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Grant Grove Restaurant, Sequoia Kings Canyon Park / Rude staff, poor service

1 CA, United States

We visited the restaurant at the end of our camping trip. We needed a hot meal and a sit-down-at-a-real-table experience. The meal itself was adequate if not memorable, our server was a young lady fresh from Russia who was very sweet and tried very hard. Everything went well until my husband decided to order cappuccinos for the adults in our group. What we were served was a milky concoction slightly flavored with coffee - decidedly not cappuccinos. In my 59 years, I have only returned three or four items in a restaurant. This concoction was literally undrinkable, so we decided it had to be returned. The bus person was incredibly rude when we requested that he take those drinks back, but it did not end there. I explained that we wanted just a little bit of milk foam on top of the espresso. A dry cappuccino. On second try, we received an even milkier drink, with whipped cream on top! I was not going to return this - just leave it on the table. The same person who was rude when we asked that the coffee be returned came to ask, in a pretty hostile manner, whether "this was a cappuccino". I just sadly shook my head. He snapped: "well, WE are Americans here, we just don't know what YOU PEOPLE think a cappuccino is" (yes, we do speak with an accent although we have been Americans for the last 25years). I was so shocked I could not finish my meal. Did not realize that insulting customers was a part of the business strategy of that particular establishment. Needless to say, they will never see my business again, if I had to eat only granola bars every time I visit Sequoia.

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