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Governor Rick Perry / Unemployment benefits

1 TX, United States Review updated:
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Govenor Rick Perry, Republican governor of the state of Texas has refused money from the stimulus package that would help hundreds of thousands of people out of work in the state of Texas. I am not a Democrat, Republican, or any affiliation of these entities. However, Governor Perry should at this point be sued by every out of job Texan for refusing to accecpt money to help not only the state, it was called a stimulus package. The idea was to make sure people could eat, that people could feed their kids, that people could put gas in their car to look for a job, apply for a job, your decision was just that your decision, not the decision of the people and should be addressed as such. Since you speak for so many, I too will speak up for the people who are out of work. You should be sued, you should be taken out of office, and you definately shouldn't be in a position to make a decision that effects so many people. I know for a fact, The Unemployment commission stated that money would be placed in accounts in march, it wasn't. I know it wasn't and for that, that is a breach of contract and in Texas that is a verbal contract that is both legal and binding. I wish I could find an attorney in this state not scared to sue you.

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  • De
      26th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Alot of people are still unemployed from lay-offs and there is no more money from the state. That why the government extended unemployments mid January. People should petition and protest I think alot people doesn't realize how serious this is.

  • De
      11th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    If I don't get work in the next week I will be living in my car. As will many others. I don't know who is advising the Govenor but he is an idiot and the Govenor is an idiot. Adding to the cost of a welfare state and turning down income to the state. One more reason to show the people of the United States what idiots are raised in Texas. Yes sue the State if this man who does have food on his own table can't understand what it will mean to thousands of people, men women and children. I hope this is the end of his carreer!

  • Da
      14th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was laid off in early February; I am halfway through my unemployment that will end June 24th. I have worked all of my life and have never taken anything from anybody unless I worked for it. Period.
    And this is what we get from the leader of the State of Texas?
    I’m 56 years old, worked in my profession for over 30 years and see my job going to younger men who don’t know nearly as much but that are not the real problem.
    I work for the same money as they do and they get the job.
    So where does that leave me? Probably Wal-Mart or something like that.
    I’ve never made a fantastic salary and medical bills from 4 back surgeries in 2006 left me with little left over BUT I DON’T OWE ANYBODY ANYTHING and I don’t think anybody owes me anything in return except a little to get by on until I get going again.

    If I can’t find a job my car will be repossessed, I won’t have a place to live, ……bla, bla, bla…….I think that’s the way these politicians put it…..bla, bla, bla…..

    By August at the latest I’ll be homeless and then I’ll really be unable to find work.

    Just another statistic you hear on the news.


  • Co
      16th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Please everyone educate all of your family and friends as much as possible on this issue and make sure RICK PERRY IS NOT REELECTED! I am embarrassed that he is our Governor. I know many Texans vote straight ticket Republican and if that is the case please nominate a new candidate for office. We do NOT want to continue to suffer and be a joke.

  • Ra
      17th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Govenor Rick Perry's recent decision is horrible.

    His egregiously poor business acumen,
    combined with his volatile moodiness
    sand a staff of inept advisors resulted in
    a very poor decision--to refuse Stimulus Aid for Unemployment.

    This decision is adversarial to Texans.
    The conditions for accepting this aid were progressive and are needed.
    The basis for refusing this aid is invalid.

    Govenor Rick Perry refuses to talk details because
    he will be revealed as deceptive. Sad time in Texas.

  • Ra
      17th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    The Republicans are under the influence of foreigners.

    French & european businesses have (in the last 10 years) acquired
    large numbers of American companies. For example,
    Total Petroleum (of France) acquired refineries in Port Arthur, Texas;
    Zodiac Group (of France) acquired Amfuel in Magnolia, AR, Weber Aircraft in Gainesville, Texas, C&D Aerospace in California, Boeing-Corinth of Corinth, TX;
    SMECNA (of France) acquired Labinal of Oklahoma & Texas,
    to name only a few of a great many other acquisitions.

    Unemployment rate has persistently been much higher in Europe.

    The Europeans Corporate establishment looks at America and says,
    "Only 6.8% unemployment? What a buncha complainer!"

    Now that Europeans own American Companies they seek to acclimate
    Americans to high unemployment rates.

    They seek to convert us to their low standards--standards for maintaining
    a much higher unemployment rate.

    This is where Rick Perry offers them assistance.
    When Rick Perry refused the Stimulus Aid for Unemployment, he also
    refused to commit to a progressive modernization effort.
    The Aid would have resulted in an investment of new data processing
    equipment. Thus Texas will remain mistake ridden, sloppy, unorganized
    and succeptible to imbezzlement & chaos.

  • Ra
      19th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Poor Govenor Rick Perry the man knows not what he is
    or where he is,
    nor what he is for, a listless lost sheep of a man.
    A sheep with no sheperd, a deaf sheep who has
    separated from his flock, now roams the fields
    listless 'bahhing' out loud "folow-me, follow-me, "
    as he confidently approaches the mountains cliff,
    "follow me over the cliff to the new land, " bahhs Jim Perry.

  • Ra
      19th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Jim Perry how's the book sales doing?
    Now that you've made a huge calamity,
    them there book sales thru yar sorry ast website
    are sky-rocketing. Happy retirement! See Ya later!

    Please resign!

    Please save yar money, but best of all just get out
    of the way of Texas Legislature.

    This "Succession Ploy" is just a fundraiser ploy to
    sell yar sorry ast books, promote yarself as a standup
    comedian speaker for the next round of college grads.

    Rick Perry, please retires & go in for therapy!

  • Ra
      19th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Rick Perry,
    I know how's them Aggies are: specifically if ya step out on the football field yar a Grade 'A' Student. So mucho Bozos are gettin' great grades outta TAMU.

    Rick Perry has had no collegiat or University education since his cheerleader days.
    Believe me, Rick Perry's bain was running on fumes before he graduated TAMU.
    I know about TAMU Govenor Rick Perry, I know what it's all about.

    You have failed to prepare yar sorry self intellectually, I see NO continuing education in yar
    credentials. It's obvious yar just a puppy to be told waht to say & due, and to earn a retirement.
    Yar working for yarself, and yarself only.

    Rick Perry, yar economic model is called the "Strategic Failure Model" of government!
    Resign! and got get an education, yar brains gas tank has been empty for most of yar happy
    cotton candy life--yar a little sweet-tooth boy to the Bush's--yar there favorite flavor: sweet & stupid.

  • Ra
      19th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This is where America has gone.

    There was the economic hardtimes when men with families walked this nation as Book Salesmen, seeking to earn a living for their family by selling educational books, encyclopedias, learning tutorials, etc. Struggling, going house-to-house, many salesmen were failing to support their hungry families, some were getting by.

    No economics has evolved and a single over-popularized individual can sit on his buffoon, and post an outrageous website, and thereby earn manifold time what the old-fashined book saleman could hope for.

    We gotta lazy Govenor. A brainless BOOB. He's a "cut-n-run-with-the-money-rascal."
    Yeah, Rick Perry, you sit upon yar seat to the kingdom & earn yar sorry-ast self lots of 'easy money.'
    Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Sc
      7th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The United States has become a welfare country. We all complain about the lazy people who take advantage of the system, and how they should be forced to change their ways. Now Rick Perry should be forced to accept Federal welfare money (that we as the people must pay back to the Fed)? As the Governor, he has the right to decide not to accept Federal money. By doing so, he is keeping Texas' states’ rights intact for the time being. If people want to complain about something, why not complain about how the Federal Government made it so easy for American companies to ship jobs overseas to countries like China as a means of boosting their foreign economies? I am not a fan of Rick Perry, but I agree with his decision.

  • Ni
      8th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Wake up people! Stop complaining about loosing your job. Homeless people in this country have it better off than the majority of the rest of the world. Get out and create something. Stop waiting for the government to GIVE you a job. That is INSANE. What has happened to this country? He's turning down money THAT ISN'T YOURS. You didn't create it, you didn't earn it, and there is no inalienable right that says you deserve it. Use your head, THINK for yourself, and survive. For the love of god stop being VICTIMS, no one said life is supposed to be easy. He's representing a value that this country is loosing rapidly, RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Jo
      9th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You are so right- and only a college student?! How'd you get so smart? Can't be from what my horrible generation has set as an example for you! I am 52, got laid off, still unemployed, live in NY, and won't/can't blame anyone because there's no reason to. We are, at least getting unemployment funds-even less than PA and Ohio, I hear- but my teenager and I can survive OK and alot better than the millions of unemployed, third-world farmer, fisherman, TB- and starvation-laden families of men, women, and children-and some families of an 11-yr-old providing for their many younger and often ill and mostly starving siblings-with no roof and no help. farmers who lost everything in one drought or torrential storm that washed away their shoddy buildings. All those in Darfur-and so many other places, too many too name. And you people in texas complaining to your governor??? How dare you-you should be sending $5 a week of your unemployment benefits being handed to you so a dozen kids won't starve tonite. These complaining Texans should be ashamed-and are part of the reason the world hates us lazy, self-entitled, greedy, obnoxious Americans. Shame on all these complainers-you hit it right on the head, nickthecollege student! Hope more youth like you and my 14-yr-old, who's smart also, can dig this country out of the mire we've put ourselves in.

  • Te
      15th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    oh joey221, how hypocritical of you. As you say, you are collecting unemployment benefits, the complaint here is that without the Federal Stimulus money we can not get them. I sit here right now, out of work since May 27th, on the phone, on hold, for the first time able to get thru to be put on hold, to get an update as to why my case is literally just sitting. I have submitted application after application, only one call back, one interview, not hired. Why? I am over qualified. Yep. I am outraged. I did not vote for Perry and will never. Nickthecollegestudent, when you grow up you will learn that part of our taxes go into the unemployment fund as well. I pay into the system, don't ask for anything etc. So shut the [censored] up. I am about to be homeless with my four year old because I have not been paid the $1800 that is owed to me for wrongful termination.

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