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I’ve been a student at this so called online university for two years. I have a 3.9 GPU. I cannot get my advisors (academic and financial) to answer the calls I place to them. The financial counselor was supposed to have set up a book loan for me on December 22, 2009 but there is no record of it in the bookstore. The people there are very unresponsive and do not return calls.

They now have in debt for tens of thousands of dollars and I’m wondering if the degree I get will be worth the paper it’s written one! Unless the book loan goes through soon I will be faced with starting a class without the textbook. Are these people just crooks or what?

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      Oct 28, 2012

    I am a graduate of GCU. I just found out that my masters degree is useless for my teaching license because my program was not an "approved education program". So I spent 2 years and $30, 000 for nothing. I was never told that this degree was not going on my license. You would think that somewhere in the 2 years someone would have told me! Unfortunately since the place was recommended by my school district and the school rep was pushing for me to do it, I believed them and it never occured to me to question it. If you look on the website now under degree programs, you will see that the first line of the TESOL degree explains that it is not for licensure. So I am a fool but I think GCU did not act responsibly.

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