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Grace Century has been making unsolicited phone calls to me non stop. I asked for some free information through an email I received through a bulk emailing message and Grace Century have not stopped making calls and sending emails. Sometimes as much as 8 times a day, always from different numbers, sometimes GB sometimes from here in America maybe a VOIP program is being used as apparently they are based in Dubai?
I have had many encounters with these so called 'boiler rooms' trying to take my money and claiming to be in countries they are not. These crooks and their firms make it very difficult to trust anyone but the big names in the industry.
One of my ex colleagues who also signed up to receive the same information about investments that Grace Century provide did some research and turns out Scott Wolf has been involved in some dodgy dealings such as an SEC filling against him which is worrying as well as claims that he stole money from a retired investor 3 years ago. There does not seem to be any registered broker number with the SEC either?

Another note, a firm by the name Taylor Wimpey plc has also been trying to constantly call me, this is a known boiler room so certainly avoid at all costs.

TIP : AVOID Scott Wolf and doing business with Grace Century. This firm does not have a SEC number or reference.

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  • Sc
      25th of Apr, 2012

    Dear Investor...
    lets set the record straight
    Just so you know...It is not a "cold call" when someone asks for information
    Apologies for us trying to satisfy your request for information.
    I have always held myself out as a champion for the investor and you confuse the lawsuit I in iniatied and my firm our expense...for the lost /stolen money... brought against someone that we invested in.Finally...yes..there was a Civil administrative action against me for not registeringwith the state to place with my clients that I habve known since childhood.For that I agreed to a clawback of our earnings, In the meantime...WE brought the suit against the culprit. We invest oin our own projects and are proud of the projects we have and provide full disclosure and ability to deal directly with the firm.We are soory if you were bothered we simply were trying to provide what you asked for.

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  • Je
      5th of May, 2012

    The easiest and most straight forward approach to dealing with this would be to check the credentials beforehand. Whether Grace Century, ABC in France or 123 Firm in the UK, A financial services company of any shape or size should be regulated not only by the country it resides in but by the country it has ACTIVE clients in also. So if no SEC, FSA and so on regulation number is present, stay clear. This has saved me much time, hassle and probably money by being savvy.

    In regards to the SEC filling/statement. If it is indeed true that a member of staff working for grace century has indeed had action taken against him/her, that is another loud warning shot advising you that the best course of action is to stay clear...

    hope this helps for next time


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  • Sc
      5th of May, 2012

    !Grace Century only conducts Reserach and Due dilligence for it's members.Since it only provides information and acts as a bridge, Grace is in full compliance...We apologize if you were contacted more than you desired and have now enacted an automatic "opt-out" option after someone requests and recieves information.We feel Grace Century has been wrongly targeted by false postings to extort money from them to eliminate the postings.There are no controls on these boards.

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  • Ed
      4th of Jul, 2012

    I have invested through Grace Century in two Healthcare investments and am satisfied that Grace Century is a bona fide company and operates with integrity. I have visited the UAE and met with Scott Wolf myself. My business associate based in the UAE has also met with Scott Wolf and has placed an investment through them.

    In addition to Grace Century, I also have extensive e-mail exchanges directly with the CEOs of the two Healthcare investments and I can confirm both are bona fide investments.

    I can be contacted at [protected] if anyone wishes further discussion. Eddie Leong

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  • Sc
      6th of Nov, 2013

    The same Eddie Leong that has left Grace Century? This was posted as "marketing" news by grace century themselves on the 27th of August 2013 how dumb do you get!!! SCAM and poor one at that... Sott if your gonna run a scam at least do it properly you muppet

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  • Gr
      8th of Feb, 2015

    Grace Century has been selling investments into Provia Labs and The Quantum Group for around 4 years. What investors are not aware of is that 25% or more of the invested capital is taken by Grace Century and Scott Wolf as commission and kickbacks, this is done without the investors knowledge or approval. Grace Century does not have a licence to sell or promote financial products, it does have a licence to act as a business consultant issued by the Ras Al Khaimah investment authority but financial products are prohibited. Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority is not a regulator in anyway, they take care of inward investment into the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The offerings in Provia Labs and The Quantum Group have not been registered with the SEC in America, Scott Wolf has been sanctioned by the SEC ( litigation release number 22254) he has been in trouble with the CFTC (look up CFTC Scott Wolf on Google for details) Wolf is also featured on the investor help group blog " in all these cases the results are the same, the investor loses his money and Scott Wolf and his partners run off with a huge amount of commission. Do not allow this to happen again, if you are an investor through Grace Century get your lawyer to write to Provia Labs and the Quantum Group, ask just exactly how much of your capital was kicked back to Scott Wolf in commission, also complain to the SEC, Scott Wolfs disciplinary history should have been reveled to potential investors, both the offerings in Provia Labs and The Quantum Group should have been registered with the SEC, they were not.
    Complain to the Ras Al Khaimah investment Authority, Grace Century rents one of their offices, also Complain to The Abu Dhabi National Bank in Ras Al Khaimah where Provia Labs and The Quantum Group sent the kickback cash. You will need to move quick or it will be to late...good luck...Grace Century Help Group.

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  • Sc
      19th of Mar, 2015

    Grace Century help Group is a [censored]edil;ade from a disgruntled employee.Grace Century has NEVER received a complaint from an existing Member, and all our projects that we have participated in are growing and in business.These are registered U.S. firms with U.S. patents, Government contracts and in full U.S. compliance.The individual here has violated, repeatedly, UAE slander and defamation laws.It ranges from the ridiculous(George the sublime... of jingles) I have repeatedly asked for direct contact, yet the behaviour has been malicious, ongoing, and cowardly.The above is not a Member of our group.Any questions please contact our solicitors, who are internet harassment experts in London, Rhory Robertson at Collyer Bristow.
    This blog/Board is outside the EU jurisdiction and there is nothing that can be done about what is written here.

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  • Tu
      26th of Mar, 2015

    Dear Mr Wolf,
    The answer to this situation is easy to resolve, I challenge you to publish on this public board the details of your financial licence
    and details of who you are regulated by...Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority are NOT regulators and they do not issue ANY form of licence that allows the promoting, selling or the offering of ANY type of financial product in any is very evident from just the first post on this board that Grace Century have been involved in the hard selling of stock/shares in The Quantum Group and Provia Labs, there is also many complaints on other boards/blogs about the same type of boiler room activity. You are breaking the law in the UAE in the UK and also in the USA. The Second matter you should address is the RIP or commission you take from the investment, it is at least 25% and very likely much more, this is taken without the investor being aware, you have been in business for over 4 years, you have only been involved with 2 projects, how do you pays your bills, pay your staff, pay your rent and running costs unless you are taking a huge RIP from the capital invested...You say you only take a small up front fee this is BS and you know it ...when these projects fold you are going to walk away with millions on dollars of investors hard earned capital just like you have done many times in the past and no doubt will try to do again in the future...this time however the authorities have been given the heads up our hope is they make their move before it is to late...

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  • Ua
      15th of Jun, 2015

    Overall not a very nice guy to work with.

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