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Gran Caribe Real Club in Cancun / timesshare fraud

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We bought timeshare at the Real Club Gran Caribe Hotel in Cancun. They promised the sun and moon, cheap weeks, etc...
were fakely friendly and then aggressive, practically put the pen in our hands. We signed naively.
Turns out that the fees and charges and costs are much more than they promised. Then they offered a cheaper package, for less weeks, but it would end costing more than buying through any travel agency.
They did not let us read the contract when we signed, saying that they explained everything before. What a bunch of liars.


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  • Jw
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    I am curious to hear more...we visited The Royal next door in 2007 and loved the place. What fees and charges are you talking about that cost more with the timeshare? I understand their program is for weeks what price do you think you would pay and what price will you actually pay?

    Can you offer any details?

  • Ju
      28th of Jun, 2017
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    @JW don't go, they sold us the same package, they are a bunch of liars.
    please fell free to contact me.

  • Ka
      3rd of Jan, 2009
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    Don't buy! I am one of the original buyers at the Royal Porto Real in Playa Del Carmen in 2005. I have had so many problems with contract issues that I can't even begin to tell you. The room classifications have all changed and now they have increased the prices by adding. My contract says Junior Suite, Master Suite and Royal Suite (3 classifications). They have not added Junior Suite Ocean View, Junior Suite Ocean Front, Junior Suite Ocean Walkout, as well as the same for Master and Royal, and increased the prices.

    Every time I call, no one seems to have my contract information and I have to tell them what my contract has. They have told me more than once to fax over a copy of my contract. I respond, sorry, go find it.

    I am looking into hiring an attorney right now because I'm fed up. I just came back from a Dec., 2008 trip and the same as usual. I just found a website and have placed a phone call to an agency - check it out, (for people with issues that have already bought).

    Advice - DON"T BUY

  • Pa
      24th of Jan, 2009
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    I did exactly the same thing in 1998 and it ended up costing me a fortune. I have never been able to use the coupons for regardless of how early I try to book they are always full.

    I was told it was part of RCI but they know nothing about it.

    I was unable to cancel the contract and have lost a lot of money

  • Ne
      9th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree one hundred percent. We bought a timeshare for 10 weeks for over 2, 000 but we can't get a reservation or get a hold of anyone. If anyone else is having issues with them put it on ttp:// They get sent an e-mail every time someone logs on to that complaint. Also file with PROFECO they might be able to help. I am trying to do everything I can to get my money back due to the lies they told us. I haven't been able to even use the service we bought. DO NOT BUY A CLUB MEMBERSHIP FROM THEM - that is just my personal advise

  • Wa
      27th of Oct, 2009
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    i have bought from them used them and love them. I always research before I book with them and find that it saves me at least $1000 each time by being a member.

  • Me
      6th of Jan, 2010
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  • Ju
      28th of Jun, 2017
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    @MEXICANCHEF you are a liar,

  • Ij
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    I just Got screwed! We just bought 500 weeks for a lot of money at the Gran Caribe Real. When we went there it cost us under a$1000 each through West Jet Vacations here from Canada in canadian dollars too. So when we said your all inclusive costs for when we stay here are too high they told us it would be 30 -50% off the prefered rate sheet which they showed us. What a lie. NO discounts. The cheapest out of season rate is for the year is about $70 a day per person all the way up to $300 a day per person just to eat and drink. Thats a day not a week. You still have to buy your weeks and your flights and for us thats about $500 for flights, $25, 000.00 for the weeks and now the all inclusive high high prices. We would be much better off getting there on our own. They just play dumb when you email and the person you need to talk to will never pick up when you call.

  • Je
      13th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    To All -
    Please be caution about signing a contract with Real Club Timeshare. My wife and I have bad experience with them. All they gave us verbally was not in the contract and considering to be lie. Read the contract carefully before put your signature there. There is a statement in the contract saying that everything given you verbally is not the subject of this contract. You have 5 business days to cancel it and PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY COMPLEMENTARY SERVICE, or you will have an issue to get back your down payment. They will refuse the refund because of using one of the service (see section 14 and 16 of the contract). When canceling the contract make sure your canceletion request letter have a signature of a real club rep. with the date when he received it. Make a copy and keep it for your reference. It will help you in case the Real Club denies your request for the refund and you file a dispute for this charge with your credit card company. Good Luck!

  • Ej
      31st of Dec, 2010
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    Hi We are members and love it! We enjoy going to the same place.( we can go to all their resorts) We have never had a problem with them . I can always get a hold of someone. We find that we save around 1500.00 to 2000.00 no problem with that. Make sure you know what you are doing before you sign, if you don't understand than do not sign!

  • La
      20th of Jul, 2012
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    people use basic common sense, do not sign something you haven't read before!!! specially if it involves a lot of money. If you do sign then don't complaint it is YOUR fault.

  • Ge
      21st of May, 2013
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    How repugnant a company! - im so sorry this happened to you, I’d like to say thank you to yourself and all of the other people who have posted their experiences. Royal Elite is another fraudulent company in Playa del Carmen, I'd also suggest you to stay away from it if you don't want to get sucked into buying a timeshare. These are more Royal Elite Timeshare Complaints:

  • Na
      19th of Mar, 2014
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    Timeshare industry is known for being very susceptible to scams; however, timeshare properties are still a successful business for most resorts. In these times of rough economy, it is important to take care of our money, and timeshares are not in the way to achieve the financial security that we are all looking for.

  • Eu
      29th of Oct, 2014
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    Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims of timeshare fraud while vacationing. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.

  • Ra
      2nd of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Wish we would have found this post last year while visiting Gran Caribe Real Club. Though we very much enjoyed our trip we are now almost a year into paying a little over $3, 000 of the $15, 000 package. We have tried many times to reserve rooms for this coming summer with no luck at what was promised to us. We were told we get a 40 to 60% discount off of posted prices - this is NOT TRUE, we were told we get rooms for a full week at only $99 that can be booked on a special site that they showed us during our stay - we have yet to get access to anything like that. Every time we call we get someone that speaks very little english and can only book a "full price" reservation that costs more than if we went to Fortunately we've only spent $3000 and just this past month closed the account they were billing. we are now seeking an attorney in Mexico to file a dispute.

  • Ju
      28th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    @raine0001 please let me know if you find some one,
    they did the same thing to us.
    thank you

  • Ti
      8th of Mar, 2018
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    @Julio345 Same here! They're fast to call you for payment but not when you need someone to explain the scammed deal they sold you!!!

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