady, telling me congradulations I was approved for 50, 000 dollars in grant money from the gov. I just got off the phone with her about 20 mins ago I do not no if it is a scam or not. Her name was Angel Viola she sound like she was from India.(just assuming). she gave me a customer service number to call if I had any questions (1-888-276-8105) but all I got was a voice mail. I've already giving her my debit card number. but thats all she asked for. She wasn't trying to get in to my financial business. But did give me a confirmation number for my transaction.I just want to know is this really a scam. I sure did have plan for that 50, 000 dollars that she was talking about. I was going to go to the best college I could find. To further my education. Thats sad im just19 years old. I guess it doesn't matter to them.

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  • Jo
      7th of May, 2009
    Grant Instructor - Bogus grant
    United States

    Was told that I would receive the package in the mail in 7 to 10 days. I was to recieve an e-mail with the axcess to the online web site, never recieved any of it. then they told me that I was to be charged 15.00 each month after the 7 day free trial period. they charged me 68.00!!!

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  • Ba
      16th of Jul, 2009

    I was harrassed by a telephone number I didnt know. And when I say harrassed I mean harrassed. They called me every half an hour from around 10AM until about 8PM everyday for 4 days. Finally I answered and a woman who spoke broken English started talking about free government grant money. All I needed to do was give her my credit card or debit card number and authorize them to take out $2.95 shipping and handling and they would send me my grant kit in the mail. I told the woman I wasnt interested and she said "Mandi we are a reputable company. Why don't you want free government money that you NEVER have to pay back?" Then I asked her if she would give me a number to call back after I researched her reputible company. She told me her name was Tiffany Lohanna, her employee ID was 2494 and that the customer service number was 888-276-8105 and now that she had given me that information we could process the 2.95. When I again said I wanted to research the company she said "I am going to give you a confirmation number" I told her I wasnt interested. She wanted to know when she should call me back and I said "I told you after I finish my research I will call you back." She hung up on me!!!

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  • El
      10th of Aug, 2009

    I am soo sorry for you. the same thing happened to my mom. She was trying to help me out forgratns for college they gave me a confirmation number and the same number you provided and when i called its a whole other company. i feel so bad for my mom she was only trying tohelp me and we have financial problems as it is. now shes out $60 that she could have used on her mortgage or to put some kind of food on the table. my poor little sister doesnt even have cereal to eat! n they go n take money from poor people trying to better themselves!

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  • Ke
      6th of Sep, 2009

    The website TURN TO OR

    Be careful with this. This company runs by the name of members edge or medialink contact solutions based in manila, philippines in makati city try to check search for medialink youll seea video of 1st batch i guess of people who work there or search for medialink youll see a bunch of filipino people being abused by this company...this the human resource of this comapny try to call them +6327534346 look if you want info about this just message here ill give the exactly address of this company

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  • Ke
      6th of Sep, 2009

    be careful with this 1-888-276-8105 i know this company i work there before can anyone help me report this to FBI of america. This company based in manila, philippines makati city

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  • Ke
      6th of Sep, 2009

    12th floor peak tower building salcedo village leviste st. makati city philippines under by asia premier company or

    theres a lot of scam account in this company...

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  • Ke
      6th of Sep, 2009

    the agents there train to push the clients for visa and master card...there are top performer agents as far as i know the name are

    ar-ar herera, tiffany, glaiza nanquil, kim, archie, lea, jonjon tuesday navarro

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  • La
      13th of Oct, 2009
    Grant Instructor - Bogus grant
    Grant Instructor
    2870 E. Jones Blvd
    United States

    I was contacted to participate in a grant writing service. I was offered to have a package mailed for a $1.95 charge to my VISA. No other charges were to be applied until I contacted them after getting the package. Lo and behold, there were two #76.21 charges to my account. They returned the second billing. However, I was not afforded a full cancellation. Nor was I allowed to talk with a supervisor.

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  • Br
      4th of Nov, 2009
    Grant Instructor - Bogus grant
    The Grant Instructor
    United States

    Was called by someone named Jazmine Lopez, said she was offering me grant money on a multi. grant for bussines, school, and personal. Gve her my debit card info. She said I would be charged $1.95. One time. After 7 days I can cancel. Gave me a confirmation number. Said I would recieve an email with a username and passwoed. Haven't gotten it yet.

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  • Ki
      11th of Feb, 2010

    that's true..!!! all of their accounts are scam.!!! especially the Robert Allen registration account. No. 1 Robert Allen is the biggest fraud in them..they're ###ing con artists..!!! ### you allez...!!!

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  • Ty
      16th of Feb, 2010

    why are you doing this? shame on you!!!

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  • Re
      28th of Oct, 2010
    Grant Instructor - Bogus grant
    Grant Instructor
    United States

    I used to work with grant instructor before, one of the account of mediaLink Contact Solution that is based here in Manila, Philippines. I worked there for about eight months and guess, I was considered as one of the Best Top Seller in my time. In all the account they have, Grant Instructor was considered as the Medialink's "bread and butter" why? simply because getting a credit card information and promised that you will be charge only for $2.95 cents is just an easy task. Here is how it goes... As an outbound company we will call the potential customer and informed them that the reason why we are calling is because we received an information on line that the customer is looking for a federal grant and the customer is looking for money. If the customer said they did not, we have a lot of rebuttals that we can use to convince the customer to apply for a grant since the information that we will be sending to them is for free, all they have to do is to pay for the S&H fee which only cost for $2.95 and we will be sending them the information on how to create proposals and also the link to the website wherein you will have a chance to talk to a grant specialist who will walk you through the process, and it will be free for 7days and if the customer chose to continue using the website after the seven days free trial period, they will be charge for a monthly membership fee of $59.61 but if they dont want to continue using the service, they can call and cancel to their 1-800 toll free. Now here is the trick : First of all, if you are using a credit card which has a balance below $62.00 the card will not go trough., why? first, it is not only $2.95 S$H that will be charge to you once you provide your credit card info, the $59.61 monthly charge will be charge to you as well so how come that it will go through if they need to charge you like $62.56 total . But you might wonder why those who have used their gift card and prepaid card who has only balance such as $3.00 go through., that is because it depends on the skill of the agent on how will it works. Actually, gift cards and prepaid cards are not accepted in this company, why? simply because it doesn't have the name printed on the card and definitely, possibility is that the customer will not be charge for the monthly membership fee that is why it is prohibited to the company to get gift card, walmart and prepaid cards. Once the agent has been caught by their QA definitely, the agent might be terminated on the spot. But again how come that the agent was able to process the gift card since it has only like $3.00 balance? The answer is... $3.00 is enough to cover the $2.95 S&H so since all call are being monitored by the QA, and since it is a must to make a seven sales/day as a quota, the agent will get the info first, email add, billing add and most importantly the phone number and the wise agent will disconnect the call so that he will be safe from the QA that he/she did not push through the call and since the the line has been disconnected there is no way that he can monitor that agent.

    After a couple of minutes, the agent will then call back the customer coz he have all the information . And the beginning of the call will be apology.. " Mr. Smith I'm sorry the line has been disconnected, just to make sure that everything will be fine and you will receive the information at the right time, I will need to verify again the credit card info you have provided to me and then the agent will make a recap about the credit card info.. and the agent needs to be more careful in doing this, he needs to convince the new QA that the card that is using onset of the call is a credit or a debit card not a prepaid or gift card so... the agent will speak like this .. and the "name printed on the card is Norman Smith, right? And since the customer is eager to get information about the grant, eventhough there is no name printed on the card they will say yes! and for that the agent will be safe from the QA. But the thing is the last centavos of the customer using the gift card/prepaid card will be hacked by the agent/company, but he will definitely not receive any information at all on how to create grant proposal .

    Second trick... if you have been charge for the S&H coz you paid for it using a credit card or debit card, and you have a lot of money on that card.. the only information that you will receive is just a blank CD and you'll find out it was too late to cancel that subscription why? because if you will try to cancel it... then you will not be able to reach any agent since the cancellation number is also Bogous. And since there is no way you can cancel it, you will be charge every month automatically since your credit card info is stored in their system.

    My reminder is... If you dont want to be charge for all of these.. contact your bank immediately and request them to cancel your account and open a new account instead. Don't be fooled by this kind of company.

    I am telling this to all because, I felt very much regretful in working on that said company. I believe in what we called "Karma" and I'm afraid that this might victimize a lot of people again. I am a Filipino and I want to inform anyone that your fellow Americans there who owns the account are the real culprit because he had these ideas, it just so happened that we really need job and we don't have option sometimes but to earn money to live. Anyway, if you would like me to answer all of your concern, I am willing to answer and help you.

    I want this kind of bogous operation be stopped now. please always remember. if you did not inquire/subscribe to any promo's and someone called you, get your attention and making such promises and they sound very persistent., then be AWARE. Dont believe in a saying "It Takes money to earn Money".. Thanks and God Bless Philippines and USA!

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