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Governor Ted Strickland / Terrible experience

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Governor Strickland expects that the State Medical Board of Ohio will review and self-correct, like the Attorney General's Office was supposedly doing under Marc Dann, and it doesn't happen. MISTAKES go on for years, even decades, with the Medical Board trying to prove the non-case, or any case, after they acted irresponsibly on an unverified ‘confidential' complaint after dinner drinks = the problem with the CONFIDENTIAL COMPLAINT SYSTEM = the system that no other state has = that it is CONFIDENTIAL, WASTEFUL, and ILLEGAL in most other states where the name has to be attached to the complaint.

The Ohio Court of Appeals can't do anything in Ohio BUT remand the case back to the Ohio Board - where another round of lies and misinformation goes on - as the Ohio Court of Appeals can't get the 'confidential' file to determine what is going on. You can keep appealing to the Ohio Court of Appeals forever, and they strike down every case where they can't get the 'confidential' file and the rest of the case is hocus. BUT IMPAIRMENT of the physicians are voted on & published, when the physician IS NOT IMPAIRED, and no one can fix anything without the 'confidential' file of what started the problem. With the publication of IMPAIRED, the physician is already condemned.

The 'confidential' file can come from jealous colleagues, ex-lovers or boy/girlfriends, ex-wives or husbands, patients who don't want to pay, etc. = anything goes with the 'confidential' physician file in Columbus = a sewer of a complaint system as only the worst types will complain in this way and only the worst states look into these kind of 'complaints.' Rhode Island Medical Board won't investigate a complaint that is 'confidential' - for liability.

Then the Board handles these 'situations' by ordering that women physicians get continual psychiatric ‘fishing expedition' evaluations by Board-designated ‘right' psychiatrists (and only certain psychiatrists get the Board nod for these jobs/monies). These 'right' psychiatrists give the Ohio Board the verbal assurance that they will give them the diagnosis that the Board wants = Dr. Phillip Resnick = not what the physician has, if the physician has any diagnosis, except that the WOMAN physician had to SAY NO. These evaluations are not indicated except that the woman physician disagreed with another male physician about a care issue, or didn't ‘understand' the male physician or do personal things/referrals as requested.

The purpose/focus of these serial evaluations becomes to find SOMETHING WRONG with the personality of the woman physician; find a case for one or two male egos and a corrupt Board = a diagnosis that the Board can discipline for = COMMERCIAL FISHING FOR PHYSICIAN DISCIPLINES. It gets to be pretty low-bottom stuff to make discipline statistics that the Board can't meet as physician behaviors and care has gotten better overall. So the Ohio Board strikes out at ANY physician who complains about problems of harassment, medical records, care, etc. – instead of solving the problems (=too hard and doesn't make state statistics). AND The Ohio Medical Board has to back improvements in MEDICAL CARE for those IMPROVEMENTS to happen, ie for male orthopedic physicians to check vitamin D levels in women patients with fractures. So to summarize, since the institution of these MEDICAL BOARDS OF DISCIPLINE in the 1990s, the supply of the 'bad physician' has been used up, leading the Boards to go after anything that 'bites' = an innocent complaint about medical records is often hauled in like a 'bystander' undersize fish. But with STATE MEDICAL BOARDS there are no GAME LAWS; physicians falsely accused are not tossed back - they are EATEN FOR A FISH STORY.

Other states have non-punitive pathways for dispute resolution as medical licenses shouldn't be taken except for serious well-documented patient complaints – not for colleagues not ‘going along' with the latest hospital fad/regulation or requirement of patient referrals, or refusing to cover up a colleague's mistakes. Most states have MEDICAL MISTAKE LAWS for this, so that problems get solved early on by admitting the mistake non-punitively and referring the patient. In Ohio the cover-up and lying starts as soon as the mistake is recognized – often the first week or second visit – but then everything is done to discredit and further impair the patient – so the damages compound by the time that things are reported to the State Medical Board of Ohio or the Court system. Pennsylvania has some of the most strict, and yet functional, MEDICAL MISTAKE LAWS in the country, maybe Governor Strickland should speak to his fellow-Democrat Governor - Ed Rendell?

Governor Strickland needs to investigate and improve the problems at the State Medical Board of Ohio. False cases/disciplines ruin careers, families, the general state of medicine in Ohio, and the physician can't work and pay Federal or State taxes in any physician sense = what the state economy depends on. If physicians are out-of-work, then their staff and office building guys are out-of-work, and the physician can't just LIE to ADMIT A FALSE CASE as then they can't get malpractice insurance. It has a trickle-down effect on unemployment, with the bigger pyramid at the bottom; it's not just the physician that made no MEDICAL mistakes out of work. My situation put a lot of people out of work in Ohio, and it wasn't about my medical care.

This is the situation that faces me; where I've been told I'm ‘brilliant, ' but I can't return to medical practice unless I admit a pile of lies, and diagnoses that I don't have to make out that the Board did the ‘right' thing to me (which they didn't and which is obvious at this point: I had a rare endocrine BONE PROBLEM) - so that I can then care for patients in a less brilliant way – with a career mess on my CV, no credibility, and unable to refuse male colleagues for personal things.

Brilliance for physicians in medicine depends on being able to disagree, make the difficult diagnosis, and get colleagues to go along by DISCUSSION POINTS and lab results. The State Medical Board of Ohio doesn't believe in lab work as the reason that a woman physician might have persistent bone pains, e.g. vitamin D deficiency (= the reason that Sarah Palin bought a UVB tanning bed in Alaska was to try to daily replete her vitamin D - not as a luxury item). So if the competition, or male colleagues, are too stupid, or too powerful with their Board 'friends, ' then they can't be convinced, or there is NO DISCUSSION, and the patient or physician-patient is in trouble with iatrogenic medical and career problems.

When the number of psychiatric evaluations on a woman physician starts over 5, then you know the case against the physician is in trouble, but the Board has no path to correct mistakes or even admit them - except to order another, and yet another GO at the woman. GO after GO after GO after GO after GO then becomes an expensive waste for administrative self-righteousness. The taxpayer, and Ohio Legislature, gets no oversight report - because there literally is no oversight, just some glossy statistics. And statistics can be literally manufactured to prove any point, depending on who pays the statistician's salary.

The ‘confidential' complaint system is a bad ‘out' for grudges and gripes against colleagues, and only further inflates state malpractice fees as ANY physician complained about becomes ceiling uninsurable unless the ‘confidential' file is opened - and the group of physicians pays the AVERAGE malpractice. Ohio has laws that NO OTHER STATE HAS because of the out-of-touch chief executive management, ie Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher are just too behind other states - including Alaska. When a Sarah Palin administration trumps a Democratic administration, then you gotta ask what's going on? And by the way, they need Internal Medicine physicians in Fairbanks Alaska - where my degrees and certifications could be put to IMMEDIATE USE. Ohio is just wasting its resource of physicians with spurious and expensive 'commercial fishing' expeditions = A FISH STORY.

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  • Ey
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    I would like to comment on the quality of service provided by case workers and customer service at the montgomery county job center. Those people are rude and always have an attitude. Case workers are idiots and don't know there job. I'm a black man and I got more help from a white woman than I did from a black person. The quality of service at the job center sucks. The only department that does there job are those inside the job bank. The case workers are rude snobby ### that don't deserve a job. Sooner or later somebody will get tired of being talked to rudely and getting there problem solved by their case worker and they are going to ### that ### up. I am not sorry for speaking my mind but the customer service and the case workers suck big time. I suggest that gov strickland come to dayton and fire all those worthless ### especially danielle simpson. She is a worthless ### that has no business being a case worker. Fire that ### asap. She's making families wait and suffer for benefits just because she's a ###. Teddy you need to come to dayton and clean house. Half of those lazy ### take their sweet time helping families. Its your job to help people. All of those over paid lazy ### are only there to collect a check. Montgomery county job center needs change...replace those lazy ### with qualified people that want to help their fellow american.

  • Hu
      24th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    i couldn't agree more!! I have Danielle Simpson..she's worthless

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