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I discussed over the phone the cancellation of the agreement with somebody at the hotel, I don't recall the name, but I was asked to send an email with my request to the member service department memberservices.[protected], in order to receive instructions on how to proceed. I have sent a total of 4 emails but nobody has had the courtesy to reply. I am willing to forfeit my deposit without argument even though the product was totally misrepresented we won’t fight it back. All we want is to opt out! Is it really that hard to deal with the mayan palace????

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  • Pi
      7th of Sep, 2012

    I continuously find myself a little frustrated for falling for the mayan membership, I find it worthless, money down the drain. My mother and I bought a contract for 25 years 3 weeks per year for 7K. I cannot imagine you paid nearly 20K for your 8 weeks, furthermore being attached to it 99 years.

    We have also wasted so much time trying to rent out the property on our own and dealing with the rental company. We were blatantly deceived about the ease of renting out our vacation weeks, we asked numerous times if we had to pay the maintenance fees if we don’t use our weeks and the answer was that we have to pay only if we stayed at the resort and used the week, otherwise we did not had to pay. This turned out to be a lie, we have since paid the maintenance fee yearly.

    In our last trip to Mexico, early this year, we were told we had to attend to the progress report presentation as we became owners since 2010. This also turned out to be a lie; there was not news for us, but only a voracious sales representative wanting to upgrade our contract to a more expensive deal. There was no way he would ever get our business again. We didn’t pay the maintenance fees for 2012 since there is no way to rent or use the weeks, they will have to wait until we get a buyer.

    What a bad decision we made. Stay away people.

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  • Pi
      24th of Sep, 2012

    Hello Marlene Jackson, I tried to look up the youtube video but was unable to load, this is the message I got instead.

    This video is private.
    If the owner of this video has granted you access, please log in.

    Do you have access to it? how can I see it?.

    Do you think we can use it as evidence against them?

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  • Pi
      21st of Jan, 2013

    Our concerns have been amicably resolved

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  • Th
      1st of Nov, 2013

    I agree with you. My wife and I were blatantly lied to about the mayan palace timeshare membership benefits. We discovered later and have since been trying to get out of the contract; but they don't seem to care at all if the sales people has lied or has given wrongful information; we have stressed this out to their service department but they simply do not care. All they want is to force us to stay. Sooner or later youll probably get a response here from a "Customer Service Representative" trying to apologize and convince you to contact them, DO NOT trust them! they are not able to do anything regarding of your problem, they just want to "clean" their terrible reputation:

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  • Bt
      4th of Dec, 2013

    The Mayan Palace timeshare resorts love ignorant consumers. Innocent travelers get lured into buying a timeshare and pressured to sign a contract that doesn't include any of the promises made by their salesman. People decide to buy a house or a car and do their research before purchasing one. However, no one ever gets up one day and decides to purchase a timeshare, so they have no idea about timeshare before purchasing one. This is a good article about Mayan Palace:

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