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Grant Funding Search/ IWB club / THIEVES!!

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Grant funding search and IWB, These Guys are Thieves!! I decided to buy a cd from Grant funding search, for $2.95, I never recieved the cd, and they charged my bank another $69.95 saying it was a free trial that was never canceled. It did not say anything about a free trial, its just about the cd! Then they proceeded to sale, or give away, I'm not sure, my information to an IWBclub which has now charged my account $29.95. My bank was able to dispute those charges, but not the one for grant funding search. So if you have bank of america good luck on that. And the last complaint about them that I read was 100% totally true. I called and they kept me on hold forever and then hung up. They are THIEVES I hope I was able to warn alot of you guys before they got you too.

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  • Gr
      23rd of Feb, 2009

    To: [protected]@grantfundingsearch
    Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 4:32 PM
    Subject: gimme back my money

    I just ordered the $1.99 CD, nothing else. The guy on the phone said that is all I would be charged. Now you have charged my credit card $69.95. I want my money back!!! The CD was vauge, but I was willing to let u screw me out of the $1.99, but I'll be damned if youre going to hit me for $70.00. I have been on hold for the second time after dialing your number. The first time was 4 minutes. This time I am leaving it on to see just how long this distorted crappy music keeps playing and no warm body answering the phone. After 6 minutes I talked to a lady of Asian decent who informed me that I had signed up for for the entire service. Her name was Rachelle Pajares. Her supervisor is Scandra Valdez. Those were the names given to me. My Refund # is 07EB3. I am supposed to be credited the full amount within 3 to 5 business days. This was after mentioning the scam info I found on-line and telling her I was sending this info to my citi card and my attorney for further review. I hope you credit my account as you have stated that you would. I also told her that the call was recorded and she could listen to it and I would listen to it with her. Because I know damn well what the guy said.
    Anyway, if the credit is not issued, I will be in touch.

    Thank You

    Greg Mathes

    Here is some additional information I found on-line about others who have had the same problem.
    GRANT FUNDING SEARCH - RIPOFF! Take your money without authorization and refuses on all levels to give refund. Henderson Nevada

    Phone: 888-210-2544

    2850 Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 200
    Henderson, Nevada,

    Coral Springs, Florida

    On December 19th, I was searching online for grants to hopefully aid in purchasing a first home for my husband, our 4 month old son, and myself. While I was searching, a pop-up advertisement came through recommending I receive a free CD that could help me in my search. All I had to do was pay $1.98 for shipping and handling. Two bucks is definitely not a hard pill to swallow when it was to genuinely help to receive a government grant.

    On December 27th, the CD arrives. Now it is after the holidays, bills have been paid, presents have been bought. December 28th comes and there is a withdrawal from Grant Funding Search for $69.95. On top of that, prior to their withdrawal I had about $50 remaining after Christmas. Well what happens when a charge for a higher amount than what is in your account oes through? That's right, overdraft!

    I was slammed by my bank for $50 in addition to the $69.95. So my account is now at a negative. I called the number provided on this useless CD. After explaining that nowhere on the ad did I see anything about recurring charges, they refused a refund. They are trained to constantly repeat a 'Terms & Conditions' chant.

    They explain to me about a trial offer, but shouldn't the period begin when I receive the CD? How am I going to know if I like it if the CD arrives after the 7 day trial ends, on the 8th day?!

    The first phone call elevated, and the representative 'Catharine' hung up on me after 25 minutes. The second call to a 'Kate' was just as pointless. Kate explained to me that they were a call center in the Phillipines and could not provide me with any further information about the company they work for, just kept saying under no circumstances were they allowed to refund money due to the 'Terms & Conditions.'

    After at least 76 times of me saying there was no Terms & Conditions about recurring charges through where I signed up, they continued to tell me no. It did not matter that the pop-up was misrepresentation. Searching for federal grants is free from the government, why would anyone pay $70 for this company? Especially when I am struggling financially enough already as it is. I am not going to risk not having formula or diapers for my child for some ridiculous site.

    I purchased the CD for $2 under the impression that this was going to give me tips on how to apply. After Kate hung up on me, I called and spoke to a 'Hannah.' She stated that my case has elevated and I would finally be allowed to speak to their supervisor 'Kris Myers.'

    You would never believe; Kris Myers also gave me the 'Terms & Conditions' bit. I cannot comprehend how they are not understanding what I am saying. They speak good English but are just taught to not give in whatsoever. I am trying my hardest to get this reversed, I cannot afford to just give away $120 right now at this point in my life. There is no one in America that I can speak to and no one who works directly for this company.

    I cannot put it into easier terms - Where I signed up did NOT mention anything of a recurring charge whatsoever. That is the bottom line. And a rep will still say the 'Terms & Conditions' speech.

    I am against a wall, I do not know what the next move is.

    Coral Springs, Florida

    I also spoke with a representative from IWB CLUB. Since they are on my credit card statement also charging me $29.95 for this bogus service on 02/08/2009. I have received NOTHING from these frauds. He stated that they probably got my information to process this scam club through grant funding search. Because I had no frikkin idea where this charge came from. They quoted my email address from 8 months ago. I did not sign up for any of this bull%$#!. It amazes me as a customer of Citi Cards. When I call in and you have me verify everything but the color of my eyes to have access to my account and yet these thieves can charge me like this and you have nothing in place to catch them. The email address was wrong! C’mon, does a phone call cost that much!! Hell, put it on hold for just a couple of days and email me to see if I verify that I actually purchased this crap. Is that too much to ask?? You always blame these thieves for ripping me off and you are right there with them. My refund # is 253542911248. I should receive a refund within 3 to 5 business days. If it isn’t refunded, again, is it too much to ask of my credit card company to check the status of my account and let me know what is going on one way or the other???.
    My email is [protected] You can use it. I authorize you to use it. It’s just an email. Type away. PLEASE!! If I don’t get anything (which I probably wont) I will check back myself and chase down all the stuff you require me to fax to you since they are right in your eyes generally and the customer is always lying. If you read this, Thank You, If you do anything about it. Thank You Very Much

    Greg Mathes

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    Grant Funding Search/ IWB club

    Complaint Rating:
    Grant funding search and IWB, These Guys are Thieves!! I decided to buy a cd from Grant funding search, for $2.95, I never recieved the cd, and they charged my bank another $69.95 saying it was a free trial that was never canceled. It did not say anything about a free trial, its just about the cd! Then they proceeded to sale, or give away, I'm not sure, my information to an IWBclub which has now charged my account $29.95. My bank was able to dispute those charges, but not the one for grant funding search. So if you have bank of america good luck on that. And the last complaint about them that I read was 100% totally true. I called and they kept me on hold forever and then hung up. They are THIEVES I hope I was able to warn alot of you guys before they got you too.

    THE GRANTS UNIVERSITY AND IWB CLUB Don't fall for their hype...They are out to rip you off Reno Nevada
    This Company is a ripoff...They charged me 1.95 for a cd then turned around and charged me 69.98 for a membership i didn't want. Then I get a charge for 29.95 for an IWB club...I've filed with the BBB but they aren't helping me any..I called both companies and told them they better cancel anything they thought i ordered and to never charge my credit card again.
    Don't order from the Grants Professor

    la Fayette, Georgia

    Reno, Nevada,

    la Fayette, Georgia

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  • Gr
      23rd of Feb, 2009

    Watch out for these thieves!! What's worse is your credit card company usually wont do anything about it. They want letters you have sent to the company. Verification of phone calls. Your credit provider is as much to blame for this scam as the scammers. Get your credit cards fax number ( they have more than one, sometimes up to 3 or 4 different numbers) copy the rip-off to word and then to your email or send the page as an email. Fax it several times with your name and account number. Define what has happened to you.
    Call your Cr. Card rep. explaining everything and be ticked off when you do it!! Tell the scammer that you are sending copies to your Cr Card and your attorney. Tell them your attorney is going to contact the BBB in your state. Fax, Fax, Fax. The sooner you take care of it the better. Keep records of your calls and how long you were on hold before someone answered or you gave up.

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  • Gr
      23rd of Feb, 2009

    Dont ask, demand they refund your money. And you will be hearing form me if my account is not credited in 3 to 5 business days. (this is law in some states).

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  • Di
      6th of Mar, 2009

    I can't believe what they have done. No where does it state you will be charged $69.95 a month! What the HECK. I didn't even see the $69.95 charge until I looked more carefully after I called about the $29.95 a month charge. How can they do this and get away with it??? At first the person on the other end of the phone told me that they would not refund the first $69.95 because I didn't cancell with 7 days. I told her that if she didn't refund me, I would be going to the better business bureau, my bank to file a fraudelent charge. So either way I will get my money back. I thought wow, $1.98, I guess if I get it and I don't like it, I lose $1.98, no big deal. Lesson learned. But $99.99...wth????? I didn't even receive the CD for 3 weeks after I ordered so how can I cancell something I had no knowledge of within 7 days? NEVER AGAIN. Buyer beware.

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  • Da
      6th of Mar, 2009

    I, too, purchased a CD for $1.98 which I never received and thought, "no big deal, it was just 2 bucks, " but now have $100.00 in unauthorized charges to my account. $69.95 from Grant Funding Research who gave me the same "scripted" speech about not giving refunds because the 7 day free trial was over. This, of course, was my 5th or 6th attempt to reach a person. His name was Carl and after spending 20 minutes on the phone with him and repeatedly asking to speak to his supervisor, he said her name was Sandra Valdez and that she would call me back within the hour. Still haven't heard from her but I did get an email confirmation that my account was cancelled which has a different customer service number: 1-877-207-1615. Guess I'll be haunting that number as well. As for the $29.95 charges from IWB Club, I contacted my bank who gave me their number: 1-866-607-1071 and their fax number is 1-866-673-9620. I spoke to Lusele who was very polite and within minutes gave me a refund. She also sent me an email confirmation that the account was cancelled and that the refund would post in 3 to 5 days depending on my bank...we'll see if that happens. Hope these numbers help. Please let me know if anyone gets their money back and how they did it...otherwise pass the word around, these guys are thieves.

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  • Ja
      13th of Mar, 2009

    OMG...I've just been taken the exact same way...I was just balancing my checking account, and there was a charge for the $29.95...What on earth is this for...I haven't ordered anything, or bought anything in the last week...I don't have money to throw around these days, and then they take money out of my account with no prior authorization...I'm gonna try the contact numbers from the other comments...I hope I can recoop some of this...

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  • Ki
      18th of Mar, 2009


    On your bank statement there should be a phone number in the description of the charge. On mine it looked like this (except real numbers where I typed #) - - -
    952-908-4112 MN
    This number belongs to a company called RegNet, an online registration service. They sent in a cancel order to Grant Funding for me, said to check account for refund in 3 days. I was told to call RegNet back if there was no refund.
    4 business days later, there was no refund, so I called RegNet back. The guy at RegNet did the cancellation, asked me to wait 3-5 business days.
    3 days after that 2nd call, my money HAS BEEN REFUNDED !! YEA !!
    I am waiting for my next bank statement to do the same thing with whoever does the billing for IWBClub, since RegNet does not handle that account.
    Thank you RegNet, and may we ALL get our money back from the Grant Funding Thieves!!

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  • Tr
      25th of Mar, 2009

    Thank you Kimmer!!! Im waiting on the refund from Grant Funding via RegNet. They were very helpful and it was no questions asked. We'll se on Friday how well it worked. Still trying to find any info on the IWB CLUB and still trying to dispute the $29.95 charge so far no luck. Thanks again to RegNet (phone # 952-908-4112) and Kimmer.

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  • Kr
      9th of Apr, 2009

    The ###s have done the same thing to me! I puchased the cd for $1.98 For grant funding for school. Then I got a overdraft notice they had charged me $69.95 for some membership that i never agreed to. Then I got my bank statement today and there is another charge for $29.95 for IWB Club membership that I never agreed to. The bank had to cancel my debit card. I have to go to the bank and fill out some dispute forms in order to try and get my money back. I these tough times nobodies got money to just be giving away for nothing. These companies are nothing but modern day bank robers. It's unreal that these companies are steadily getting away with robery of honest poeple!

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  • Wo
      26th of May, 2009

    They are ### to be sure. With all the money that this country pisses up on garbage, you would think a few of our tax dollars would go to keeping people like this from being able to rob us based on a loophole in the laws. Far too many scams of this sort exist. Nobody in there right mind would spend 70 bucks for some info that is easily obtained on your own doing some simple web searching. I had hoped that the 2 bucks i spent would help focus my searches a bit better, that is all i was after, no memberships to nothing. Then to make things even better, some other guys start charging me 29.95 a month, for what, i still have no idea.

    Im going to get burned on this as im sure many other will as well. Unfortunately we cant count on our government to stick there nose where it really belongs so we all have to remember that you NEVER get something for nothing. There is always a price to be paid somewhere.

    The people behind these scams need to be dealt with the same way they deal bank robbers, of course id vote for public execution if given the chance.


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  • Ma
      22nd of Jun, 2009

    I just found a charge on my credit card that I did not incur in. I called my card company and they gave me the phone number and the name of the company and they are stating that I signed up, when I never did. Now thye state they will credit it bank into my account. I will see about this. Who knows how long they been doing this and now is when I noticed. Of course I too ordered the useless, stupid cd. How can we go about to put a stop to this?

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  • Ja
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    Grant Funding Search/ IWB club - Scam/ unauthorized debit charges!
    United States

    I also ordered the grant funding cd for $1.98. I received the cd and less than a week later got a call asking if I wanted to enroll in some other trial offer. I told the person no and made him guarantee me numerous times that there would be no charge on my card. Ofcourse, the next day there was a new charge for 69.99 from DBW Grant express. I called and they refunded the money asif that is what they do all day for the people who actually look over their bamk statements. Then tday, I noticed a 30.00 unknown charge and come to find out, it is from the same stupid scam. This time they called themselves IWB club. Agin he refunded the money as if they are very used to tat sort of thing. I was kept on hol a very long time. What can be done to stop them from charging random things over and over again?? What if I miss one? I would hate for any money to go to some unbelievable crook!!

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  • St
      1st of Jul, 2009

    My name is debora and i too was scammed. i have filed with my local authorities and we are currently filing a class action suit against them.
    This company is scamming under too many alias names to mention!
    They are also filing under sport bargins as well.
    If you are an interested party that has suffered damages by this company's scamm please send me and e-mail with your e-mail, contact address and the details of how and for what amount this company has scammed you.
    remember; as long as your card is active they can and probably will continue to charge your account(s). CANCEL ALL CARDS USED OR PROVIDED TO THIS/THESE COMPANIES.!!!

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  • Cb
      6th of Jul, 2009

    I ran across the same thing. I thoroughly looked for any hidden costs associated with this and any fine print saying that you would be charged other fees... I never saw anything, I only saw the $1.98 fee for the CD... then I get a $3.73 fee and they say that this was for the ebooks deal that I signed up for which I never did, then I get a $69.95 fee, which after ### them out for not ever receiving the other and never seeing anything that stated this would be applied in 7 days, they said that they would cancel my membership (whatever the hell that means, because I paid for a damn CD not a membership), and that they would refund me the $69.95 but not the other stuff. When I asked for a confirmation code for the refund and the cancellation of receiving or being charged for anything beyond this point, the guy from some place in Iran I bet, said that they dont have access to get that information. So I canceled my credit card (which if you have ever had to do this, its a pain) and am just waiting to see what they do next but am watching my stuff like a hawk because of it.

    Its a scam alright... dont be fooled!

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