GranaryAwful place

I made reservations 3 weeks in advance for 15 for lunch at 12 o'clock noon at the Granaray on Saturday, May 15, 2004. Prior to making reservations, I asked the restaurant to fax me the menu to be sure it was within our budget. They told me to instead go to their website and view the lunch menu from there. The web site clearly states that lunch is served Monday-Saturday from 11:00-2:00. At arrival, we were given DINNER menus instead of LUNCH menus! When I asked why we weren't given lunch menus, they said because it was a special occasion, (graduation day in Oshkosh), they were using dinner menus instead.

If it had been just my husband and myself, we would have left for another restaurant, but we were already seated with drinks with 13 other people. It was a VERY expensive lunch, triple what we expected to spend. This was dishonest and deceitful business practice. If the restaurant decided to change it's lunch menu to dinner menus, they should have told customers upfront when taking reservations or notified us in advance since they had our reservation, name and telephone number for three weeks prior.

I sent them a letter of dissatisfaction and finally telephoned them after waiting 3 weeks for a response. Owner was rude and defensive and impolite.


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